Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some people have all the Christmas'

Man this week has been fun...and then this! I must have been nice this year! (not Naughty!)

WiBrain...Why Brain??? Unboxing video soon...

Friday, December 14, 2007

OQO with HSDPA and SSD in Australia

I’ve been blessed more often than I care to remember with great devices, by great manufacturers. I’ve had several “first of” in the World but I am afraid none of them (maybe the HTC Shift comes close) were as exciting as this. Obviously I am ont first in the world but first in Australia/New Zealand is good enough for me given that’s where I spend my time.

Given that I have decided NOT to use a HTC Shift as my primary device then this delivery by the FedEX man is e2xcellent! LOL. The OQO e2 has been my favorite UMPC for some time but now with the addition of a 32GB Solid State Disk (SSD) and HSDPA (3G) I am a total convert.

Today, arriving ahead of schedule I might add, I received my OQO e2 and yes it is the SSD model, yes it has HSDPA, and as I like it…it is the Vista Business!!! So stay tuned while I get to know her this weekend and feedback on my thoughts. For now I can tell you that the 1.6GHz (improvement over the 1.5 GHz) VIA processor, and SSD combo, is noticeably faster than my previous 02.

I’m in geek eutopia!

HSDPA SSD OQO doing its thing

...with Mr. 02 watching nervously!

NB. I know many of you will ask so here is why I did not go for the Shift:

  • Battery life in Vista POOR
  • There is no way to communicate between Windows Mobile 6 and Vista, i.e. when my emails come in, and get replied to, on WM6 the process does not get duplicated on Windows Vista. POOR.
  • The device is portable but I am starting to believe that these bigger devices struggle to be considered mobile…(thoughts???)

There’s more but I will leave it for another post.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

32GB SSD HDD for my Slate

Scary pyjama pants I know!

Being a geek is not a choice, it’s a way of life. As I contemplate not geeking out I often find myself philosophising about my next geekish quest. Inadvertently what I create is a conundrum of “do I?” or “don’t I”?” If ask my wife she would probably have a very certain point of view. If I ask your partner we would probably get the same. The fact remains however that once you’ve been bit, you’ve been bit!

What’s my latest infection? SSD!

While I sit here waiting for my SSD HSDPA OQO I have managed to obtain a 2.5” SATA 32GB SSD Hard Drive made by Transcend. The part number is: TS32GBSSD25S. The fact that the SSD HDD is SATA, and the fact that it is 2.5” (and not the UMPC friendly 1.8”) means that I have decided to trial it in my TabletKiosk i440D Slate PC. As shown here.

I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts. As we speak I have removed the spinning HDD the Sahara came with and holding the two in hand feels remarkably different. One of them, with all its shinny bits and pieces feels solid and valuable, the other, with its plastic and veneers feels lifeless and cheap. (Truth be told the later should be far more impressive than anything I have ever explored.)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still Q1U-ing around town

Living in a 5” world is a rewarding experience. Coming down from a 12.1” wide screen Tablet PC (my Toshiba R400) there are obvious losses in productivity but ultimately the gains far outweigh this. I still remember traveling in June this year and feeling confident with my decision to go small; and this time was no different.

As I lay in my Hotel for the night I surfed from the lounge chairs, from the bed, from the mini bar and even from the toilet (you know you’re guilty of it too). On this occasion however I did not plug in an external keyboard but rather I chose to use the keyboard on my OQO only, which proved to be more than OK.

Thinking back on this road trip there were some memorable UMPC moments which predominantly revolved around visiting with the Brisbane SBS User Group. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the local fanatics and impart some of my stuff too. I rocked up with no less than eight UMPC ranging from OQO to EVERUN, and Q1U to SunPad. The "funnest" moment was when I was showcasing the Q1U’s multi camera array. Here is the photo I took using the Q1U:

Photography: Samsung Q1U-V

So I am back in Sydney now and getting to know all the UMPC I missed while I was away. I am spending plenty of time with the Fujitsu U1010 and am getting particularly fond of the SunPad too. My next trip is to Adelaide (but there may even be a New Zealand trip too) all before Christmas. So I will do what I can to find relevant info to share.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

OQO it is!

I could not resist. After much consideration over 72 hours I have decided to head back to the OQO. I could not resist its sexy looks, its pocketable design, its Active Digitizer screen, its effortless keyboard, and more. With so many devices to choose from I still could not find a way to replace my OQO...and believe me I tried!

I looked high and low for a device that suits all my needs and narrowed it down to the Shift (still not out) and the OQO. I can honestly say however that the OQO is still as appealing to me as the day I first received it and for that reason I am back! In fact I am so back that I have ordered the 1.6GHz e2 with 32GB SSD! When it arrives you can definitely expect more camera action from me.

In the mean time the trusty Toshiba R400 is packed up with its dock, its extended battery and accessories, and sits idly under my desk playing second fiddle to a device a tenth of its size.

Too funny.

Are you in Queensland?

If you’re in Queensland Australia next Tuesday the 27th of November then you may want to come along to the Microsoft building for a UMPC geek out! If you happen to be around then you are most welcome to attend the Brisbane SBS UG held at the Microsoft building between the hours of 17:30 and 20:00.

The Microsoft inspired User Groups are some of the most fun gathering you will attend all year. They are an opportunity to meet with some real life experts and come face-to-face with like minded folks from all walk’s of life.

I will be presenting (no surprise) on UMPC trends and will have a swag full of gear including the Sahara i440D, the SunPad, the OQO e2, the Q1U, the Shift, the EVERUN and more... One of my good mates, and all round fanatic, Wayne Small will also be there. If you have never heard Wayne speak on SBS then you have not heard anything!

So if you’re in town, or want to fly in for the evening then be sure to come up and say hello.

Here are the details:

This is your final reminder for next weeks Brisbane SBS UG meeting (Tues 27th Nov), which is our last formal SBS focused meeting for 2007, so please try and join us.

It will be a jam packed night, as we have three great presentations....
1. Sydney SBS-MVP - Wayne Small, will show us the new Trend Micro Worry Free Remote Manager 2. Sydney Mobility-MVP - Hugo Ortega - will share with us his infinite wisdom on the latest UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) devices.
3. Acronis and Datastor (
www.datastor.com.au) will talk to us about the new Acronis "Echo", which is the replacement for the current True Image Server 9 product.

So, lot's of cool *NEW TECHNICAL* stuff.

I will create a Poll for your RSVP's, so please keep an eye open for the email soon.

Thanks, hope to see you next week.


Meeting Information:
Date: Tuesday 27th Nov 2007
Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Cost: Admission and refreshments are FREE!
Location: Microsoft Brisbane
Building: Level 9, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane Qld 4000
Room: Follow the signs when you leave the lift.

Note: Arrive at 5:30pm for Pizza, then a 6:00pm start
*Please arrive before 6pm as the lift security activates automatically.
*Should you arrive after 6pm, call Stuart Applegate's mobile

Contact: Stuart Applegate (
stuart at businesscomputing dot com dot au)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Which device...next?

So I’m finally home and after shaking some heavy jetlag and I must admit I am glad. Not only was I greeted by the reality that the holiday was over, but as consolation I now have a plethora of UMPC to deal with! Admittedly the one UMPC I was most happy to see was the Fujitsu U1010. I don’t know why but it just seems to have this certain magnetism about it. Maybe it is the white coloured shell, or maybe the all-in-one design; either way it was a pleasant surprise. The second device which caught my attention was the TufTab. This unit was a little quirky at first sight but now it just seems to make a lot of sense. In a world full of pace and often full of mishaps, the semi rugged case just seemed to make new sense.

As I sit here staring down the barrel of the gun I realise I am facing a new game of Russian roulette. Now that I have returned from abroad I feel it time to change machines...again. As many of you know it was the Toshiba R400 that was my companion for the last several months. There were several reasons why I chose this unit, i.e. large screen resolution, bright display, nice keyboard, lightweight design, great extended battery option, and great tablet PC experience in pen mode. The fact remains however that the predominant reason for taking this device overseas was that it provided the best desktop replacement experience.

Now that I am back I no longer need the desktop replacement experience as I have monitors and large keyboards that I can use from any room in my home or office so (happily) the need to replace a desktop, while on the road, is no longer there. So here is my new dilemma. Which unit next???

Ultimately I have decided to sell the 3-month old Toshiba R400, with extended battery, with 4GB of RAM and with docking station. It is sad to see it go but three months is long enough. LOL. Faced with the decision of finding a replacement device I am however still struggling. What I would like to know from you is if money were no option, which device, out of the current assortment available in the world, would you go for?

I’m thinking the following:

  • Shift: great mobile unit with 3G embedded. Big plus. (crap battery life)
  • Q1U: great device overall with the organiser pack and nice extended battery options (poor pen features and bulky when fully accessorised.)
  • OQO e2 SSD: this sounds like a great unit with lots of positive features. The big plus is I get to use a lot of existing accessories. (Tiny screen when on the road)
  • EVERUN: The Docking station is great and battery life is unbeatable. (specifications are the killer here.)

What do you guys/gals think? I will try the HUGOMETER out on myself and let you kow the results.

PS. If you are interested in buying the R400 with all its gear then (email: hugo at Tegatech dot com dot au). The price is $2500 AUD for the lot ($2,200 USD) + freight.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

When three devices are not enough

Geekish smiles over free WiFi and a couple of Tablets!

Coming back from Europe was a little sad. We had such a great time that the journey back was filled with ambiguous feelings. Ironically, and to seemingly make it worse still, we ended up having cancelled flights and extended transits. The first hiccup was in Vienna where we had a cancelled flight on the way to Dubai. The flight was cancelled as we were boarding the plane and came after 180 minutes of delays. Luckily in my bag I had three Tablets, i.e. the Toshiba R400, the OQO 02, and the Samsung Q1U.

As I looked around the terminal earlier that evening there were many faces now starting to look familiar. These were the burdened faces of passengers on our same flight; all gloomy with the look of boredom and disappointment. Amongst this group I ended up pumping into an Indian Businessman from Madras who was having issues with his Dell. Interestingly he was a Mobility Expert who was focused purely on phones and PDAs so when I offered him the Q1U to check his emails (to kill his woes) the look on his face was priceless.

The first look was one of inquisitiveness; the second was one of excitement, and the last look was one of relief that such a device existed. We ended up sharing stories and chatting for well over 90 minutes. The only interruption to our geekish bliss was the fact that my son, Leon, wanted the Q1U back!!!! HAHAHA.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sprekensi deutch?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
(Sorry about the spelling in my title. It was due to a really lame Google search on my behalf. LOL)

I’m slowly making my way back to the blog and I must admit I am as pumped as ever. I have so many exciting things to talk about and look forward to posting a video soon enough. On this occasion I am writing to you however from Sydney, but bring news from Europe.

Over the years the blog as been very good to me (and I have been good to the blog). I have made many friends, albeit mostly virtual, and am always pleasantly surprised to learn of their location in the Globe, and their orientation in life. Today I am posting an excerpt from one of the uberTablet family who actually lives in Germany. He is a keen Sailor and Gadgeteer also; he writes articles regarding both his passions and publishes them in his native language...Deutch.

His name is Manfred and on this occasion he has included some UMPC tails too. So for those of you that can speak German head on over to his website and download the PDF. For those of you that cannot (like me) then here is a brief description by Manfred of what he wrote:

please follow the link below and click on FoolproofXV it will open a pdf-file and on the following pages you will find yourself as image or text.


45 - I'm telling, that you've lost your camcorder by theft and that you had to stop your podcasts for a while

76 - showing that you're dancing on all wedding partys ( a German saying, if you can find somebody in all places )

132 - telling that you got all the wow news

Download the PDF here

Have fun.

Kindest regards

Friday, November 02, 2007

Rugged gets UMPC

A friend of mine and his father are planning to walk the Kokoda Trail next year in July to raise some money and awareness for Camp Quality. As admirable as this may sound it is not till there is mention of a Tablet PC that my ears spike up! LOL.

James (one of my favourite travel companions) will walk the Kokoda Trail and will include a UMPC or Tablet on his journey. I know he is hunting for something with good battery life, and some rugged features, i.e. something like the Nova SunPad or the EO TufTab.
This is a truly admirable course of action he has taken and if any of you are interested you can sponsor James and his father or just post him some words or encouragement on his blog.

Has anyone been there? Is it tough?
PS. I'm still on holidays so regular reporting will recommence soon.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Disneyland Slates

Yesterday I posted about visiting Paris with my Samsung Q1U. Ironically in the post I mentioned I might report back some Tablet PC fun but truthfully I didn’t think I'd come up with much...

Having said that here is what we were faced with when we entered the Disneyland Paris theme park today, i.e. 2x Fujitsu ST5111 Slate PCs. The good news is that the two folks carrying the devices we "Uberly" enthusiastic about the setup; they absolutely loved them. As we talked over the details we found out that the devices were under refresh, and we also found out that there were three new slates in contention for the honor! My next question was "which ones" to which the answer came back "Je ne sais pas!" What a shame!

For those of you interested, the devices were being used to show maps and provide (and collect) information. Rather proudly they were all being used in slate mode (not surprisingly as they are not convertibles) and with nothing other than the pen!!! So cool! “Très Bien!”

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Q1U-ing in Paris

Life is pretty sureal at present. I've been travelling for some time and now I am in Slovenia waiting for mt delayed flight to Paris. So with two kids in hand I decided that there is no better way to kill time than to connect my son and I to the Airport WiFi. I gave my son the little OQO and I took the awesome little travel mate, i.e. the Samsung Q1U.

I'll be in Paris for the next week and will make an effort to post some more Q1U-ing on the road. Who knows, maybe you'll hear from me from the Eiffel Tower, or from Disneyland Paris.

I hope you're all well. Speak soon!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hugo in Europe (and still an MVP)

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening folks!
Many of you I know have been sending me comments, emails and pinging me non-stop with regards to my whereabouts. I am pleased to say that I am still on Holiday (in fact I extended my Holiday a little) and am pleasantly cruising through Europe! I have not put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) for the blog for some time so today when I got an email from Microsoft I thought it a prime opportunity.
Here is what I received:

Dear Hugo Ortega,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2008 Microsoft® MVP Award! The MVP Award is our way of saying thank you for promoting the spirit of community and enhancing people’s lives and the industry’s success every day. Your extraordinary efforts in Windows - Tablet PC technical communities during the past year are greatly appreciated.

SO how are thing you may ask? Things are just great. I am with my wife and kid and we are travelling see friends and family. We have a “home base” in a little apartment we rented in Eastern Europe and spend our time travelling in and out of the car park using a 1988 Mercedes Benz a good friend was kind enough to loan me. Apart from dealing with the traffic concerns, and the fact that everyone drives on the wrong side of the road, the journey has been effortless.

With regards to Tablet PC and Ultra Mobile PC you will be pleased to know that as always I am travelling loaded. Before I left I bought a Toshiba R400 and knew that that was going to be my fulltime inking device. Ironically as I left the front door I grabbed an OQO 02 and just before Taxi pulled out of the driveway I ducked back in and grabbed a Samsung Q1U-V.

The response to these devices everywhere I have been is amazing. Europe has so little exposure to these it surprises me and almost makes me feel like everything is new again. The first few weeks I spent showing the R400 and its massive array of capabilities. People always flip when they here is packs 4GB of Ram (although it only sees 3.319 GB). As soon as I flip the screen there is an instantaneous gasp of excitement and adults and kids alike become filled with new drawing capabilities. Kids sketch using InkArt, while adults write using OneNote; either way the response to Digital Ink is overwhelmingly positive.

The OQO has been a clear success. It smaller size and neater form-factor makes people question the entire concept of a desktop at all. Given that most the folks I am visiting are buying desktops for the first time then something like an OQO absolutely fries their brain – and that is a good thing! The Samsung Q1U seems to be the one all the University kids want. With its camera capabilities and it ability to relate to all media formats it seems as though the Q1U also has a home here.

I will start to blog again as I have missed you all. I thank you for your readership and promise you as much fun and play as ever.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hugo Ortega does Fujitsu U1010

I've pushed the envelope and burnt the candle at both ends this week to bring you, yesterday's "The Shift" video, and today's video of what we lovingly term The Stormtrooper! Both were promised and as such both were delivered.

These videos have been much anticipated so with the burden of your buying decision in mind I have made the humanly impossible, possible. If you pay close attention you will notice that I am in the same attire for this video, as I am for The Shift Video, as I am for the Nova SunPad video - which is no coincidence as I filmed and edited them all on the same day! (Plus currently uploaded my TechED Speech which I will post shortly!)


Watch or download the High Res InkShow Video Review (39 minutes, 297MB, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

Visit the Official U1010 Homepage

Nova Mobility SunPad: Rugged UMPC

Not often a product range associated with The UberTablet Blog, Rugged UMPC ar a new force to be reckoned with. Because I had the video camera out and a Nova SunPad in my hand, it would be unfair of me not to put it on camera and let it shine - quite literally.

With the brightest outdoor viewable screen in the industry, and rugged qualities which make Panasonic nervous, the Nov SunPad is worth considering if you are a business or a specialist looking for that tough edge!


First look: The HTC Shift

Earlier this week I asked "What do Hugo Ortega and Steve Ballmer have in common?" and today I share with you the answer - The HTC Shift! I must admit that I have been blessed many times over in the last few years with the devices that have crossed my path. I still remember being the first to showcase the Raon Digital Vega; and first with the Fujitsu P1610. On this occasion however I have yet to feel more honored than by being given the opportunity to look at what is billed as one of the most anticipated releases this year, i.e. The HTC Shift.

Back in March this year I placed my thoughts down about The HTC Shift. This was more of a virtual wrap-up than anything else as very little information was available, let alone a device to feel and touch. So when I was given permission to take the HTC Shift to TechED Australia as part of my UMPC Awareness Presentation (which was a huge success) you can imagine what I said...ummmm...YES!

I had The HTC Shift for a little over 60 hours and was able to play with many of its great features, which include Pocket PC, HSDPA, Vista Business, Tilt Touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard and more. It is an incredible device with many possibilities, this video will hopefully showcase some of that. I managed to literally squeeze it into a very tight schedule I am running at present and did what I could to cover off some of the burning questions folks might have.

Machine specs (as tested):

  • Windows Vista Business (3 hrs battery)
  • Intel Santa Rosa A110 Processor
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • 40GB HDD
  • HSDPA (Data only) ready
  • Web Cam
  • Biometrics
  • Windows Pocket PC (over 5 days battery life when used exclusively)
  • Qualcomm 400MHz Processor
  • 64MB RAM
  • and more...

In summary I would have to say that this is one of the BEST Ultra Mobile PC I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. If I were a manufacturer of a UMPC, or with a UMPC about to hit the market, then I would be shaking in my boots given what The HTC Shift is capable of. "I put my order down right away!"

Watch or download the High Res version (34 minutes, 256MB, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

Visit the HTC Shift Homepage

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Speaking at TechED Australia today

I am on a Plane in 90 minutes time and headed to sunny Queensland to Speak at this Year's TechED Australia. It is Microsoft's biggest event, and happens to be the first time I speak there. I am really excited and although I am a seasoned Public Speaker I must admit that this has been bouncing with nerves of excitement!


If you're attending TechED come and join my session and say hello!


UNC303CT - Ultra Mobile PC Awareness: Is your software business ready?

08/08/2007 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM, AU Meeting Room 7

Speaker(s): Hugo Ortega

The Microsoft Origami Project haled the arrival of a new form factor dubbed the Ultra Mobile PC
(UMPC). With hardware that fell right in between a PDA and a notebook in size, and Notebook and
Desktop in functionality, the UMPC is the world’s most promising hardware revolutions to date.
Becasue they delivery fully capable operating systems in the palm of your hand these device s have
the potentially to increase the richness or the user’s experience virtually overnight. Join Hugo
Ortega, Australia’s only Tablet PC MVP, as he takes a walk through the UMPC idiosyncrasies to
consider when considering this platform. He will cover of past, present and future possibilities and
describe in detail how you might implement UMPC as a strategy for increasing your businesses
profitability while providing a richer working environment for your end user.

Track(s): Mobility, Unified Communications, Windows Client

Level: 300

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm still on a RAMpage

Since the release of single sticks of 2GB of RAM I have enthusiastically grabbed a handful and attempted to put them in every Tablet PC and Ultra Mobile PC known to man! So in keeping with my theme I am on a RAMpage and not afraid of very much at all.

Here is the history:


So who will we add to this growing list? Who else but my new Toshiba R400! Click here to see the results: I'm on a RAMpage.

Blogging at GottaBeMobile

Hi team UberTablet. In an effort to stay in touch I am posting at GBM. Hop on over and leave a comment and spare some thoughts:


Thank you for your support and commitment! You're the best!

On the Road but this time with an R400

This may sound like a post someone else on the team has written - not Hugo! But yes, I can confirm that I will be hitting the road on an extended vacation (to Europe!) and my primary machine is going to be the Toshiba R400! While I deliberated over my choice extensively eventually it came down to a couple of criteria:

  • Screen size,
  • Battery life,
  • Processing Power ,
  • And Screen Brightness,

I must admit that I fell in love with the look of the R400 upon its first release; having said that I fell in love with the OQO model 02 also. The OQO has been my best friend and companion for quite some time now but when it came time to deciding how I was going to be mobile while away I had to think of my eyes and my mind. My eyes could not tolerate the 5" screen as a primary device for such an extended period (two months) while on the other side of the equation is my mind! I am a highly visual person and the screen brightness and resolution of the Toshiba R400 is absolutely irresistible.

I will post a video soon of my new R4OO but in keeping with my 2GB theme several weeks back you will be happy to know that the first operation I performed on R400 is a RAM upgrade! It proudly now sports 3GBs of RAM. The other interesting thing I found out was that there is actually a SIM card slot in my device! It is hidden under the keyboard, and right under that there is an empty PCI-express card slot! I will be doing all I can to turn it into a HSDPA animal! I will keep you posted!

Friday, July 27, 2007

In and out and out again

I am preparing to go away again (more on that later) and have been in and out of the office/blog. I am still loving my gadget life at present and would like to take a moment to catch you up:

  • OQO 02 is still running Vista Ultimate and I have recently installed PDF Annotator which is so much fun to play with (watch Rob's InkShow)
  • I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Q1U-V! Yep, that's Tablet number...15, 16, 17...I lost count sorry.
  • I am now the proud owner of an Amtek T770. This machine is pretty unique in that it is very low priced and yet features onboard camera, kickstand, Wifi, Bluetooth and lots more. It is a little clumsy as it is quite large, and, it tends to run hot (although not as hot as its predecessor the T700).
  • I have received a Nova SunPad and it ROCKS!!! More on that soon!
  • I have a Storm Trooper coming with a yet to be seen Accessory! (If you don't know what the storm trooper is just head over to GBM and see if you can find out. *smiles*

I'll be back soon. Hope you're all well! Miss you all!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 random things about me

My mate James Kendrick has tagged me in the "8 random things" meme (11 times to Paris James!!! OMG!) so here are eight random things about me:

  1. I love cooking - homemade Gnocchi being my forte!
  2. Prior to Tablets stuff I actually worked for the United Nations overseas.
  3. I once stopped traffic on Sydney's Harbour Bridge (with some mates), jumped out of our vehicles and danced with our shirts off. All this while a helicopter filmed us overhead for one of my friend's music video clips. [What can I say but I was young-er and stupid!]
  4. My second child Amber is an Identical Twin to sister Dea. Regrettably Dea did not make it through the birth (God bless her) and is not here with us.
  5. I actually applied to be an Air Steward for Qantas, with 15,000 other candidates, and got the job! I was selcted as one of only 6 candidates from the lot and yet I was the only one that turned down the offer! LOL.
  6. I was born in Argentina and still speak fluent Spanish, albeit rusty sometimes.
  7. I suffered from Epeleptic fits at a young age but thankfully these went away shortly after. (Although some might not believe me! *smiles*)
  8. I have owned 4 motorbikes and plan on owning my 5th soon.

That's enough about me. Here are the four I wanna hear from:

  1. Dennis Rice - comrad at GBM
  2. Jose Mendiola - Webmaster of Spain's Palmaniac
  3. Frank Garcia - New MVP of CTitanic
  4. JKK - of JKK Mobile

Friday, July 13, 2007

Raon Digital EVERUN InkShow

As part of my contributions to GottaBeMobile.com I also get to post some neat videos. These are normally fun to do and they often give me an opportunity to get up to some mischief. On this occasion I have the Raon Digital EVERUN with HSDPA module and quite rightly...I'm not afraid to use them! I take you from my Living Room and somehow end up at one of my local Sydney Beaches too!

Enjoy this video:

GBM InkShow: Raon Digital EVERUN InkShow
Watch or download the High Res version (38 minutes, 291MB, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bjorn does not one but two

Fellow blogger Bjorn Stromberg of Via Technologies (proud sponsors of the UberTablet Videos) has done a great job of breaking into the store room at Via HQ in Taiwan! He not only came out with one new UMPC but with two – by none other than Packard Bell! I couldn't believe that there is even a guest appearance by none other than...me! What tha!


See it on YouTube.com

This week just flu past

Blogging this week has come second to playing nurse at home. With my wife and two kids coming down with the flu I’m afraid this week all I saw was boxes of tissues and fresh ginger tea! I can report that the Raon Digital EVERUN still rocks; the OQO 02 is still my favourite UMPC; and the FedEX Man is on his way back this week coming with yet another device.

Because of my present time constraints I have posted some new stuff at GottaBeMobile.com (the American website I contribute to). So have a visit if you get a chance:

More soon. Yhanks for your great support UberTablet Family.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hugo Ortega phones his wife using...

I’ve been hiding from you all wanting to scream out “surprise” and yet the only surprise I had this week was on me. It seems FedEX had clearance delays so my new arrival turned into a new debacle. So with several emails, phone calls, attachments and a recent drive to the FedEX warehouse I am proud to say that the HSDPA Raon Digital EVERUN is with me!

I will be posting a GottaBeMobile InkShow later this month regarding the EVERUN and once again am asking for your diligent involvement. Let me know you need me to find out/test and explore. As you’ll see from the video HSDPA is plug and play (at least in Australia).

By the way, thank you for your involvement on yesterday’s post! It’s always fun hanging out with the UberTablet Family!

View it on MyYouTube.com

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

FedEX Man is on his way back

This will be a good one! No hints this time - but possibly another World Exclusive...again, and again! (Now I'm just showing off. LOL *evil laugh*)

Monday, June 25, 2007

TabletKiosk i440D reviewed

My first GottaBeMobile.com InkShow was very popular, in fact it sits 5th overall for most watched on GBM to date. It was a review I posted about the OQO model 02 device and boy was it fun to do. On this occasion I have hit the upload button on my Hardware InkShow number two, this time showcasing the TabletKiosk Sahara i440D.

If you're interested in Slates, or want to get a closer look at one of the more leading edge Tablets available then hop of over to GBM and checkout this new offering by TabletKiosk.

Watch or download the High Res version(29:26 minutes, 225mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

How to: Upgrade Q1 Ultra to 2GB RAM

*UPDATE 26th April 2008* Please note that the RAM slot on the latest Q1U released, i.e. the Q1UP is located under the motherboard. The good news is that it is accessible but you need to be willing to pull the entire machine apart. The bad news is that most will not want to do this as you need a high level of technical knowledge to do this. So it is important to note that this video does not apply to the Q1UP. Even if you follow the instructions and pull the case off, you will not be able to get to the RAM easily. *

In favour of a more reliable tutorial than pictures alone I have decided to post a video on “how to” upgrade the RAM on your shiny new Samsung Q1 Ultra. For those of you that own a Q1 Ultra it will make sense for you to perform this upgrade as it will enhance the user experience significantly. For those of you that do not own a Q1 Ultra it may pay to learn a few tricks for next time you decide to perform this upgrade. And for those of you that have never performed an upgrade yourself…go for it! It’s fun!

Since getting the Q1 Ultra in Australia I noticed that the RAM upgrade to 2GB improved the following:

  • Faster boot time
  • Faster shut down time
  • Fast Application launch time
  • Faster data transfer times
  • Better multitasking abilities

Let me know if this videos helps and what improvements you find, after the upgrade, if any?

Download your own copy of the Video

Friday, June 22, 2007

OQO as my primary screen

Looking around my Hotel room I realised that I have the world’s smallest desktop. I took a photo as it is the first time I have been working at length on the OQO model 02 as my main machine without extending the desktop. While mobile I use the OQO a lot but as stated in a previous posts it is usually for mundane and menial tasks. While at my desk I extend onto a 23” Apple Cinema Display as it is at these times I need to have a much richer level of interaction with my applications.

Obviously on this trip interstate I did not pack my 23” monitor, although I would have if I could, so it s the OQO 02 as my main machine and main monitor! So after 48hrs of this type of relationship I am more equipped to comment on this:

  • Screen is too small for late night long hours. As I got to 2am and my 5th hour of normal workflow it is definitely debilitating on the eyes, neck and back.

  • The combination of docking station (even when travelling) and Samsung Q1 keyboard is a must. The mouse I use is cabled (USB) and a great addition for scroll wheel only.

  • The ZOOM feature on the OQO model 02 is Heaven sent.

  • I recommend leaving the OQO screen lifted up and exposing the keyboard for two reasons, i.e. the screen is a little more raised and the keys on the keyboard (especially “show desktop”) becomes very functional.

Just a few quick thoughts as I’m back in Sydney tomorrow and looking forward to seeing my son play soccer! Can you believe they won 10-0 last game?!?!!! I'm meeting fellow MVP and Perth-it, Nick Randolph, for dinner now so gotta run!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Motion LS800 does 2GB

LS800 intestines...yum!

Some of you may know that fellow Tablet MVP, Craig Pringle, is now practically a neighbour. He and I are getting together often to geek-out and today he popped by for coffee (a glass of water really) and with time to burn we took a screw driver to his LS800 and upgraded the RAM! So with my motto for the month still ringing in my ears, i.e. “I have 2gigs sticks and I’m not afraid to use them!”, we took apart his device and performed and upgrade. Low and behold RamBo came to the rescue once again as LS8000 does 2038MB also.

Be warned...just don’t call Craig an Aussie! Very bad....LOL.
2038MB (Interestingly Q1 Ultra sees 2048MB)

I could swear the memory scored 4.0 before the operation (from 1GB) and now it only scores 2.9!?!? Craig???

Also interesting that Q1 Ultra scores 2.0 as its lowest score and Motion's LS800 1.0 (Chippy? what do you reckon? more ammunition to go Ultra???)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Australia’s Tablet Guy takes to the air...again

Don't try this at home folks!

Tomorrow I am off to Perth. Believe it or not Australia is so big that it will take me 5.5 hours to get to Perth and I will cross two Time Zones on the way!!! Yes, it’s that big. The purpose of the visit is to conduct two days training for one of the world's leading mining and exploration companies. They have called me in as “Australia’s Tablet Guy” and boy are they in for a show. I have done lots of these types of events and look forward to conducting it in this unique environment. (Do you think I can talk to them about Al Gore n’ stuff...LOL.)

In brief, I just want to share with you the list of devices I am taking with me: Samsung Q1B, Samsung Q1P (Vista), Samsung Q1 Ultra (Vista), EO i7210 (and Dock), Eo TufTab V7112XT, ASUS R2H, Raon Digital Vega, Sahara i440D, and more...

The family getting some rest before their flight!

(and here)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Samsung Q1 Ultra gets 2GB

I've been posting about my 2Gig sticks of RAM and how I'm finding new homes for them. With the Q1 Ultra now firmly in my claspe what else was I to do bu peel open the back and try it for myself.

Here are the results

Q1 Ultra in Australia

Yesterday some of you contributed to my FedEX Man post (thank you) and today I am pleased to say that the package is in fact the brand new Samsung Q1 Ultra. Stay tuned for a video soon, both here and on GottaBeMobile.com. (Special thanks to GBM for sending me the unit!) I am so excited to have this machine to test and "a little birdie told me" that %he Q1 Ultra will be available in Australia really soon!

2Gig stick and I'm not afraid to use it

With 2x 2GB sticks of RAM in the house I am frantically running around checking what devices can actually see it. I upgraded my slate to 4GBs but unfirtunatley it only sees 3gigs...a Vista thing! Today however one of the machines I tested came up Trumps which was the eo i7209. Considering this is a Celeron based machine I think the fact that it sees all 2GB is really promising. Keep youposted on more developments!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The FedEX Man is coming again

It's that time again when a little guy named Ben (aka The FedEX Man) stops by and pays a Hugo a visit; and he is on his way with an Australian first!

(If you want to know what it is then try and find the Easter Egg I have hidden in this post.)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

blogging from my lounge

It's Saturday night and I'm catching up on some vlogs and blogs from throughout the week. I've been on the couch (using the OQO model 02) for the last couple of hours and I thought it would be an opportune moment to post my top five Positives and Negatives of the device. I’ve been a fulltime user for several weeks and I’m getting to know its idiosyncrasies pretty well. Maybe some of my thoughts will resonate with OQO owners, or others, so I would love to hear your thoughts.

Time to do a top 5 on the OQO model 02

Thursday, June 14, 2007

OQO Battle: XP vs. Vista

Some of you asked what will happen to my Windows XP based OQO, well it has sold. It sold before I even posted this photo and even before I opened the Vista box itself. The best bit however was that I got to keep both simultaneously for 48hrs and managed to shoot a quick video for GottaBeMobile.com.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I missed the WOW

This is not a mirrored image. This is my OQO model 02 (XP Tablet Edition) and my new OQO Model 02 Vista Ultimate. (Some people have more money than sense. LOL)

Because I missed the WOW...I've gone back to Vista. I just love Instant Search, I love the new TIP (Tablet Input Panel) features and I love the look. More soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

For the record

While I was away I it seems as though another mate of mine has decided to have a dig (that’s Aussie speak for launch an attack). First it was Frank Garcia, and now Chippy!

Before you all get too carried away with my opening comment you need to know that this is all in good jest. Both Chippy and I are good mates, and in fact Frank and I are too. What occurs – often – is that we have-a-dig in order to see if the other is awake/listening/asleep or not. So on this occasion I thought it was important to fill in some blanks and go on record for Chippy's sake. At this point you may want to note that my videos are shot unprepared, unedited and unintentional. They are really about a geek spontaneously having fun in the moment. LOL.

The following is an extract from Chippy’s blog and in RED text are my thoughts.

Chippy said:

  • It's significant that a tablet MVP has dropped pen input. I've said before that I think handwriting input is going to become less important. Especially for mobile and mass market consumers. It will still be useful for a niche segment but its not important for devices that are not targeted at this segment. Oops Chippy...your first "what tha!" Unquestionably I chose the OQO for its PEN features far and beyond most other compelling reasons; it is after all the smallest Wacom Enabled UMPC on Market (which makes it the best for inking). The only other feature that comes close to the importance I hold for the pen on my Model 02 is the form-factor itself. Have a listen to this podcast I recorded with the GBM Team (May 22nd) which should show you that this is not an off the cuff remark I am making but something I feel stands true. I don't believe there is any such thing as a Tablet MVP losing their love for the pen...especially not me. I believe you are entitled to your comment (regarding the demise of the pen) and it sounds like you have a great ally in JKK too. There is a great deal of merit in Touch Technology and your argument but I believe it should never be as black or white as one or the other. The choice will empower many. If we lose one or the other then we lose so much flexibility.
  • The Samsung Q1 organizer keyboard is not cramped. Its one of the best quality mini keyboards that I've ever used. I'm using it right now and have no need to attach a full size keyboard. Have you got farmers fingers mate? Good point mate (not about the fingers). Allow me to elaborate...The Q1 Keyboard is most useful in a static position, i.e. not standing, not car, not walking. IMHO the Organiser Pack, which I love so much, is inconvenient when actually static (as I prefer a "real" keyboard then) and also inconvenient when I am mobile (as I prefer a smaller one). As I stated in my video these are benefits I did not realise I would appreciate until I got the OQO in my hands. Subsequently I have had to make myself flexible enough to accept the changes that are occurring in the Tablet space and learn to implement them into my routine without falling trap to previous addictions.
  • Do you need that Dopod any more? You've pretty much said that the OQO does everything that the Dopod does and better. If I were you I would move down to a feature phone. Absolutely makes more sense now. In fact I am not using it as much any more at all. I'm not sure what to get though?!?! Any Mobile Phone Dudes want to recommend a phone for me. I need HSDPA, touch, Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0, and small. The Dopod 810 springs to mind but I think it’s still a bit big.
  • Pocketing an OQO Model 02 is going to be 1 - awkward 2 - going to rip your pockets. I used to carry a lot around in my suit when I worked in London but I ended up at the tailors every three months! (I think you're reading too much into this comment of mine.) Ironically pocketing the OQO is NOT something I do often. My video was designed to highlight that it CAN be done SHOULD the need arise. In fact one of my readers even pointed out that I might not be able to pull it out of my pocket when sitting! Good point. LOL. As an FYI normally I pull it out of my pocket well before my bum hits any seat. LOL.
  • Is it really your desktop PC or do you have a larger desktop that you use for video editing? It is my desktop replacement for Business functionality, i.e. everything other than ripping podcasts and editing videos. Don't forget I own over 17 Tablets (including UMPC) so I'm a little spoilt. The Model 02 has however, for the record, replaced my desktop; podcasts and videos are a hobby for me and I don’t consider them as part of my day-to-day desktop requirements. For this reason I see these tasks as vertically oriented rather than directly related to my desktop activities – so I use a dedicated device for those tasks. I think we all know that editing a movie on a C7M would be futile (unless left as its only task).
  • Numeric keypad. How many numbers are you putting in per day? really needed? Oops...I thought it was my video, about me. LOL. WRT the number pad I use it a lot. My passwords for almost everything are alphanumeric so daily I would use it between 30 and 60 times a day. Not to mention when I am working with numbers on an Excel spreadsheet or putting Contract entries into Outlook.
  • Q1 organizer pack is a table-top solution I agree. Not a sofa, standing, car, bed solution. Here what you said in point number two "The Samsung Q1 organizer keyboard is not cramped." Now you come back with a contradictory comment. For the record it is cramped, in some instances, and not cramped, in others. I stand by my reply to your point number two. I think it’s about choice.
  • I agree. Windows is not optimized for touch but there is a lot of software that is. Navigation for example. Touch is important. I just don't miss Touch on a 5" device. Sorry.
  • I use the Q1b as a desktop replacement but its not quite good enough. Intel based devices make far better desktop replacements. XP on 1.2Ghz VIA is probably about the entry point so yes, I agree it can be used as a desktop and yes, you have to change your working style a little. So true.
  • What battery life do you get with your extended battery. Is it a full day like with the other two solutions or did you sacrifice some battery life? No sacrifice due to a little beauty of an accessory named the Battery Charging Adapter. All that has happened is that I carry two fully charged extended batteries instead of one 6 cell plus an 8 cell power bank.
  • We know that the keyboard on the OQO isn't much faster than on screen typing/handwriting. Would you be happy to lose 4-8mm on the depth of the device (or have a bigger battery capacity) without a keyboard and use an on screen keyboard? Personally it is much faster than the use of the software keyboard embedded in the TIP (Tablet Input Panel). Once again personally it is slower than ink-to-text using the TIP. So it is dependent on what you/I am doing. I would favour this device with a keyboard more so than without it. At least it is there on the 30% of the time I need it (% based on overall usage). Batteries would not be a reason to lose the keyboard as much as weight and thickness would. If it did not have a keyboard I don't think I would have bought it as I would rather go back to the Q1P with OP. Because my keyboard usage (as stated previously) is somewhat dynamic, i.e. sit/walk/run, then it has merit here; take it away and it might change the hole HUGOMETER balance.
  • Don't forget to highlight that the OQO Model 02 with docking station is around double the cost of a Q1b with organizer! You have to be tech-savvy and also be able to justify saving minutes per day to balance the extra cost. You just did. Well done.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Why the OQO Hugo?

The best bit about writing a blog is the community that has built around me. It really is kind of like family and like family often we get crazy uncles, funny aunties and pesky cousins. If UberTablet were a family I guess Frank Garcia (Ctitanic) would sure be part of it. He recently picked on me for downgrading from a perfectly good Samsung Q1P to the OQO model 02. In my defence I posted some thoughts yesterday and I seemed to have pleased the little guy with my response. Having said that I believe my job as head of the family remains unaccomplished until the entire family is debriefed and up to speed with Frank and me.

So what better way but to post a video? This video is testimonial my journey from Fujitsu T4215, to Samsung Q1, to Samsung Q1B, to Samsung Q1P and finally ending up with the OQO model 02. In brief I find the form-factor so aesthetically compelling that its pocket-sized appearance was just about irresistible. Now you might say that my decision to swap to the OQO model 02 has had its fair share of obstacles and you would be right. However after jumping into my third machine I can safely say that it is worth it.

I will do my best to post my experiences often and let you all know what is good and what is not about living in a 5” world. So far…I like it.

Play Video [210 MB, 26 minutes]

Watch it on MyYouTube: