Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hugo Ortega practices what he preaches

You may remember my 3 part video of the Samsung Q1 and why/how I managed to take myself from Tablet user to fulltime Ultra-Mobile PC user. In the video I detailed the specific use of extended batteries to make my life more mobile, and the use of the Samsung Organiser pack to make my productivity more effective.

What I am posting is a photo that sums up exactly what I was talking about in my video. In the video I mentioned the Organsier Pack and how it allowed me to (obviously) use the keyboard, but at the same time fold the keyboard underneath itself to use the Q1 in slate mode. I also described the use of the 6 cell battery to get 4hrs+ battery life, but more importantly I also blogged about the way I use the Samsung Q1 PowerBank. The PowerBank is an 8-cell external battery that not only powers my device but actually chargers it too! (The cable leading from the Q1 to my Oakley Bag that came with my free Acer Ferrari is actually connected to my Q1, and charging it while I stand.)

Blurry photo care of Anonymous
Q1 + 6-cell + 8-cell in bag = Happy Hugo Ortega

So, in this photo, what you are seeing is Hugo Ortega practicing, and benefiting from, what he preaches. I am content with my mobile setup and finding that it has quickly become one of the most intriguing setups at the Summit. I am constantly finding myself pulled aside by other MVPs to answer questions regarding my kit, and Ultra-Mobile PC in general. So has it been worth the trip? Absolutley, to preach to the converted is always fun. LOL.


Gordon said...

Lookin' good! I'm REALLY interested in this new UMPC coming out from Samsung, Hugo. I'm keeping an eye out for the news on it.

At home I've just purchased a Dell and have migrated myself away from home use of Mac. Now that I have a beefy desktop, I just need a sexy UMPC for the mobile component. :)

CTitanic said...
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CTitanic said...

Keep in mind that if you use the battery bank while your internal battery is fully charged you will get around 45 minutes more of battery life.

Check this

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Gordon,

I'm glad to hear that you're starting to settle on your preferred computing method. I have never evangelized for evangelizing sake. What I am trying to do is empowering you guys to make clever decisions and it sounds like you're getting closer every day. I'm just glad you allow me to be a part of it!

The fact that you are considering a UMPC just shows how clever you are! LOL. *smiles*


Hola Ctitanic,

As usual you have proven just how valuable you are to our community. Your summary is great, and detailed. For me however the 45 minutes is worth sacrificing in that the 8 cell plugged in too early is definitely a hindrance. I am glad to have it when my 6 cell is dying but I am not to keen to see it too early.

What you are saying however in that post is very clever. It is worth some of my readers paying attention to. [Muy bien echo Frank.]

Sean Tan said...

I just watched your 3 part Samsung Q1, I may try to do a similar thing in the future. Great idea.

Is there something similar to the Organizer Pack for the eo v7110?

WizardList said...

I'm still not a fan of the organiser pack, as it seems to add extra inches around the sides, so the whole package becomes less "ultra-mobile", and won't fit in my preferred size of bag.

Moving the Q1, keyboard, battery, and peripherals is a little frustrating when they are all attached without some kind of "organiser pack". Maybe I need to design my own solution...

Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo how's the CeBit going? Just noticed that may comment got deleted hopefully I didn't mentioned something I wasn't suppose to. Any news you can share with us.


Anonymous said...

Hugo disregard my post had the wrong post it wasn't my post that got deleted. Sorry keep up the great work and will be waiting on any news on the Samsung Ultra


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Sean Tan,

I look forward to seeing your videos (and so does everyone else probably). Let me know when it is up! Not as easy as it looks though, so be careful...

Organizer Pack for EO V7110 does not exist. Sorry. If I were a manufacturer I would be copying this as it is the only reason I am UMPC enabled with such confidence.


Hey WizardList,

As you know, I am a big fan of the pack, but I can relate to your size concerns. If it were a little tighter it would be even better. As per my comment to Sean Tan I believe there is a real market for this stuff!


Hi Hector,

I don't know what happened, honestly. I NEVER delete comments ever. Anyone you ask will know this! Something may have gone wrong when you psoted it as I have not even received an emil...Sorry dude.

BTW, I am not in CeBIT I am at Remond with the Tablet PC Team in Redmond, Seattle. Look at Chippy's Blog for coverage fo the CeBIT Event.

Sean Tan said...

That's a shame the organiser pack doesn't exist for the eo v7110.

Anyway, I've looked around at what accessories there are. I'll probably just go with a slip case. Simple enough for what I need it for (mainly protection from scratches etc). I don't think I will buy a keyboard.

Do you know if there is room in a slip case to fit a eo v7110 when using an extended battery?

Also, I heard there is a 9 cell coming out which should give about 9 hours worth of battery life.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Sean!

Not sure if the bag fits with EO with Battery although I can prmoise I will check when I get home (Sydney) on Sunday. Stay tuned.

WRT batteries I do not know what options there are that are 9 cell. Do you have a link I can look at? I will follow it up for you.

Sean Tan said...

Ok, thanks Hugo. I'll also email you on Sunday regarding what we talked about before you left for for Seattle.

I heard about the 9 cell battery from I don't have a link to it since I was talking to their online support. They said it will be announced tomorrow (Friday).

Hugo Ortega said...

Cool Sean,

Send me that email and let me know if there are any developmetns. Truth be told I am busy with then travels so it will probably be Friday when I find out about the battery too.

Thanks Star!

Kalidas said...

You have a 6 cell + 8 cell + the Q1 eh. What happened to the standard 3 cell?. I guess if you have the 8 CEll, it no longer becomes portable. I roam around with the 3 cell + the 6 cell + the Organizer combo. It is pretty cool. Of course, this only ensures that I haave around 5 hours of battery based life, but as of now, I am happy with it.

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