Friday, September 29, 2006

Aussie Tableteers have a yarn

Whenever Dr. Neil Roodyn is in your country you just know that some good stuff is gonna' happen. On this occasion Neil and I both got together for some geekish fooling around that included rebuilding his PC and mud wrestling between the Raon Digital Vega and the Samsung Q1. Not only did we have fun and games but we actually got some work done too - oh, and Dr. Neil's Notes number 20 went live on the day also.

If you're interested have a listen in here. It was actually recorded live on a Samsung Q1, edited on a Samsung Q1 and uploaded via Samsung Q1. Kind of ironic given that all we talked about was the...Samsung Q1.

Dr. Neil's Notes 20

Show notes:

Welcome to Show 20

Other News

Tegatech signs exclusive Samsung tablet deal

Samsung deal gets Tegatech on front page of CRN Australia.

Samsung Q1 is Official in Australia/NZ

I am excited to bring you the news that the Q1 one is Officially here. Tegatech Australia has today announced a partnership with Samsung Australia - Q1 Ultra Mobile PC Officially available! For me personally the lead up to this event has been UMPC making history in Australia, and is the turning of a new age for this region. Earlier this year I was regrettably told that Australia was not earmarked at all for the Q1, so upon hearing the news of its Official Availability I was absolutely rapt for the Aussie lovers of this gear!

Tegatech Australia Official Partner of Samsung Q1

In a partnership seen as strategic as much as anything else Samsung Australia today gave Official Distribution rights to Australia's only Tablet PC Distributor, Tegatech. This means that Australia now has an "Aussie Q1" with specifications outlined in the spec sheet provided today.[Q1 in AUstralia]

Not only did the Q1 go live today but so did all the matching accessories - I can't wait to get the car kit and keyboard stuff! Given that the Q1 was the "Original" Origami (touted on all Samsung sites as the World's first UMPC) it warms me inside to know that Australia will now have exposure. As you all know I've owned one for some time and it still is arguably the sexiest off all the UMPC available on the market. Can't wait to see what Australia thinks...

A copy of the Official Press Release:


Samsung Australia selects Ultra Mobile PC Partner
Distributor Tegatech Australia gets Official Approval for Samsung Q1

Sydney, September 29th, 2006 – Tegatech Australia, a leader in the Ultra Mobile PC space, has today been given Official approval to distribute the Samsung Q1 to its channel of Authorised Resellers. In a move seen as strategic for Samsung the new partnership is designed to leverage off of Tegatech Australia’s key focus in the region – the Tablet.

“Our commitment to Distributing Tablet PC hardware in Australia and NZ has brought us to this point,” said a Tegatech representative. “We’re excited about the role and are placing as many resources available to ensure its success. The fact that the role has been given to us almost exclusively is a huge plus.”

Meanwhile Samsung is reported to be pleased with the decision as the Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) still remains a fairly misunderstood product within the industry. Given the penetration that Tegatech Australia has in the Tablet PC market, Samsung is looking to leverage off of that and establish a solid presence for the Q1 device.

Tegatech has held key talks with National Sales Manager for Samsung Australia, Joe Serra, and is pleased with the outcomes. While Tegatech will not have access to much of the Samsung IT range Mr. Serra has asked for a concentrated focus from Tegatech towards the Q1 and the Reseller Channel.

“We understand the product and have a growing channel of Authorised Tablet PC Resellers with proven track records; they are innovative and proactive with their solutions. The Q1 not only provides a pleasant user experience but it can increase productivity too,” Tegatech said. “With our commitment to the Resellers, and the Samsung Q1, we can help ensure that UMPC is in fact a success downunder.”

About Tegatech Australia

Tegatech Australia is the only Tablet PC specific Distributor in the Australia/NZ marketplace. By focusing so heavily on the Tablet PC form factor Tegatech has enhanced the Reseller experience via a commitment to training and support. Close ties to Microsoft creates a synergy that allows resellers to grow and enhance their presence in the Tablet space.

Established in 2003 Tegatech is now seen as a market leader in the Tablet PC arena. By targeting resellers-only Tegatech has grown from strength-to-strength. Via strategic reseller partnerships that focus on vertical markets, and the corporate sectors, Tegatech is creating a groundswell of interest. Current Tablet successes include the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), National Australia Bank (NAB), TAB Corp and more.

For further information about Tegatech Australia or the Samsung Q1 UMPC please contact Tegatech on tel: + 61 2 9400 5666 or visit the website:

Toll Free: 1800 615 617
Image Bank:

Motion delves deep into HealthCare

I don't know about you guys but to me Motion Tablets have always been seen as a leader, and not a follower. In keeping with that tradition Motion in Austin, Texas (HQ) has joined forces with Intel to create another winning solution - Mobile Clinical Assistant Plans.

Motion today disclosed plans at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) to extend its family of award-winning tablet PC products to a new product based on Intel Corporation’s mobile clinical assistant platform design. Motion's CEO Scott Eckert seems more than convinced, and so does his Motion team in Australia. For your perusal I have attached the official Press Release to the post.

When you consider the medical arena in terms of commoditizing Tablet PCs I think the Motion is on a winning formula - good job Scott (we're on first name basis now!) For those of you in Australia wanting to now more about this Vertical Market solution please use the contact details below.

-- --

Motion Computing Reveals Mobile Clinical Assistant Plans
New computing category to address unmet needs in healthcare IT

San Francisco, Sept. 28, 2006 – Motion Computing®, a leader in ultra-mobile computing and wireless communications, today disclosed plans at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) to extend its family of award-winning tablet PC products with a mobile clinical assistant, a new computing category created to advance the effectiveness of nurses, physicians and other clinicians. Motion’s product will be based on Intel Corporation’s mobile clinical assistant platform design.

“Motion is the first company to collaborate with Intel on the new mobile clinical assistant category,” said Motion CEO Scott Eckert. “We chose to innovate in this category because it closely aligns with our tablet PC and healthcare industry expertise. It is all about technology integration and ease of use, with relevant and innovative features, software and design elements chosen to help nurses and clinicians deliver patient care more safely and efficiently.”

Eckert today joined Louis Burns, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Digital Health Group, in an IDF keynote to discuss Motion’s commitment to work with Intel in the creation of this new category of mobile computing for use in clinical settings.

“Intel is excited to be working with Motion to bring the mobile clinical assistant to the healthcare market segment and to address the unmet needs of nurses and physicians,” said Burns. “We share a common vision for innovative, ground-breaking platforms and how technology can transform healthcare.”

Motion will launch and ship its first mobile clinical assistant product in the first half of 2007. Product specifications will be available at that time.

About Motion Computing Motion Computing produces slate tablet PCs for mobile professionals in vertical industries including field sales and service, healthcare and government. Motion is a mobile computing and wireless communications leader, combining world-class innovation and industry experience so individuals can use computing technology in new ways and places. Marketed through an experienced international reseller network and directly through its Web site, each Motion product is built to customer specifications. The company’s enhanced line of tablet PCs and accessories are designed to increase productivity for on-the-go users while providing security, power and versatility. For more information, visit

Motion Computing, Motion, View Anywhere and Speak Anywhere are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motion Computing, Inc, in the United States and other countries.

All other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

# # #

Media Contacts:
Belinda Yeats or Kevin CrouchFleishman Hillard 02 9956 8000

Belinda Yeats
Account Executive
Fleishman-Hillard AustraliaLevel 11, 53 Walker StreetNorth Sydney
NSW 2060AustraliaOffice direct: +61 2 8905 6316
Office switch: +61 2 9956 8000Office fax: +61 2 9956 7444

Vega gets its first Extension

As you all know I recently got the World's first look at the Raon Digital Vega. Because of the nature of the beast they sent me, being a pre-production unit and all, it was missing one vital ingredient - the VGA Dongle. Anyway, today it came, and I was so pleased with the look and feel of the dongle that I had to post some shots for you. Next will be the video of me extending the Vega Desktop onto my 42" Plasma...LOL.

Monday, September 25, 2006

OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #29 is out!

It's always fun to sit down and have a listen to the enigmatic James Kendrick, and his mate Marc Orchant, rant and rave about the latest Tablet Talk. If you haven't heard one of these before now may be a good time as they do a UMPC/UPPC wrap up. Interestingly I get a mention in there (cheers boys!), and I really like the Samsung Q1 SSD machine (he liked it so much he bought the device - wow).


Listen here ( MP3, 23.3 MB, 67 minutes) or
Subscribe to the show with this link (RSS)

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with an all new audio sound that should be music to your ears! On Show #29 we talk about a couple of new Tablet PCs that have leaked out, James' new Samsung Q1 SSD, and we're both excited about the new ink guides in Outlook 2007 Beta 2 TR1. You might also find a tip or two about using Outlook and OneNote with your Tablet PC.

Links of interest from the show:

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think!

Special thanks to Tiedye Keith for the great song "Vulnerable" with vocals by Tony Lindsay of Santana.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

UMPC Surgery - Parental Supervision Required

Some bloggers have been known to get down and dirty with their little PCB friends. One such occurrence I can recall is JK and this series of naked shots (to find this I had to Google “James Kendrick Naked”…THAT’S SCARY). While today is more like Tablet Surgery than Tablet Adultery I still wanted to take you on a journey with me - kind of like those mini camera pills people pop to look at the workings of their internal organs.

Sit back and squirm enjoy as we take a walk through EO.

One little Black Eo and one White

RAM comes out

CPU fan staring at you and CPU lef quivering below

2.5" HDD Comes out

VIA Processor & Touch Controller ontop, and back of screen on bottom.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's a UMPC war DOWNunder here

EO V7110 WHITE WAS $1,650 AUD
NOW $1,499 AUD (including taxes)
EO V7110 BLACK WAS $1,650 AUD
NOW $1,499 AUD (including taxes)

In a move designed to rattle the Tablet PC space Dowunder company Tegatech Australia today announced a price drop on the EO V7110 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC). [Apparently will not translate to US EO].

In a letter that went out to all resellers the change was described as "Due to an astonishing volume of sales." It sure looks like Australia is bracing itself for a UMPC war. It was interesting to note that the new EO i7210 and i7209 remained unscathed unchanged.

snipping from the email sent to Authorised Resellers:

Please contact us directly regarding any questions you may have, or visit our online store to place your orders. For your convenience we have attached a PDF outlining the changes. The best news is that the RRP price has dropped and your margin has increased. For those of you that advertise this product on your websites please make sure you display the new pricing appropriately.

Have you been to?

Linda Epstein does Toshiba M7

For those of you that haven’t read a Linda Epstein ( Tablet PC review…well for all of you, you’re missing out. Not only does Linda provide first hand insight, as she is a Tablet PC owner and user, but she also manages to mention technicalities, oh, and accessories too. By the end of a Linda E. review you will be educated and more often than not salivated in anticipation of yet another awesome device.

On this occasion Linda has spent time with the Toshiba M7 14.1” WideScreen Tablet PC. Personally I am jealous as I believe this is a winning device (although CoreDuo is a noticeable absentee). I find it interesting that in her initial comments she describes it as “with Tablet PC Support.” Maybe that means it’s a mean notebook with Tablet PC features (reminds me of my Gateway Tablet review).

Linda goes through the details and specifications of the device at some length. Covering off Power Management, Accessories, and the question we all get asked, “is it Vista Premium ready?”

For those of you ready to read just click here, for those of you that would never click on a link on my blog no matter what I linked to, here is a snipping I prepared for you earlier:

To answer the question that I am asked most often these days... The Answer is yes. The Tecra M7 is Windows Vista™ Premium Ready! I have no doubt that Vista will rock on this Tablet! I will install Vista on the Tecra M7 next month and post some screen shots and comments at that time.


The turn-style transformation from laptop to Tablet PC with digital ink helps boost the visual experience of the world's first 14.1" WXGA+ [1440x900] display with Tablet to multimedia levels .


Battery Life: 3 hours 5 minutes in always on mode, wireless on, no standby, no hibernate and the screen and hard drive on.
Heat: The internal fan does its job very well and sitting on the desk at full power the The Tecra M7 barely put off any heat at all. This is definitely not a machine you could slip under the covers to warm your toes on a winter night!


In Conclusion:

The Tecra M7 offers something for everyone. From the casual user who just wants the best to the Power user who wants it all... [read more]

Monday, September 18, 2006

.NET Framework of Ink Analysis released

There is nothing better than sitting down to listen two Tablet greats. On this occasion it's Tablet PC MVP, and my mate, Dr. Neil Roodyn who rips a Podcast with Todd Landsden (help me with the spelling Neil???) of the Tablet PC team in Redmond.

Dr. Neil runs a great podcast (of which I am a subscriber) named Dr. Neil's Notes. Because he spends a great deal of his time traveling to-and-from Redmond he always gets to the heart of the cause, i.e. the Tablet PC Team.

This time we get to here Todd and Neil "Talk Tablet" and expose some of the latest developer related information. Some of this show's notes include:

  • Todd and Ink Analysis SDK Download it here
  • Handango Summit last weekend - demo of UMPC
  • In Redmond the rest of this week talking to product teams
  • New edition of Dynamics of Software Development
  • RC1 on M400 - looking really good
  • New version of Virtual Earth
  • This podcast was recorded on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC

Listen to Show 19 here

Sunday, September 17, 2006

UMPC as a Desktop Replacement

Because in Australia we’re always playing catch-up when it comes to the latest technologies (the whole Downunder thing) this time I decided to post a two part video regarding the EO i7210. The two parts are mutually exclusive and can be viewed in sequence, or individually.

Part One of the video is not so much a product review, but a Product Preview. Knowing that most Aussie’s will not touch these for a long time still, I felt that one of my duties as Australia’s Tablet Guy is to share the hand’s on experience – at least that’s what all the emailer’s keep telling me (cheers gang).

Part Two of the video focuses on something I like to term as the “Mobile Permanent Office.” Because the i7210 is the first UMPC (Microsoft Origami Project derivative) to run an Intel Processor with 2MB of L2 Cache [providing multitasking abilities] the possibilities of replacing a notebook or desktop are “somewhat” closer. Using i7210’s capacity to “Extend its Desktop” I demonstrate just how one might increase their own productivity in the office, or home.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

UMPC Home Valuation Software Video

[Update, 4th October 2006 - To contact Apex Australia please use this email: Darrell Cann]
[Update, 6th October 2006 - To contact Apex Usa please use this email: Randall H. Garrett]

In an effort to test some new video editing software (colour needs some work) and bring you the latest UMPC/Tablet PC related news from Australia tonight I decided to share another little video. This time the software is from a Company named Apex Software that is based in the United States and has a regional office in Australia.

Apex have been in the “Home Valuation” (Appraiser) space for a long time. Their efforts have been well documented and their growing commitment and passion for the Ultra Mobile PC really has me interested. When I saw their funky new website (make sure you have broadband) and this video I couldn’t help but upload it for you – “my style.” Keep your eye out for the Motion Tablets and an EO.

Sit back and enjoy an UberTablet segment designed to motivated, excite and delight.

Watch it on My YouTube

More info:

Apex Software has been setting the standard in desktop sketching solutions since 1987. Most appraisers know Apex as a desktop product that's focused on making appraisal sketching fast, easy, and accurate. I can't even remember when I last had to "calculate" the square footage of a home! But how many ALSO think of Apex Software in terms of mobile sketching, data collection, training and support?

Medina will be ready for release this November and is designed to replace their current desktop sketching package - both the standalone and "forms software" versions. It will read all prior versions of Apex sketches and capable of doing a "Save As" back to the older version 3 file formats.

Nexus is a new tablet/UMPC "mobile" sketcher that is being rolled out now in Australia as part of a contract for the largest lender "down under". It's currently in Beta testing for the mass appraisal market in North America, and will be announced for Assessor's in October 2006 at the IAAO conference. It's scheduled to be released for the fee appraiser market in January 2007.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Warner Crocker tells us HOW

Hop over to and read the thoughts of Theatre Director, and Tablet enthusiast, Warner Crocker. Not only has WC presented a solid case for a truly mobile environment but he’s also answered a question…how do we use all this stuff?

Snippings I like:

[I'm all praise for OneNote 2007 Beta -multiple notebooks is something I can't get enough of.]

The new OneNote 2007 multiple notebook feature is a great addition to the organizational structure that also really makes my life easier. Everything now gets captured into one or two notebooks, Unfiled Notes or OneNote Mobile Notes. (more on that later) and then gets filed into the appropriate section. I don’t create a new Notebook for every show, but I do create a new section for each show under a Production Staff Notes Notebook. That section will then be moved to Past Shows once I am done working on it, which usually happens after the reveiws are in, which get printed or scanned into OneNote.

[Ashamedly I do not use TEO but WC has done a great job of getting me convinced.]

Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO 3.0) This Tablet PC must have application always serves me well when scheduling events around the process. Media interviews, meetings, etc… Being able to quickly call it up and scribble in an appointment is a breeze. I experimented with the excellent note-taking features in TEO 3.0 for this show, and with a few exceptions I think I could do most of what I do in OneNote 2007 with TEO 3.0.

[Now this is WC being cool, innovative, bleeding edge and soldout to the future that is Microsoft.]

The Sprint PPC 6700 and OneNote Mobile (Beta). I have to admit I’m smitten with OneNote Mobile, even if it is in Beta. This is the biggest new tool in the toolbox, and even after one show I can’t imagine not using the functionality.

[Now WC is even trashing his Apple gear for a an all-in Microsoft assault.]

I used to use an iPod for playback on this in rehearsal, before my iPod bit the dust. For this show, I put Steve’s digital files on the PPC 6700 and would play them back over a headset for my listening, when we reached those sections. This allowed me to check timing and appropriateness with the moment. I could have done this with my Tablet PC certainly, but being able to have the smaller device was a big key and also a bit of an experiment. I have to admit, since my iPod died this spring I have missed it less and less.

[and this is my favorite - WC as nasty notetaker]

A side benefit to taking notes on a Tablet PC or UMPC is that you don’t need a light source to see what you are writing. Over the years, I’ve had small battery operated lights that attached to clip boards, my fingers, lights in a pen, you name it. But the Tablet PC, even at low screen brightness levels, is more than a sufficient light source to see what you are writing. Of course, in a darkened theatre, when the actors see that screen light up from a resume, it always freaks them out because they think you are taking a note about something they did wrong.

Lean on me - V7110 EO

I see that the Family Portrait attracted a fair bit of attention yesterday - too funny as all I was doing was charging them up. Today I began with the best of intentions (all devices charged and staring at me) however it ended up being almost a gadgetless episode. First my i7210 and RaonDigital Vega went to Journalists, the Fuji returned to Fuji, the Samsung Q1 went to Melbourne, so all I was left with was EO v7110 staring at me - and the time was only 8:30 in the morning.

With several key meetings planned for the day there was little time for play. With that in mind I picked eo and introduced him to Mr. Extension (the battery I mean).

I must say that the short period we spent together I really enjoyed the feel and the ergonomics that the battery adds to the eo. Firstly I love the way it sits off the desk and has better airflow (as opposed to laying flat on its back); I also enjoy the benefits the battery added to carrying the device in one hand, or under one’s palms.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Family having a little R&R

This morning I decided to charge a bundle of devices in preparation for the beating testing they're about to receive; as I set them all up it made me laugh as it started to look more like a family portrait (a who's-who if you like) of the current world of UMPC .

So I thought I'd post a quick pic.

Front to Back:

EO V7110, RaonDigital Vega, EO i7210, Samsung Q1, Fujitsu P1610 and T4210.

For the UberGeeks here's the specs of how they charge:

SO I guess that means I have to carry all the chargers all the time. LOL.

Chippy does Vega Battery

Chippy of (CarryPad) has done a great job of looking at the RaonDigital Vega battery life.


I'm running a 1mbps DivX+MP3 which is taxing the CPU to the tune of 60%. I've also been doing some USB Wifi work (about 20 min's.) The device is getting very warm all over! The screen is on and there's no power-management enabled. I don't have any USB devices plugged in as I run the video but I would regard this as a heavy usage test despite that. Similar tests on on other devices give about 75% of the full battery life.


Bear in mind that the device is shipped with the enhanced battery. If you want the slim battery (1/3 capacity and 130gm lighter), you'll have to order it as an extra. This is a great bit of marketing because RaonDigital know that battery life is a critical specification.



I can't imag.....and there she goes. A very ungraceful shutdown at... 4 hours, 17 minutes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First look at Fujitsu P1610 - Hugo Ortega

[Update 14th September 2006 - Due to the overwhelming response Fujitsu Japan received from this post they have asked me to temporarily place the video on "pause." It seems that they underestimated the power of the blog - or my personal pulling power perhaps! LOL. It turns out that after my post their offices worldwide were so inundated with calls regarding the new device that they were caught by surpris, especially when you consider that I was one of the first in world to play with it in public.

Thanks for your support and links, the video will be back up soon.]

This week I must have done the reverse of walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror. First I got to upload the world’s 1st ever look at a RaonDigital Vega – Ultra Portable PC (UPPC), and today, as part of my “Australian Tablet Guy Duties” I have been graced with another World Exclusive from manufacturer Fujitsu.

Fujitsu has been manufacturing Tablet PC and dedicated to the space longer than anyone else. Their range is synonymous with quality and style, and as a result of a phone call I received yesterday I am pleased to post the First ever look at the new Fujitsu P1610 (designed to supersede the Fujitsu P1510).

Maybe now engadget will finally recognize my efforts – hello engadget???

Fujitsu P1610
See it on My YouTube

Specifications - Chalice (codename) P1610:
  • Yonah ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) U1400 Pentium M - 1.2 GHz
  • 512MB (mini SO-DIMM, still only one slot)
  • 80GB 1.8" HDD
  • 8.9" WideXGA Resistive Touchscreen
  • MDC, LAN, FingerPrint, TPM, Bluetooth, WLAN, Intel 3945ABG, UMTS antenna (that's the 3G bit), G sensor, US Keyboard, Pen and Battery.

Fujitsu called! Stay tuned!!!!

Fujitsu called! Stay tuned!!!! (Video coming soon, somthing new)

Monday, September 11, 2006


If you've followed the Microsoft Origami Project at all you'de know that the ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC has constantly come up on people's wishlist. Tonight I spotted some photos that were posted by a Forum Member of that I thought were worth passing on.

Photo A. shows the packaging, always cool for me to see; and photo B. the all important thickness of the device.

Snipping from forum:


Today I received the ASUS R2H... Yippie! I was pleasantly surprised; it's very complete with a foldable Targus keyboard with auto-rollup cable, a desktop stand, a nice bag to hold it and lots of cables, books and CD's.There's even an USB netlink cable included!

I said earlier the Dutch version doesn't have Bluetooth and the Webcam. It does however have Bluetooth so only the Webcam is missing.

Photo A.

Photo B.

DeData get UMPC ready

It seems that Australia is doing its best to maintain its strangle-hold on the bleeding edge market. Not only can Tegatech Australia report massive gains in the UMPC space by recording sales with Government, Education, Realty, Finance and more; it also seems that Software Developers are feeling the itch too.

Along come DeData (snipping from their website):

De Data is a privately owned company that has successfully delivered quality Information Technology (IT) services to organisations locally, nationally, and globally since 1993.
De Data have delivered quality consulting services to organisations in the areas of:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Territory Management
  • Product Distribution
  • Product and Customer Hierarchy Management
  • Product Planning and Workflow

I noticed on their website a UMPC announcement regarding their latest release of Software called the Purveyance System - Purveyance System NOW Available on Ultra-Mobile PCs. It's a coll looking Press Release with a picture of the Tablet Kiosk EO in the middle. I can’t wait to hear more from other Software parties that have taken a leap of faith into the world that now is truly mobile.

Quick impressions of the Samsung Q1 SSD

Master spokesman and class act, James Kendrick, has today started to post from within the realms of SSD Q1 land. What is that you may ask - well just before heading over, it's the latest toy device to grace the market by Samsung (sort of). SSD stands for Solid State Drive and in my eyes it's what the future holds.

Showing why he is number one in so many people's eyes JK has jumped in head first and submerged himself in this little number. Here are some points I like from a post that should hold lots of insights.


4. I do not like the 800x600 resolution on the wide-screen. It makes everything look “squooshy”. I use it in the other two resolutions only.

7. Vectoring is an issue when writing with the stylus but I found I quickly adapted to it. Now it rarely happens at all, especially in landscape orientation where the bottom bezel of the screen is a natural resting place for the palm while inking.

13. The Q1 SSD is made very solidly and feels very sturdy. It is obvious that Samsung put all their experience making mobile devices into the design and manufacture of this device.

15. The little stylus sucks. That’s all I’ll say about it. (if you saw my video you know that I didn't hold back on the stylus either)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

RaonDigital Vega Unboxed - Part 1 & 2

Because my Server was crunched by Terabytes of requests attacking my little RaonDigital Vega video today I thought I’d make a mini-YouTube version. If you prefer to download the 16:9 183MB Version then just follow the link, otherwise a slightly edited and much smaller version can be viewed here.

I’ll have the Vega UPPC (Ultra Portable PC) for a little while and will report back on more thoughts and taunts; if there is anything in particular you need to know then leave a comment and I’ll make sure I fit it into the next video.

Download the Vega Users Manual here (in English)

Part One:

Server got CRUNCHED

Last night's 183MB Video has caused my Host Company to suffer a meltdown. Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere probably had difficulty watching the video but I've now rectified the issue and it can be downloaded here.

Hugo Ortega gets to New UPPC

*UPDATE 11th Sept 2006* Due to the beating my Server received recently I have posted a YouTube Version of this unboxing. It is of less quality and has been shortened slightly, so it's your choice. *

NEW UPPC has a late night unveiling!

OK, so almost a week ago I announced the arrival of a new device, to my Office. I tried to remain coy and somewhat mysterious by uploading a modest BlogPost titled “Hugo Ortega gets World Exclusive.

Since that period I found out my Video Camera was broken, Australian Customs had my EO i7210 on hold and I had to travel Interstate; while also attending to my normal duties as entrepreneur and Dad too. What this inevitably translates into is tonight’s late evening VLOG coming to you from my dining room, and care of my brand new JVC GZ-MG505 (30GB HDD Camera), brought to me by new Sponsors of the UberTablet Videos, Camera Action (more on that later).
I have to apologise profusely in advance for the file size of these 25 minutes - they too are care of this new 3CCD camera! Sorry, sorry, sorry.

So without further ague let’s look at my attempt at a late night unboxing event. It’s not pretty but with a bit of luck you get some idea of just what this device might do/be/become, UberTablet Style!

(183MB, 25 minutes)
Artist: He is!
Show Notes: It's new!

Proud Sponsors of the UberTablet Videos

TabletKiosk eo i7210 UltraMobile PC InkShow!

GottaBeMobile has GottaBeCommended for another fantastic InkShow! This time Mr. Dennis Rice, and his cinematographer wife, take to VLOGGING duties for the team. What I like most about these events is the shear anticipation and excitement in the air.

The irony for me is that my EO i7210 sat in my office for the last week untouched. I had to travel interstate and I was unable to even open the box until AFTER watching this GottaBe InkShow.

Sit back, grab some pop corn and enjoy this Unboxing event by Dennis Rice.


The TabletKiosk eo i7210 Ultra-Mobile PC!

Yes — its arrived, and caught me quite unready to do my job as trusty scoop reporter at My video camera was out for repair, so a quick IM message to my neighbor Eddie Vanderbeck to borrow a camera solved that (nice to have tecchie neighbors). Then I needed a cameraman, but what I got was a camera”woman”! My poor wife got roped into using technology, which by the way is typically left up to me in this household (or maybe I just never let any of the others get a chance, not sure which!), and ran the camera for me in a hastily planned production! I had clients call needing work, but after all, priorities are priorities, so of course, I stopped everything and did the show!

This is just the first in a series of InkShows I planning with this unit, but I wanted to quickly

CTitanic does a great job of EO Extended Battery

If you're interested in the EO V7110 and its extended battery you'd better look at his report. I think the photos and the commentary are worth considering as Frank (aka: CTitanic) goes through it in detail.


Let me start saying that I consider the eo Extended Battery (6 cells) a must have. The original battery does not have enough juice to convert the eo v7110 into a real Ultra "Mobile" PC, no even to watch the majority of the movies in the market. The 6 cells battery has enough power to watch King Kong.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Mobile PC Newsletter - September

The latest Edition of Redmond's Mobile PC Newsletter is up - September Edition. This time with TechEd Australia 2006 as the feature piece:

They actually used a photo of me - I requested they use the one of Frank Arrigo

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Fujitsu T4210 gets Dock & Modular Bay Battery

Note: For those of you following the Australia vs. Germany World Cup of UMPC (Chippy vs. Ortega) this is not the post you've been waiting for. It's late, I've been in Melbourne since 6:30 am, and I'm tired - how good is this gear but???
What a tease - I'm sorry, the post is coming.

Got home from Melbourne and this was waiting on my Kitchen benchtop

Modular Bay Battery and Port Replicator - T4210 Convertible

So I hot swapped out the DVD Burner

That's it next to the Modular Battery

And I replaced it with my new 6-cell battery

Then I opened the box with the Port Replicator

And now have a DVI Port, as well as other stuff!!!

Hugo Ortega gets World Exclusive

How good is it being an UberGeek. On this occasion I've been shipped a box containing one of the soon to be released "Mobile PCs." Now in order to give you the most "blogger friendly" experience I have decided to go on my Road Trip (Melbourne to run UMPC training) I have decided to leave the box untouched and unscathed. I will perform a, now infamous, "unboxing ceremony" in 48 hrs time and post it for all the world to see.

If you want to know what it is leave a comment and I'll try a play coy for as along as possible - or you could just hassle Chippy, he's got one coming too; although his won't be with him until next week (I guess I have better contacts ;-).

Have a great day...I got a plane to catch.

some famous unboxings:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

UX50, SWMUG, JK and me

Hugo Ortega takes the pill a closer look

When my mate James Kendrick recently "unboxed" a UX50 Sony Vaio I was glued to my screen. His unwrapping of the device and capturing of the event was so enigmatic that I almost felt like I was there. Well done James, it’s a must view!

On this occasion and like several others the Sydney Windows Mobile User Group (SWMUG) has once again captured my imagination. As part of my monthly Tablet Talk I had arrived with the EO UMPC and Samsung Q1 under my arms. My intention was to show some really cool software (I'll post more on that later) but it was another guest that caught my attention!

Admittedly it was JK that first planted the seed, and now SWMUG with the fertilizer (to be precise Andrew of the C1 Group). Andrew and I have been friends for a little while and we want to get further acquainted if it weren’t for all the "other things" we have to do every day. Tonight however as part of his monthly Gadget Guy talk at SWMUG Andrew chose to bring along a Sony Vaio UX50 - cool. (dubbed VGNUX17GP in Australia)

4.5" of joy

Like James, I found it to be super cool, refined, sexy, sleek, dynamic and appealing. As it finally got to the back of the room (a section normally hosted by Dr. Neil and I as we banter our childish taunts at guest speakers) I couldn't help but be impressed. It is a refined device and definitely can capture the imagination of almost any UberGeek. With its relatively cramped QWERTY keyboard the UX50 still manages to remain very productive.

One neat feature about the keyboard is the way the final vertical rows of keys curl up around the edges, therefore providing a very comfortable and ergonomic feel. The only drawback about the keyboard was its lack of distinguishable keypads, i.e. rounded edges or indents between each key. This caused me to often miss-hit keys and often fly passed an intended letter or command button - still cool though.

The next hot feature was the crispness of the screen. You could literally see everything on the device as you would on a regular screen. At native 1024x600 it really wasn’t a strain or a struggle to work with the screen. Obviously coming from the UMPC space I thought that the 4" screen would be a complete let down, but not here, no way.

The other compelling feature, and if you watch my UMPC reviews you'll know what I mean, was the input buttons and joysticks. It seemed to almost mimic the EP V7110 setup with its left click, right click and joystick to help manipulate the mouse. Watching it do the rounds I realized that all these methods of input (and as I've often described on this blog) made for a very intuitive and almost seamless feel. If you didn’t use your finger, you had the joystick; and if you didn’t use the joystick you had the click buttons!

All in all my 10 minutes with the device left me drooling and rather enamored. We even called up the pen features and played around with the inking capabilities of which I had no complaints. Although it does not ship with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition it still managed to capture my heart. Sony Australia - if you want me to own one review one, just let me know???

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An update from my new Convertible

It’s probably a good idea to give you my thoughts after being a Convertible converted for the past two weeks. As you know I ordered my Fujitsu T4210 all of two weeks ago and have been using it as my fulltime device for that same period.

At this point in the conversation we should probably point out that Slate is still my life, passion and belief. By running around town with the i215 Sahara Slate PC for over two-years as my fulltime, and only device, it was truly a difficult departing. What I haven’t let you know however, and to avoid creating any real jealousy or hate mail, is that the Sahara is still with me and is my notepad and paper replacement – sorry, I’m spoilt I know.

Since buying the Fujitsu T4210 life has been wildly productive. Being a DualCore device the Tablet is screaming through my daily tasks and “making hay while the sun shines.” The other feature that I have found relatively pleasing is the inbuilt DVD burner – although I do not use it as often as I like, I have been caught on a couple of occasions where it has been utilized.

What is absolutely essential is for me to clarify one other matter with you all – I have always advocated a slate as your first Tablet, and not a convertible. Having owned this device for two weeks has admittedly not changed my opinion, in fact it has only reinforced it. Do not, I repeat, do not buy a Convertible (if at all possible) as your first Tablet PC. My “Pavlov’s Dog’s Theory” still holds true in that when a keyboard is present ‘we will hack.’ A slate will make you a more proficient Tablet PC user and therefore Digital Pen user too.

If you get the opportunity (and I know not many of you will) buy a DualCore Convertible as your fulltime machine, a Slate as your notepad and paper replacement, and a UMPC for those occasions where you want to be discreet! I run this exact setup and find it to be very useful! LOL.

Today’s post is not about my array of Tablets but mostly inspired by an awesome convertible experience. Now that I’ve mastered the pen I can agree that a convertible is the best of the breed. However this will always remain a double-edged sword; not all of you can resist the keyboard’s yearning for your touch. If you’d spent more time with a slate you’d now that the Pen is in fact mightier than the sword…

I wonder how Mitch Denny is doing???

Another Fujitsu P1510 in Australia

Today Tegatech Australia has continued to grow their new partnership with Fujitsu PC Australia; this time with the delivery of a Fujitsu P1510 to another Aussie Tech devotee (Haling out of Queensland). It seems that the market is not only preparing to grasp the concept of Tablet PC but is slowly creeping closer to the reality that is true mobility.

For those of you that have not entertained the thought of becoming mobile via P1510 styled device you surely are missing out. Not only does it sport all the appealing features of Microsoft's Origami inspired PC's but it also seems to tick a lot of other boxes too. With the manufacture process somewhat refined via a Japanese Head Office (as opposed to some of the Taiwanese/Chinese contenders) the P1510 also has the ability to remain: on the for long enough to be called "possible," it's light enough to be called "mobile" and featured enough to almost be dubbed "productive" too.

Later this year the P1510 will ship with a PCMCIA slot and inbuilt 3G too. With the extended battery, and the fact that it sports a keyboard too, the Fujitsu P1510 is closer to the Origami dream than the Origami devices themselves! Go figure???

The only “big” concern I have with this device is the RAM. Because it runs a mini-ram comprised of 400MHz So-DIMM that is not only, as the name describes, small, it also is very expensive. A 1GB upgrade will cost an Aussie customer over $1,000 AUD so the sting is very great!

Either way this customer didn’t care – RAM upgrade, charger and extended battery all in the box (albeit some of it on back order…LOL)!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

GPS.RADAR Software InkShow

When it comes to Origami devices it seems that GPS and in-car solutions are almost a natural progression. Even I had fun this week playing with a UMPC and a car-media setup (but more about that on another post).

Today Iwant to share with you the latest of the GottaBeMobile InkShows, and the first from their very own Matt Faulkner. In this ScreenCast he is talks UMPC.GPS via GPS.RADAR [Origami Edition by JGUI Professional].

I hope you enjoy this Software InkShow.

  • Watch the InkShow (15:55 minutes, 86mb, .wmv streaming or direct download.)
  • Visit the JGUI website
  • Freeware trial edition will run until the end of November 2006


GPS.RADAR Origami Edition was created to make use of the portability of a UMPC. With this program you can attach your USB or Bluetooth GPS unit and get a file that will load directly into Google Earth or Google Maps. The interface is very easy to use with buttons that are perfect for touch or pen. While this is still an early Beta program, I didn’t have any problems getting things up and running.