Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I missed the WOW

This is not a mirrored image. This is my OQO model 02 (XP Tablet Edition) and my new OQO Model 02 Vista Ultimate. (Some people have more money than sense. LOL)

Because I missed the WOW...I've gone back to Vista. I just love Instant Search, I love the new TIP (Tablet Input Panel) features and I love the look. More soon.


Al Iverson said...

If you have too many OQOs, please let me know and I'll give you an address to ship any spares to!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,
Thank you for your indepth reviews of the OQO 02. They were very crucial in my decision to order the oqo, and I should have it by friday, as long as Fedex is able to find Czech Republic on the map. It seems to me that the biggest discussion around 02 comes from how and where people are used to using their portable PCs. I am a University student and carrying a laptop around all day is very tiresome, especially when you dont have an office and a table to put it on. With OQO I can go to my lectures and ink notes, reply to e-mails and forums during breaks, watch a movie when in public transport, type down parts of my assigments or revise them and do so many other things without the need to pull out a laptop. Anyways, keep on doing a great job.

P.S. : I havent seen anyone inking after rotating the screen (portrait mode). Did you show it anywhere so I can see it before my OQO comes. Cheers


Michael Venini said...


How about a contest to win the OQO 2 with XP Tablet?



Kamalot said...

I have to agree with you. As a TC1100 XP Tablet Edition user going to the OQO running Vista, I am VERY impressed. It feels like the OQO and Vista were made hand-in-hand. A lot of the interface elements that have been simplified or streamlined in Vista feel as if they take direct advantage of the OQO's layout, keyboard and pen. Even the default styling of Vista, glossy black with illuminated blue highlights, feel like they were developed in tandem with OQO.

Glad you are enjoying your OQO as much as I am.

Jonathan Benson said...

Hi Hugo,
In July last year you published an Aussie UMPC want to be product I located in Australia called the "C1" in your post "James comes sniffing in my backyard".

Shortly after this I purchased the Fujitsu P1510 (instead of a UMPC).

Well now I've decided to by the OQO because of all your great coverage. I was wondering if you could post a link to my auction on ebay to sell off my 'old' pc to fund the new OQO?

The link is:

Dennis Rice (GBM) said...

Lol. You truly are a "misguided geek" Hugo. You show all your emotions when using tech toys! :)

First you are ready to throw the OQO 02 out, now you have 2! I hope you stick with one wife mate!

I received my new OQO 02 today also, and am most excited. Just to respond to a couple comments:

1. I have used the O2 in portait mode for inking and it works great. Not very wide, but a nice inking experience.

2. It runs great with Vista!

3. It also works really well as an eBook reader in portait mode....

Keep up the coverage Hugo, and here's hoping the third time is a charm for you!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this will not be a popular poast. I write this because its on my mind. I hope I am wrong. I really enjoy Hugo and his Honest posts and believe he is the best there is when it comes to mobile device info...However, I am starting to feel as if he has been bought off...Seems very odd that he loved OQO, all of a sudden he hated it, too many problems, and abandoned it. He disappears for a few weeks...comes back and loves it again, so much that be suddenly has a mysterious second one...Odd, seeing that he could have just put the Vista operating system on the old one. Drop $2k to trade operating systems? Hugo seems to have a lot of clout. WHen he liked this device we all wanted it. When he didnt, people were cancelling orders, now everyone is ordering....I just hope Hugo isnt being bribed in any way....again, hope I am wrong and easy explanation for why he did this, but it just seems weird to me and I assume others find it odd as well

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

Firstly, I wish I had more time to answer everyone but at the moment I don't. This comment however was worth answering for obvious reasons.

I like my OQO 02 a lot. I liked it from the beginning. I was upset that I had two of them die and now I decided to try a third due to all the positive stuff I was reading on other poeples blogs, i.e. I was the unlucky one and it seemed no one else was having the same problems.

With regards to Vista I did some exploration and found that it actually worked well. I had a Vista on order but had an XP Tablet one delivered as I wanted it as fast as possible for YOUR sake (the blog). With all the issues and delays I ordered a Vista one any way and have migrated across.

The reason I did not upgrade is that I have not heard good tales of this happening. It seems to be a little buggy when people do this and with regards to OQO I am already a bit tired of Bugs. LOL.

With regards to owning two it is simple. The XP Tablet PC one sold straight away as I have alegion of Aussies who buy my ex demo gear (cheap) and do not hesitate. This is one of the reasons I can go in and out of equipment so easily.

OQO has beenfar from accomodating with regards to anything FREE. I have paid full tilt on everything as I am sure a lot of my trusty readers have. I have stayed loyal to this product for the moment becasue I know the sort of leverage my blog has and it would be unfair to my readers if I made emotive decisions. This way at least I am sticking to the original Game Plan and my readers see me struggle and appreciate that I am human too.

Does this help? Right now I am not in a position to be bought by any one, especially not OQO. I will be using the unit for a "short" period and then I will move to something else. As usual.

Thanks Anonymous (I wish I knew who I was getting an ear full from). Your support and readership is appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to have challanged you and I am REALLY happy you answered me straight away. I was hoping you would answer my questions quickly and prove me wrong. As I said before, you are an HONEST guy and proved it once again. Please keep up the good work!!! thanks again!

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Anonymous,

If anything I thank you for allowing me the opportunity. I want us to be friends and therefore speak openly on the blog. You may have noticed that I am an in frequent blogger. This because I do not think of myself as a bloogger but rather a guy with a passion for something he wants to ahare with ohers. I think that voluntarily I have provided a knowledge base for you all to be empowered with and I have never asked for anything in return. While it hurt a little to be challenged in the way you did it is also testament to just how much you all value my opinion, and for this once again I thank you. It is a humbling experience.

BTW, this was blogged from my OQO while sipping a coffee in my car, stationary in a parking lot, and inbetween meetings...I love mobilty.

talk soon. You're the best.

Eugene said...

Hi Hugo,

When you are mobile are you using GPRS/mobile to connect to the net, or are you using wireless hot spots?


Tvlosers said...

By the way, I really dont need to be anonymous, so I have put in my correct google name as well. Again, it is because of how much I value your opinion that I felt the need to ask what was on my mind. You have many loyal and smart people reading your posts so I would think others were a little curious. I probably challamnged you because I was relieved when you gave the OQO up, it meant I didnt need to buy one. Now that you are back I am looking again. Mu uses are quite different and I look at this device as a mobile companion device, meaning I travel every week and I carry my p1610, I would imagine still carrying the p1610 on airplanes and in hotel, but using the OQO while out and about. Thanks again.

scottyb159 said...


Let me try this one more time, not sure where the tvlosers name came from...I am scottyb159

Mal said...

Hi Hugo

On the issue of "stuck pixels". Is that something we have to accept or is it a "returnable fault". Bit like LCD monitors?

Just one other thing. I've ordered my OQO - 02 with XP Tablet. What if I wish to up grade to Vista in say 12 mths? Is that possible?

Hope I'm asking at the right place.



Mal said...

With all my dealings with Hugo .....
Instant phone contact; fast responses to emails; unedit video clips; has a great retailer outlet in Melbourne (Yes, I'm an Aussie to); fast blog response and nice to old buggers like me (I'm 67). He's human with human feeling of disappointment, elation, and like all of us can "spit the dummy" at times .......
your 10 out of 10 with me mate!

Hugo Ortega said...

@Al Iverson:

Hi Al,

LOL. I wish it were that simple. You've probably read that I sold the Tablet PC device I had. Gone mate, sorry.


Hi P.T,

WOW, OQO in the Czech Republic, that is great. please pop in again and let us know how you went. I hope you ordered the extended battery to get you through a full day though!

WRT screen rotate I can't get mine to do it. Not sure why or if I am doing something wrong. Once I get it working I will post something. At present I have spoken to someone that has it working and says there is no distortion and lots of benefits by rotating. Thanks for popping by, and good luck in Czech.


Hi @Al Iverson. LOL. (At least you were polite)


Hi Kamalot,

Are you suggesting that Vista is in fact developed by OQO! LOL.

Coming off the Tc1100 (of which we own one too) I think the OQO is a good buy. Keep up the enthusiasm.

@Jonathon Benson:

Hi Jonathon. Good to hear you had a positive experience on the blog. I look forward to more tales from you! WRT to your eBay Auction...I think you just posted a link yourself! Well done.


Thanks for the great feedback, especially about the portrait mode thing. Thanks star!


Hi Eugene. When on the road I actually use my phone paired up via Bleutooth. I like this solution a lot as I always carry my phone (and don't need to remember a dongle or seperate modem.) My phone is the Dopod 838 pro and support HSDPA, so I'm all good with that.


Hi's all good mate!


Hi Mal,

I think this will be up to OQO on a case by case scenario. Regrettably, and like standard monitors, this will depend on where the dead pixel falls. You will be looked after however by your Australian Distributor. :-)

Cheers're the best.