Sunday, June 17, 2007

The FedEX Man is coming again

It's that time again when a little guy named Ben (aka The FedEX Man) stops by and pays a Hugo a visit; and he is on his way with an Australian first!

(If you want to know what it is then try and find the Easter Egg I have hidden in this post.)


Anonymous said...

Ultra...Could it be Q1 Ultra?


MID's said...


If the package orginated from USA, then the only possible thing it could be is Apple's Iphone.

Hugo,if its the Iphone, I hope it doesn't become your main computer to use. Smiles

Regards Robert from Montreal, Canada

Anonymous said...

It's his 5th OQO. Poor kid.
Hugo, I'll give you mine with its stuck pixel. Its reliable :)

The iPhone isn't out till the 29th.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi P.T! What makes you say that. LOL.


Hey Robert, I think if it were the iPhone it would probably also mean that Steve Jobs and I are on firstname basis too. Cool.


Hi Anon,

I'll probably get up to 8x OQOs with how much I like them but most my readers aren't silly enough to think I would post about another one arriving in this way. Keep your smart remarks to yourself. LOL.

Royce said...

Hello. I usually just lurk around here, but I'll take a shot at this.

Brunswick GA is where Dennis from the gottabemobile team lives (so says the about us page on gottabemobile), so I am thinking you are getting something from him. Either the Q1 Ultra or the x61; I think I'll go with the Ultra.

Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Well, the name of the picture is ultra.jpg or something like that so I figured it could be the new Q1 ultra... :)


Royce said...

And here I was wondering "So, what was the easter egg?" lol.

I didn't even notice the jpg was called ultra. Your method was alot simpler than my method was. :)

Anonymous said...

It's not the X61 because it's only 2.5lbs

Anonymous said...

Why would receiving a Q1 Ultra be a first?

As Hugo has already released a video of a Q1 Ultra getting surgery for a 2gb ram upgrade (images posted June 18th, video posted June 25th).

So he already has one that shipped from America (via Gottabemobile).