Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Talk'n Tablet Downunder: Show #4

Podcast: Talk’n Tablet Downunder #4

(21.3MB, 30:35 minutes)

Episode#: 4
Episode Name: Nick Randolph on UMPC and more
Show Notes: This was my 4th audio podcast after several months off. Admittedly it is always harder than the "real podcasters" make it seem, and this occasion is no different. My goal was to capture a moment with Author and Microsoft MVP, Nick Randolph, and record his thoughts on the new Ultra Mobile PC form-factor. Given that Tech.Ed Australia 2006 had just concluded and the fact that I'd loaned Nick the Samsung Q1 to play with, NOW seemed as good a time as any.
What's in the cast?

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Monday, August 28, 2006

UMPCs for business or pleasure?

On this occasion it's Australia's ROAM Magazine that takes a stab at UMPC, and the merits and mistakes it holds therein. This time two experts were interviewed and quoted as stating:


Michael Sager, research manager for hardware with IDC Australia, isn't holding his breath. 'Whatever this platform is going to address, whether consumer or commercial, it's going to have a lot of clarity around that. It is going to have to be crystal clear what it actually does.'

Sager believes the Australian market will take a while to warm to the UMPC. 'These size devices don't do very well in Australia, and I don't think anyone will be expecting this to push through big numbers soon. It is going to be a much tougher sale here than in the Asia Pacific. And I will put expectations very, very low.'


Hugo Ortega, Principal of local TabletKiosk Distributor Tegatech Australia, is nonetheless a UMPC believer. His first two consignments of devices sold out quickly, raising eyebrows amongst heavy hitting customers in the retail, financial services and Government markets. 'UMPC is not going to be a success for the general public,' Ortega says. 'It has too high a price to hit the spot with mums and dads, but I think there will be huge success with enterprise customers. Larger devices are too heavy and PDA's are under-processed. These are still under processed when it comes to replacing the notebook, but they will really be aimed at mobility teams rather than replacing regular notebooks or desktops.'


Vista Touch in Motion

When my mate Craig Pringle received a Motion Touch Tablet the whole world paid attention. Several bloggers, including myself, said POST THE VIDS MATE! On this occassion, as on all other, he has not failed to deliver; and boy has he!

Watch here (Or read his post here):

Here's a Vista video he posted earlier:

Tech.Ed Australia 2006 and Tablet PC in Motion

A new Tablet User enjoying Vista

This year Tech.Ed Australia 2006 has closed with Tablet PC on its mind. Meandering through the Exhibit Hall, Hands-on Labs and listening to guest Speakers you quickly realized that Tablet PC had in fact made a splash. Could it be attributed to the availability of several new products, like Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) and others; or perhaps the fact that clients were hounding developers for more Tablet related applications? Whatever the reason the effect was evident across several aspects of the Tech.Ed arena.

Dr. Neil Roodyn holding a Samsung Q1

First there was MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Dr. Neil Roodyn, forever enigmatic and eternally evangelizing the merits of the Tablet PC SDK (Software Development Kit). On this occasion his interpretation of Microsoft’s soon to be released Operating System, Windows Vista, and its Inking capabilities left several attendees jostling for a chair at the Tablet PC Hands-on Labs. His presentations covered off topics such as ‘Sync Center,’ ‘Defining an Ink Canvas’ and a memorable rendition of Vista’s ability to receive inking hints via ‘Factoid Strings.’ These certainly were an enlightening array of sessions.

Nick Randolph with Samsung Q1 and TabletKiosk EO

Then there was MVP [.NET Compact Framework] Nick Randolph. Not only was Nick armed with an Ultra Mobile PC for his demonstration but he seemed to be doing his best to evangelize the platform as an answer to “mobility” vs. the “portability” we currently experience in the marketplace. During his presentation regarding ‘Wiping your Mobile Device Remotely’ he repeatedly reminded the audience to think outside-the-square and remember to also include UMPC as a Mobile Device.

New User enjoying 3D Inking on Vista

The Hands-on Labs are always popular and this year they did not fail to impress. Thanks to Dr.Neil’s persistence, and clever negotiation skills with colleagues in Redmond, Tech.Ed Australia found itself in the hands of no less than eight Toshiba M400 Tablet PCs with the Windows Vista Operating System pre-installed. Attendees were overheard to gasp and cheer as the inking capabilities of Vista, and a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) took users on a pen experience like no other.

Hugo Ortega on Stage Talking Tablet (UMPC)

Then there was the official Microsoft Mobility Stand. Even here, in and amongst all the phones and handheld devices, there lay an Ultra Mobile PC. This now infamous form-factor had passers by lining up to garner there own impressions as they stroked through the UMPC Touch Pack, and fumbled through DialKeys. Attendees definitely weren’t short of an opinion, and they weren’t afraid to vocalize it either. At one stage even Australia’s own Tablet PC Guy Hugo Ortega was invited on stage where he hosted a brief session regarding the UMPC platform and Microsoft’s OneNote 2007 Beta; this was a ‘Mobility Wipeout’ to go down in history thanks to a fired up Roger Lawrence and Rick Anderson too.

New Users making the most of the Pen

In Closing, and as in Starting, it was the words of Microsoft Australia’s Frank Arrigo that inspired and conjured feelings of ore and excitement of things to come. It became apparent from its inception that Tech.Ed Australia was destined to proclaim Tablet PC as an acceptable format for conducting one’s information gathering; even at the Blogger’s Brunch held on Day One, and hosted by Frank Arrigo himself, there were no less than three Ultra Mobile PC’s busily accepting digital ink and making use of the Tablet PC’s hand-writing capabilities.

Frank Arrigo/LS800/Sudoku - need I say more!

As the applauding crowd subsided and onlookers soon became bystanders it was clear that Tech.Ed 2006 had drawn to a close. Tablet PC had certainly made itself heard and even found a home with both new and experienced users. At this stage it was a fact which Frank Arrigo chose not to hide at all that caught my attention, i.e. his recent attainment of a Motion LS800 mini Tablet PC. With nothing left to do Frank had but one thing on his mind: Sudoku-in-Ink! Acting as our fearless leader and head of the evangelistic food-chain in Australia he wasn’t afraid to show it off either.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tricky in Tablet PC trouble

Customer service is the only true differentiator between failure and success. In a day where customers are fickle and dollars are tight it doesn’t take much to lose any loyalty that has formed. On this occasion my writing has been inspired by a friend Dr. Neil and our mutual friend, fellow blogger and Tableteer, Tricky.

Tricky bought a Toshiba M200 in the United Kingdom and has found himself in a “bit of a pickle” (English phrase). Not only has his screen, and therefore inking abilities died, but regrettably so has Toshiba’s idea of customer service.

His M200 Tablet had a fault in the screen and the company he bought it from (PC World) has now had the device for longer than he has!

No I happened to play a small role in Tricky’s buying a Tablet so knowing he is now stuck without the ink really does stink. Tricky is a quality designer that successfully converted to Tablet and is struggling to comprehend the current situation.

If you’ve ever experienced these issues, or even worse, if you’ve experienced an issue with PC World and their customer service, I’d like to hear your story???

Tablet PC SDK and API Blogger

Now I think many of you know that Dr.Neil and I are close friends that share a tremendous passion for the Tablet PC. In case you didn't know it was he that got me into Blogging and now another Redmond Tableteer has joined the club.

Today I saw that Matt Faulkner had announced Gavin Gear’s Tech Blog – a Microsoft software engineer working with the InkAnalysis API. For all of you that are Developers and considering the Tablet SDK I think there is no time like the present. Here is a run down of his current links:

He's definitely on my RSS feeds! Welcome Gavin, feel free to flick links my way that you need promoted.


Hi: My name is Gavin Gear, and I'm a Software Engineer (Write test code) currently working on the Microsoft Tablet PC Platform SDK. Specifically, I've been working on the new InkAnalysis API which incorporates layout analysis of ink, and handwriting recognition in one seamless API.

I'm planning on using this blog site primarily to discuss Tablet PC specific software development topics, as well as other software development topics and Tablet PC/Mobile PC/UMPC topics.

I'm a MAC and I'm a TABLET PC

So we’ve all seen several variations of the “I’m a Mac” and “I’m a PC” advertisements going around. What you haven’t seen is the Tablet PC version which obviously appealed to my senses and if you’re a Tablet PC enthusiast will appeal to your senses too.


here (GottaBe Team), here (Sumocat), and here:

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nick Randolph releases his first book

Congrats to both Nick Randolph and Andrew Parsons. Their new book Professional Visual Studio 2005 has gone on sale. The best thing about this book is that Nick is absolutely sincere and passionate.

Well Done mate!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

EO UMPC and Tech Ed Australia 2006

Hugo Ortega at Tech.Ed Australia 2006

On this occasion I was an innocent bystander in the right place at the right time. You see, not only am I on the warpath evangelizing Tablet PC in Australia and New Zealand, but I also happen to love Public Speaking (weird I know). This is how it went down.

Roger Lawrence, Microsofty and Uber.Geek, ran into technical difficulties on one of the upcoming presentations at Tech.Ed today. As I strolled past their ruffled feathers it was Uber.Enthusiastic Microsofty Rick Anderson that grabbed my coat tail and asked if I was OK to give Microsoft 3x 5 minute sessions on UMPC. 'For sure' was my reply.

We settled on OneNote 2007 Beta as my topic and of course Ultra Mobile PC. 7pm ticked over and I hadn't given much thought to content. As I watched the boys start the circus routine of making the crowd sing and dance I realized that whatever I run with it better be fun and upbeat; both Rog and Rick had the crowd pumped and I needed to prime in with something similar. Come to think of it you know what it felt like..."it felt like I was at the side of a school yard playground and it was my turn to jump into the middle of a huge skipping rope spinning violently through the air! That's what it felt like."

'And here is MVP (oops he's not and MVP) I mean Australia's Tablet Guy, Hugo Ortega,' bellowed Roger. 1-2-3 and I jumped in!

I did my thing, I chimed in, and all was great. The crowd clapped, the crowd screamed and believe it or not...they actually got it! After the little presentation we ran I was mobbed by adoring fans (of the UMPC) and inundated with questions. Most of them wanted to see DialKeys in action and learn more about Microsoft OneNote.

Since the EO V7110 Ultra Mobile PC is the only one you can buy in Australia it is the one I showed, and held under the projector.

Hugo Ortega with EO UMPC under the Projector

Today I bought a Fujitsu T4210

more photos soon.

I was so excited about this news that I couldn't help but post some photos. My new Fujitsu T4210 arrived today thanks to Australian Tablet PC Distributor Tegatech Australia and their new partnership with Fujitsu PC Australia.

I decided to unwrap the box and take photos of the event. I don't know about you but the shear adrenaline that surrounds an "unboxing" is awesome. Ever since seeing the T4210 I was enamored, so when the delivery man left the device with my wife earlier today I couldn't help but let you all know.

BTW this doesn't mean I am not a Slate man anymore, I kept the Sahara i215. This device, thanks to Microsoft OneNote 2007 Beta (and its ability to synchronize over multiple PCs), will become my notepad and paper, while the Fujitsu LifeBook T4210 will be my saving grace!

I love Tablets!!! [talk about putting my money where my mouth is; and no this is not a freebie, I paid for it after much deliberation.]

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blogger Brunch: and 3x UMPC

Frank Arrigo and I: A picture I took this morning after Brunch had ended.

Today was about as good as my morning gets.

I woke up and followed the normal routine of feeding my son, dressing my son, and driving him to school. On this occasion however we were joined by longtime friend and fellow blogger, Dr. Neil Roodyn.

For those of you that haven’t seen Dr.Neil interact with kids you would totally crack up. He fires off random intellectualized questions at the little monsters to test their IQ and mental stamina. My son, Leon, now on Level 22 reading (while all his kindergarten mates are on level 3 or 4), absolutely loves Neil and enjoys the morning spar; he sure gives Neil bang for buck. The reason Neil was at my place so early (and as opposed to our normal outings) was this morning’s Bloggers Brunch. This morning we had been summoned invited to Brunch with Australia's answer to Robert Scoble, the infamous Frank Arrigo.
I sat next to Frank, who sat next to Neil. The reason we kept getting glanced at was that I annotated on my EO V7110 UMPC, Frank on his Motion LS800 UMPC and Neil on his Samsung Q1. That Rocked!

Obviously the room was buzzing and full of opinionated folks. There were beef burgers; sandwiches, banana bread and all the coffee you could fit in (just ask Uber.Legend Michael Kleef who had two coffees before I finished one). All-in-all the boys and girls really behaved well and delighted themselves by jousting and probing some of Microsoft's classier comrades.

Dr. Neil Roodyn (Contractor Extraordinaire) and John Hodgson (Microsoft)

Had you of been invited you would have heard and seen some wonderful displays of bravery that were sometimes shot down just as quickly. Even John Hodgson of Microsoft managed to leak some confidential information regarding an upcoming announcement about Windows Live XXXXX. [I won't be the one to cause John's Donald Trump-like "you're fired" so if Frank wants to jump onto the blog and repeat what was said then I’ll let that be ok with that. Frank???

Overall it was a fantastic meeting and worth being part of. I’ve definitely put my hand up for the next Bloggers Brunch! Because a fellow attendee, and blogger, has already posted a blogroll of the morning I won't need to. (Please identify yourself as I cannot work out which on you were – plus I think you and I need to talk)

Straight after the meeting Frank left to his first (of many) talks he’ll be running at Tech.Ed, this time with fellow Aussie Blogger, and mate, Long Zheng. Long and I have pinged each other for a while and I actually sold him his first Tablet PC a while back. Frank was pumped about Long being on stage as his readership is so good in the blogosphere. Good job Long! The irony is that at the Bloggers Brunch was another Mate/Blogger that I too sold a Tablet PC to, the cool Mitch Denny.

Blogroll (as recorded by HacStart.com/blog):

From recollection the event attendees included (in no particular order):

Frank Arrigo

Cathy Jamieson

John Hodgekins

John Pritchard

Tony Wilkinson

Michael Kleef


Hugo Ortega - UberTablet

Mitch Denny - NotGartner / Readify

Mark Jones - Financial ReviewGeoff Orr

Trevor Cook - Corporate Engagement

Dr Neil Roodyn

Nick Hodge - NickHodge.com

Jeff Putt - CIO Magazine

Rodney Gedda - Computerworld

Phil Sim - mediaconnect

Ben English?

Namir ?

Phil ?and a few more i didnt meet.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

IT forensics', Tablet, UMPC and my cafe meetings

This week I must have had over half a dozen cafe meetings regarding Tablet PC, and Ultra Mobile PC. Because I’ve been handed the reigns to the Tablet PC Cart downunder I find myself in all manner of conversations. Yesterday, Saturday, I sat with an IT Forensics’ Expert that gets called in to retrieve data from Crime Related PCs. THIS WAS a FUN TALK.

Imagine being flown across the country, as an IT guru, whose job it is to reach into the embers of a petroleum-inspired fire, pull out the remains of what once was a laptop, and start to recover data. He recalls that on one such occasion the spinning platters normally found within a standard PATA/SATA hard drive had to be removed and "almost surgically" re-installed into a new encasement in order to begin the data recovery process. Often these criminals are so desperate to TRASH their PC (and the evidence therein) that they dunk them in sinks full of water and with the power packs plugged-in they turn the electricity on; he also mentioned an occasion where one 'crim' took a sledge hammer to his device and repeatedly beat at while police were breaking down his door.

It made me recall an instance where I performed some Tablet PC surgery myself. I know that firstly there needs to be a love for PC intestines when doing this sort of work. It isn't for the faint hearted and should not be attempted at home. If I were the ‘crim’ I'd resort to running (literally) two Tablet PC’s with a copy of Microsoft OneNote 2007 BETA installed on each. This way I could synchronize my handwritten notes over a second PC and burn one laptop while making away with another under the arm!!! LOL

Another meeting I had this week was with a Window Manufacturer. He tells me that the Window Manufacture industry is one of the largest in the world and most lucrative too. The contracts on big high-rise buildings are obviously an example of really good "danger money." This particular guy had an awesome application designed to ‘measure and quote’ a Window job [using Microsoft Windows...sorry couldn't help the punt].

We sat there and enjoyed coffee while he installed he's application on several Tablet PCs, took photos and familiarized himself with several Tablet related products on the market. The one question that keeps rearing its head seems to be that of "active digitizer" vs. "touchscreen" pc's. Talking my way through the XY coordinates of a touch, vs. the XYZ coordinates of the Active Digitizer; it becomes clear that in almost every case the merits of the active digitizer far outweigh that of the touchscreen.

As a project the Microsoft Origami Project was designed firstly to bring down the cost of regular (active digitizer) Tablet PC's. It was apparent early on in the project that the highest consumption of the manufacture dollar was the active digitizer board itself; hence, UMPC was released sporting touchscreens. What we've now created is a new market appeal where the price point has reached a happy medium for Tablet PC (via UMPC) but we are now looking at reversing the excitement due to poor User Experiences with the touch. What I'm looking forward to is the day where Wacom, or equivalent, decide to release boards with pricing equivalent to that of the touch; hopefully then we can integrate Touchscreen Tablets with an Active Digitizer too.

Right now we can lock off a touch screen’s "touch ability" via a simple locking mechanism. If therefore that same Tablet had an embedded Wacom style active digitizer board then a user could pick up a pen and enjoy the XYZ coordinate appreciated by so many Active Digitizer users. The only dilemma that remains now is to solve the price issue, and not [contrary to popular thoughts] the manufacture process of such a device. We can manufacture such a device but who would buy it??? You're already complaining Tablets are too expensive!

This week I helped a fellow blogger with the purchase of a Tablet PC, the Fujitsu LifeBook T4210. I had the pleasure of reviewing its predecessor, the Fujitsu LifeBook T4020, but the T4210 sports several new features like multi-directional screen rotation, water resistant keyboard, on-screen biometrics...and a new silver/charcoal colour too. The blogger Mitch Denny even posted about the arrival of the beast! Best to you Mitch.

One unique part of my week was attending a meeting regarding the opening of a new cafe in Sydney. Not only did I 'floor' the group when I started annotating on my Slate but I managed to hand it around too. I had to consult on several IT related matters but most amusing was my talk about the "Power of Blogging for Business." Those of you that run blogs should spend a portion of your week evangelizing Blogging, not just the topic you ACTUALLY blog about. I've been tuning into Cameron Riley lately, and, as some of us do, he has been making ends meet by consulting. He's preferred topic is MediaCasting and the power of manipulating the media, i.e. almost becoming the media, around you. Well done Cam! Another legend who spends time evangelizing blogging itself is Frank Arrigo.

Next week I’m at Tech.Ed Australia 2006 helping out (as a volunteer) on Microsoft’s Mobility Stand. Pop in if you get a chance.

I loved my week, it was great.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jeffa, Hugo and MeeGo!

How great was today. The sun was out, the birds were singing, and my friend Uber Geek Jeff Alexander and I had lunch at the Gourmet Pizza Kitchen in Chatswood (same place I sat with Motion's Brett gross).

Microsoft Australia has always been a supportive of my Mr. Tablet Persona (and I don't mean Pharmaceuticals!). Today was no different as Jeff and I made our way through a Hawaiian pizza (jeff) and Fremantle pepperoni pizza (hugo). We talked kids, renovations, Franka & Team, Vista MCE, MCP/MCSE, Vista Tablet Stuff...and did I mention the Pizza!

By the end I walked away full of food thoughts and a road map for TechEd Australia 2006. I was so enthused that I joined the long list of MeeGo fanatics. What is MeeGo you may ask? MeeGo is the TechEd friend that you build out of online bits and bytes. He actually is quite customisable and very often becomes quite a reflection of the actual alter ego...the real you!

Here's my MeeGo. I'll be at the Microsoft Mobility Stand (obviously) throughout the conference so if you're in town and attending, be sure to take a moment and "Talk tablet."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tegatech Australia makes Fujitsu Available

Tegatech Australia recently launched a strategic alliance between Tablet PC giant Fujitsu PC Australia. Not only has Tegatech NOT released an official Press Release, or publicized the event, but as of today they have officially completed their first delivery of a Fujitsu tablet, the T4210.

The magic behind this occasion revolves around the buyer, in this case, Blogger and Techno Geek, Mitch Denny of Canberra. Mitch was so enthused that the has posted a blogpost about the event on his blog (cleverly named) NotGartner. Mitch spotted the convertible on the website only 3 hrs after Tegatech, Australian Tablet PC Distributor, had placed the product online.

Tegatech will release a PR shortly and ask you all to blog about it. As an opportunity to track the expectant arrival of Mitch's Tablet Tegatech has released this photo of the departing Tablet PC; no doubt Mitch will pick up the story from his end.

(Not a TabletKiosk venture.)

Enjoy Mitch! we're all jealous.

Audio InkShow: An interview with Darin Fish

If you follow GottaBeMobile.com you'll know of the Great "Ink Shows" they run. This week is no different with an awesome interview between Rob Bushway and Mrs. (*Update 08.18.2006) Calling Darin Mrs. was a mistake and unintentional...Sorry Darin, Sir!) Mr. Mobility in Redmond Darin Fish.

I've had the pleasure of communicating with Darin and I must admit that he runs a really tight ship - all emails replied, and all questions were answered.


Darin is the Director of Business Development for the Mobile and Tailored Platforms Division at Microsoft, which includes Tablet PC and Ultra Mobile PC / Origami. He has been with Microsoft for 22 years, 4 1/2 of which has been spent working with the Tablet PC team. Darin was on the Tablet PC team for about a year before launch and has been on the team since. Darin’s team manages the relationship with OEM, ODM, IHV, and ISV Partners. If it has to do with hardware or software for Tablet PCs and Origami devices, Darin and his team have their hands in it.

Watch for our next Software InkShow to be launched this week on Vista and the TIP experience.

  • Listen to the Audio Inkshow (direct download: 26:56, 31.5mb-MP3 format)
  • visit TabletPC.com and Microsoft’s Partner site
  • Visit Microsoft’s Vista website

Fantastic Job Rob B. I especially liked the Sony "UMPC" question! LOL.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some like it BLACK

It's been so busy but I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a photo. Not only did the Black eo V7110 outsell the White 60/40 but they also had extra delays on their delivery dates. Finally Australia has seen three shipments of the black ones go out and this time I ripped one out of a box (before I got my hand smacked) and took a quick photo.

They're sexier, but, as we all know they get covered in finger prints. Oh well, I guess the FBI will never have a problem dusting them for prints!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rugged UMPC on the way

How good is Chippy? (retorical Question). He's come up with a little announcement that many people I've spoken to have been waiting for, a Rugged UMPC.

"'Ruggedised' always means higher production costs and niche target market so don't expect this version to turn up in your local electronics store. "

"We've seen the X15 design before (the 7" version shown below is due to go into production in September but we still don't know how its going to end up looking or who will brand it.) and the VX3 looks to be based on the X15-7 original design. The specifications (pdf download here) are excactly the same apart from the 'ruggedisation' and re-style."

Mobits X15-7 Data sheet
Mobits X15-5 Data sheet and links.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

mobilitysite.com get Ulta Mobile

It's quite a unique opportunity to witness the meeting between a Pocket-PC evangelist and an Ultra Mobile PC. I enjoyed this review for the fact that we're getting a Tablet PC virgin taking his first look at an UltraMPC.

Watch here or here as Chris, of mobilitysite.com, walks us through his thoughts:

Great effort Chris! Click here to see my VLOG on the Q1 vs. EO battle.

Friday, August 04, 2006

An Australian Ultra Mobile PC review

ROAM Magazine with UMPC on cover

Adam Turner has done a great job of reviewing the eo Ultra Mobile PC in this month’s issue of ROAM Magazine. On this occasion his distaste for the product is shortly overshadowed by shades of hope for the form factor. “Not good for business” and “clunky too;” with comments like this it’s not hard to see why UMPC is having a slow uptake.

My understanding is that most regular Tablet PC’s, with Wacom styled active digitizer boards embedded, are more than twice the price of UMPC. With NOT more than twice the functionality I think the UMPC form factor uptake will gain steam and motivate more users to buy it as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th PC. All we need to explain is the functionality vs the inabilities and users will soon look past the limitations and find a happy place for UMPC, wherever that may be. Perhaps as a portable Camera mate!

Ultra Mobile PC at Camera Action Australia

This afternoon I went and bought a copy of ROAM Magazine, an Australian magazine dedicated to the mobility scene. Now I know we’re still searching for an answer, as to whether or not UMPC is useful, so when I saw the first Ultra Mobile PC oriented advertisement I thought I’d better post it.

On this occasion it’s a mob called Camera Action from Melbourne that a using the UMPC fame to capture the imagination of the target market. Not only have they placed a picture of the eo and a Canon Digital Camera on the full-page ad, but they’ve also followed up with a catch cry like “The future of mobile computing lies with the TabletKiosk UMPC. The future of digital imaging lies with us.”

Let’s hope this is the start of something good.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ultra Mobile PC in Australia NZ: Take 2

Tablet Kiosk Website

Tonight saw the Ultra Mobile PC story take yet another turn downunder. Tegatech Australia, Tablet PC Distributor, tonight released AUD pricing (Australia and New Zealand Market) for yet another UMPC. Having famed itself in the UMPC space by supplying Australia’s first ever Ultra Mobile PC Tegatech Australia is anticipating great things for the Nation’s second ever range of devices.

Because of its long standing relationship with TabletKiosk Tegatech Australia has followed in the footsteps of the United States and begun taking orders. Being their sole Distributor downunder Tegatech Australia has wasted no time in preparing the channel of resellers for this latest arrival.

Some of you may know the device as the "Founder" UMPC but from now on the world (thanks to an internationally exclusive deal) will know the devices as eo i7210 and i7209. Both devices are driven by Intel CPUs and sport onboard 1.3 mega pixel cameras and much more.
So if you love the bleeding edge or you need to get some R&D done then head on over to Tegatech Australia and place your order. ETA on delivery is expected as early as the end of August 2006.

Download Official Press Release