Sunday, July 08, 2007

This week just flu past

Blogging this week has come second to playing nurse at home. With my wife and two kids coming down with the flu I’m afraid this week all I saw was boxes of tissues and fresh ginger tea! I can report that the Raon Digital EVERUN still rocks; the OQO 02 is still my favourite UMPC; and the FedEX Man is on his way back this week coming with yet another device.

Because of my present time constraints I have posted some new stuff at (the American website I contribute to). So have a visit if you get a chance:

More soon. Yhanks for your great support UberTablet Family.


Dave (socpsy) said...


I hope the family is recovering nicely.

Can you give us a hint on what Mr. FedEx is toting to Sydney?

Hugo Ortega said...

thanks dave

Fedex is actually bringing the T770. Looking forward to it.

Chuck said...

Human family comes first. Then gadget family :)

Looking forward to your next Everun video, but keep your priorities straight!

Aaron. J. Walker said...

Hey Hugo;

Hope everyone is starting to feel better. Thanks for posting on GBM, I was starting to miss you but completely understand.

I have a link for your page on my blog as well as GBM.

Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) the T770 is action.

gary said...

Hey Hugo,

Gary here from Jamaica. I am crazy over the Everun and would like to purchase 8 units for my office.

I am particularly interested in the HS36 with the HSDPA GSM Module (voice enabled).

How do you find the phone features?

How do you find the unit after continuous use?

Where can I get them at a good price?

Really looking forward to your reply and suggestions.


Great Job man.

Hugo Ortega said...


Hi Chuck,

Thank you mate. The next EVERUN video will be up soon and it promises to be a good one (as usual). :-)


Hi Aaron,

Thank you for your support star. Thank you for the link love too! LOL.

I will post a video after the EVERUN video gets done. The T770 will be a good one to see. It has potential as it is a second gen device too.



Howdy Gary!

I can't believe someone reads me in Jamaica...this is soooo cool! Literally!

The voice features of the everun are great. To be frank, when compared to that of a phone they are poor, but when compared to the non existent voice features of other UMPC then the EVERUN rocks. I have used it as a phoen often and without any issues.

For the 8 units just use the Australian Distributor Tegatech Australia. Let them know I sent you and they will look after you with a good price.

Hey, I'm interested. What does someone in Jamaica use 8 EVERUN for!?!?!

Thank you.

Irwin A.R said...

Hope everyone is gettin better..
Love all you reviews mate!!

still torn between everun and OqO
I was hoping if you could include
a comment/side comparison between
the two in regards to picture
/colour quality as i'm pretty
sure that OqO 2 uses only 262K
screen.It should be obvious you
make a video comparison.

Take care

scoobie said...

Hugo - are you going to get a u1010 anytime soon from Fujitsu? I gather its launching in Oz pretty much before the rest of the world. It looks a great umpc. Please put it on your review list - it would be great to see it get a Hugo review. thanks

Anonymous said...