Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hugo in Europe (and still an MVP)

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening folks!
Many of you I know have been sending me comments, emails and pinging me non-stop with regards to my whereabouts. I am pleased to say that I am still on Holiday (in fact I extended my Holiday a little) and am pleasantly cruising through Europe! I have not put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) for the blog for some time so today when I got an email from Microsoft I thought it a prime opportunity.
Here is what I received:

Dear Hugo Ortega,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2008 Microsoft® MVP Award! The MVP Award is our way of saying thank you for promoting the spirit of community and enhancing people’s lives and the industry’s success every day. Your extraordinary efforts in Windows - Tablet PC technical communities during the past year are greatly appreciated.

SO how are thing you may ask? Things are just great. I am with my wife and kid and we are travelling see friends and family. We have a “home base” in a little apartment we rented in Eastern Europe and spend our time travelling in and out of the car park using a 1988 Mercedes Benz a good friend was kind enough to loan me. Apart from dealing with the traffic concerns, and the fact that everyone drives on the wrong side of the road, the journey has been effortless.

With regards to Tablet PC and Ultra Mobile PC you will be pleased to know that as always I am travelling loaded. Before I left I bought a Toshiba R400 and knew that that was going to be my fulltime inking device. Ironically as I left the front door I grabbed an OQO 02 and just before Taxi pulled out of the driveway I ducked back in and grabbed a Samsung Q1U-V.

The response to these devices everywhere I have been is amazing. Europe has so little exposure to these it surprises me and almost makes me feel like everything is new again. The first few weeks I spent showing the R400 and its massive array of capabilities. People always flip when they here is packs 4GB of Ram (although it only sees 3.319 GB). As soon as I flip the screen there is an instantaneous gasp of excitement and adults and kids alike become filled with new drawing capabilities. Kids sketch using InkArt, while adults write using OneNote; either way the response to Digital Ink is overwhelmingly positive.

The OQO has been a clear success. It smaller size and neater form-factor makes people question the entire concept of a desktop at all. Given that most the folks I am visiting are buying desktops for the first time then something like an OQO absolutely fries their brain – and that is a good thing! The Samsung Q1U seems to be the one all the University kids want. With its camera capabilities and it ability to relate to all media formats it seems as though the Q1U also has a home here.

I will start to blog again as I have missed you all. I thank you for your readership and promise you as much fun and play as ever.


Elo said...

Hey Hugo!

A pleasant surprise to see a new post on UberTablet!

It sounds like an awesome holiday!

Have fun!

Opus said...

well deserved rest, I think we all need to step back & take some of our time back from the "man".

Glad to hear you're still around, one of the positive highlights for my surfing.

Your comment about Europe not being exposed to small devices, I think that goes for about everywhere. Here in the great Northwest in the USA, everywhere I go with my OQO 02, no one yet has seen a UMPC and very few has heard the buzz. Seattle papers have had a few articles but they are still not found in tech stores I go to.

I haven't had to travel much lately but when I do in the next year starting this month you can bet my 02 will be there ready to rip when I need it.

take care & enjoy your time off with your family.

zav said...

Hey Hugo,

Will you be in Paris for the IP Convergence show during the next days?

Would be great :)

Hugo Ortega said...


Hi Elo!

Awesome holiday indeed; someday I will disclose more but for the moment let’s just say I'm getting my hands dirty with bricks and mortar helping out an old mate~!



Hey Opus,

Thank you for your support and commitment to the blog mate. The holiday has been well deserved and I must admit I am milking it for all it is worth.

With regards to UMPC around the world I think all of us travelling abroad are doing a great deal more for the movement than any marketing dollars spent by any manufacturer. Keep up the great work around the North and make sure you pull out the little OQO in every cafe, car park (parking lot), hotel and hostel you can! Exposure is the key here and in your hands you can get the unexposed exposed!!! Keep it up.


Hi Zav,

I wish I could be in Paris but I am busy at present with other things. I did for the cost of tickets and even set aside some time later this month but we are still not sure if we will make it.

I will keep you posted! :-)

Dave said...

hugo! welcome back to the online world! I almost jumped out of me seat when I saw on GBM that "hugo has re-surfaced" having almost forgotten about you! juuuuuuuust kidding. Hope you have been having the most awesome and relaxing holiday - isnt Europe the most esquisite place during our wintery months? I love it, esp southern france. Good to know you and your family are safe and well and that your toys are sparking Tablet/Touch interest around the world again. Will be in touch soon.


Dave said...

oh and how rude of me! congratulations again for the MVP award - there is no one i can think of who deserves it more!

Logan said...

YEESSSS! Knew you couldnt stay away. I was wondering if we were gonng have to wait for your whole vacation!! Great to see you back mate. and gratz on the mvp again!!

Sean Tan said...

Great to see you back Hugo :)
Sounds like you are having a great time over there. Your kids must be having heaps of fun too!

Congrats too on your MVP award.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching more of your vids in the future.

How about a video of your tablet PC experience while on holiday?


Hi Hugo !!

I'm so happy to find a new post this morning for my breakfast (thank you jet lag)!!

congratulations for your MVP award and enjoy your holidays in East Europ with your family

PS: if your 1988 Benz leads you to Paris do not hesitate to contact me...remember me : I'm your "french copycat" !

Juan Ignacio Bravo said...

Yes, every body drives in the wrong way... The last week I arrived from London and I was surprised when I noticed than over there is just the same.

Ok, it was only to say that I hope you enjoy yours vacations... Have a good time.

Congratulations for your "new" MVP, and I am waiting for your next comments at your blog.

See you

digger71 said...

Hey Hugo, you're back!

Glad to hear you are having a great holiday. Congratulations on your MVP.

I thought you might like an update on the R2h I have used since feb and still love! I use it at uni to take notes (just make sure i sit near a power point as bty life is not its strong point with the 2 cell bty that we get in Aust.

I used it as sound guy for a uni drama production - it worked like a charm. I used a Cue program called Multiplay that I downloaded for free. When I loaded the program I found some bits disappeared off the side of the screen (it was fine on the desktop comp). I emailed the bloke who wrote it and got a fix straight back! Seems he is also in Brissy! Small world.


Hugo Ortega said...


Thanks Dave for the welcome back and the congrats. I am enjoying the oasis that is Europe and hve decided to get back to blogging as the holiday has been slightly extended.

UMPC forever!!!


Cheers Logan. I really couldn't hold out any longer. Happy to be back mate - thanks for the welcome.

@Sean Tan:

Hi Sean,

I am thinking about presenting something from here but not sure if I havethe time given I am working on my sleep! LOL.

Definitly will post a bit from here. Stay tuned. Heaps more vids and pics when I get back.

@Mobiles and Tactiles:

Hi Copycat,

My wife and I laughed so much when we saw your comment as it reminded us of your great videos. Keep up if the ironing!!! LOL.


Hola Juan,

I think you realised jsut how challenging it is when the road you once you knew becomes so brand new again. You think you know how to drive until you have to learn how to o it on the opposite side. Lucky this is not my first time so I am having fun really.

Thanks for the congrats.

@Digger 71:

Nice to hear from you Brissy and from your R2H. All the UMPC work you can do in Australia means that the unexposed will get exposed - and what better way than with a UMPC.

Well done too for contacting the software developer. You would be surprised just how helpful this is for a Developer. Keep up the great wor in Oz star!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in europe!

PS:There are some tablet fans here too........

Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo great to hear that your having a great time with your family in Europe. It must be nice to take a extended vacation LOL Well enjoy your time off and congrats on the RE MVP Award and we will sit back and wait to hear all about it when your get back Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Hello Hugo!

I frequently check out your youtube channel and blog and I was wondering where you had gone. Well done on your award, you deserve it. Your reviews on umpc's are very informative and you have the 'likeabilty factor', which is why me and many other people watch your videos. I thought you may have been on holiday and I'm glad to see that you are enjoying it with your family. I have just started university myself and have contemplated about having a UMPC, but for my course it's a bit impractical as the course involves using photoshop and video editing software, where bigger screens and hard drives are needed.

Best of luck to you in the future!

Good bye,

Hugo Ortega said...


Thank you Eva,

I was in Vienna two months ago and it was lovely! I am so glad there are Tablet Fans here too!!!


Hi Hector,

Thank you for you kindness. I will be back on Video really soon!


Hi Simon,

Thank you for your kind words star! I am glad there are so may fans following my steps. I was scared when I left the blog that there would alos be a drop in "fans" but I think this is not the case!

(Stay tuned by the way...UMPC will do Phtoshop and more mate!!!)

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