Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 random things about me

My mate James Kendrick has tagged me in the "8 random things" meme (11 times to Paris James!!! OMG!) so here are eight random things about me:

  1. I love cooking - homemade Gnocchi being my forte!
  2. Prior to Tablets stuff I actually worked for the United Nations overseas.
  3. I once stopped traffic on Sydney's Harbour Bridge (with some mates), jumped out of our vehicles and danced with our shirts off. All this while a helicopter filmed us overhead for one of my friend's music video clips. [What can I say but I was young-er and stupid!]
  4. My second child Amber is an Identical Twin to sister Dea. Regrettably Dea did not make it through the birth (God bless her) and is not here with us.
  5. I actually applied to be an Air Steward for Qantas, with 15,000 other candidates, and got the job! I was selcted as one of only 6 candidates from the lot and yet I was the only one that turned down the offer! LOL.
  6. I was born in Argentina and still speak fluent Spanish, albeit rusty sometimes.
  7. I suffered from Epeleptic fits at a young age but thankfully these went away shortly after. (Although some might not believe me! *smiles*)
  8. I have owned 4 motorbikes and plan on owning my 5th soon.

That's enough about me. Here are the four I wanna hear from:

  1. Dennis Rice - comrad at GBM
  2. Jose Mendiola - Webmaster of Spain's Palmaniac
  3. Frank Garcia - New MVP of CTitanic
  4. JKK - of JKK Mobile


Anonymous said...

Mmm...Gnocchi. I'm jealous. My father spent his entire career in food service and I never learned to cook. LOVE to eat, though. :)

You speak Spanish? Gah, one of those things I'd LOVE to learn. Heaven knows it's useful in the US.

Jose Mendiola said...

"How embarrasing" LOL, you got my profile over at palManiac ;). Thanks God not so many people speak Spanish over here :P

Juan Ignacio Bravo said...

Ok, perhaps most that looks at first sight looks like...

Hugo Ortega said...


Hi Gordon,

Never learnt to cook...and you father has always been in food! Shame on you mate. LOL

In America Spanish should be easy to pickup too. Maybe if you find a nice Spansih girl she can also teach you to cook! *smile*


Hola Jose,

Rather than keep the conversation to English speakers only I thought it would be fun to learn about you...and give you yhe chance to share with your Spanish reasers. *smiles*


Cheers Juan,

Un abrazo!

jkOTR said...

Ship me some Gnocchi, mate. :) Tu eres un hombre muy interesante, Hugo.

Hugo Ortega said...

Gnocci by FedEX! Not sure about that mate. Next time wemeet however if all the stars align lets make it a date! My wife, your wife, the kids and Gnocci!

You rock! (PS. Not sure if I am as interesting as someone who has been to Paris 11 times. Truth be told however I did put in an effort to answer these well since you had done the same. Cheers.)

Jose Mendiola said...

Funny update: thanks to Hugo the chain goes on in Spanish now (Spanish speaking blogosphere is shaking now)

Juan Ignacio Bravo said...

This blog is very good, I always expect new entries but I don´t always participate.

And body don´t worry about your Spanish, probably it´s better than my English, and take consideration than my fiancé studied in Princeton and spoke 3 languages...

Dave (socpsy) said...


I can just imagine you strolling up the aisle of a Quantas 747 taking drink orders on a OQO 02!
LOL said...

Soy un fiel seguidor de tus notas desde hace meses y recién ahora descubro que somos compatriotas. Un gran abrazo desde argentina de alguien a quien haces reir mucho con tus videos y comentarios.