Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bjorn does not one but two

Fellow blogger Bjorn Stromberg of Via Technologies (proud sponsors of the UberTablet Videos) has done a great job of breaking into the store room at Via HQ in Taiwan! He not only came out with one new UMPC but with two – by none other than Packard Bell! I couldn't believe that there is even a guest appearance by none other! What tha!


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Poliorcetes said...

Hi, Hugo

I would like to ask you - as far you still have a beta version of everun - if it is possible to take notes and sinchronize them with audio recording. It is fundamental for my job when I make interviews, and if it is possible everun would present the best quality/price ratio by far.

I also talk about this topic with chippy and others in umpcportal forum ( . Chippy added a very interesting hint: raon vega can run xp tablet edition.

TIA, gracias por adelantado

Juan / Poliorcetes