Thursday, June 07, 2007

Because I can

I think it is great that everyone (the UberTablet Family) are carrying on the threads without me. Admittedly I am inundated with work so all I can do is post some pictures and some thoughts at present. I saw Frank’s comments (Ctitanic) and with that in mind I asked my wife to take this photo of me before I went into the city for a meeting. This photo not only describes a little bit about why I believe in the OQO model 02 but it also showcases just how discrete my new desktop really is. LOL.

Thanks Frank for your great post on why??? I promise I will answer the question clearly and concisely. Until then I will let this picture paint a thousand words.

Is that an OQO on my belt or am I just happy to see you.


Anonymous said...

I love that we've reached a point that an entire computer can fit on our hip.

That being said, I'd still rather strap an iPhone to it. :)

Steven said...

For somewhat of a comparison, there is this picture from a previous blog:

Hugo at the MVP Summit

Truly, this is a marked improvement, as far as the mobility aspect is concerned.

Thanks for the post, Hugo.

CTitanic said...

Because you can carry it on your belt? :D

Dean aka gadgetsrus said...

Hugo, When My Wife, the children and I take the 3 hour journey from our home in the scotish highlands to the nearest city, I carry the htc advantage, the oqo +1, and htc tytn, my cammera, my ipod, and my
creative zen (for the kids to watch movies).

My point is.. is that it all started with me carrying a early vaio u71 on my belt just like you are carrying the 02 now.

It will only get worse, I now need a bigger bag than my wife. LOL.

Hugo Ortega said...


Hi Gordon,

Here we go and your Apple stuff!!! LOL. You apple guys are all about the fashion. LOL.



Hi Steve,

Sorry I have missed you the last few times online. Thank you for your ongoing support.

WRT the improvement I think you're right mate... "marked improvement."



Hola Frank,

Si, en mi sinturon...jajaja



Hi Dean,

Did you watch my Gadget bag video? Boy do I need more luggage than my times are a chang'n. LOL

Anonymous said...


Oh I'll be the first to admit that. Apple produces some VERY sexy hardware/software.

At least it's the OQO you're carrying! Full Windows, I can get that. Makes sense. You can do tons with a full OS.

I tried cuddling up to Windows Mobile and I just couldn't do it. My MDA would lose signal so bad I'd have to pull the battery to get it back, my Q is slow and the UI tears when I scroll through the interface, etc. It just was never a great phone OS for me.

Anonymous said...

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