Thursday, June 21, 2007

Motion LS800 does 2GB

LS800 intestines...yum!

Some of you may know that fellow Tablet MVP, Craig Pringle, is now practically a neighbour. He and I are getting together often to geek-out and today he popped by for coffee (a glass of water really) and with time to burn we took a screw driver to his LS800 and upgraded the RAM! So with my motto for the month still ringing in my ears, i.e. “I have 2gigs sticks and I’m not afraid to use them!”, we took apart his device and performed and upgrade. Low and behold RamBo came to the rescue once again as LS8000 does 2038MB also.

Be warned...just don’t call Craig an Aussie! Very bad....LOL.
2038MB (Interestingly Q1 Ultra sees 2048MB)

I could swear the memory scored 4.0 before the operation (from 1GB) and now it only scores 2.9!?!? Craig???

Also interesting that Q1 Ultra scores 2.0 as its lowest score and Motion's LS800 1.0 (Chippy? what do you reckon? more ammunition to go Ultra???)


Steven said...

This is too much, man. I am laughing as I anticipate the headline, "Raon Vega does 2Gb."

(I guess I'll have to wait until after Perth to see the TC1100 on 2Gb)


Hugo Ortega said...

LOL. You know that if I could Steven...I would! (TC1100 is do-able and I will get it done ssome time in the future.)

Anonymous said...

Heh, make sure you get all those little connectors back together, they can be difficult. Wait til you see the new one we're coming out with, if the ls800 floats your boat... you will love whats to come.

Brook said...

ok but what about the p1610 and a 2GB upgrade? won't install vista with only 1GB of memory.

Anonymous said...

could you please post the model/pn of the ram or some info on it of the stick that you used ? I just put in a PC2-5300 667 MHz SODIMM CL5 2GB and had no luck ... can't really seem to find an answer on the web .. please let me know.

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