Thursday, November 15, 2007

When three devices are not enough

Geekish smiles over free WiFi and a couple of Tablets!

Coming back from Europe was a little sad. We had such a great time that the journey back was filled with ambiguous feelings. Ironically, and to seemingly make it worse still, we ended up having cancelled flights and extended transits. The first hiccup was in Vienna where we had a cancelled flight on the way to Dubai. The flight was cancelled as we were boarding the plane and came after 180 minutes of delays. Luckily in my bag I had three Tablets, i.e. the Toshiba R400, the OQO 02, and the Samsung Q1U.

As I looked around the terminal earlier that evening there were many faces now starting to look familiar. These were the burdened faces of passengers on our same flight; all gloomy with the look of boredom and disappointment. Amongst this group I ended up pumping into an Indian Businessman from Madras who was having issues with his Dell. Interestingly he was a Mobility Expert who was focused purely on phones and PDAs so when I offered him the Q1U to check his emails (to kill his woes) the look on his face was priceless.

The first look was one of inquisitiveness; the second was one of excitement, and the last look was one of relief that such a device existed. We ended up sharing stories and chatting for well over 90 minutes. The only interruption to our geekish bliss was the fact that my son, Leon, wanted the Q1U back!!!! HAHAHA.


Sean Tan said...

Hahaha helping out those in need, heh Hugo? :D

So, do most airports have free Wifi?

I'm going to Singapore, Malaysia and Phuket for holidays in 3 weeks time. I've been to the first 2 places many times, but I've never checked to see if they have free Wifi.... mainly because I only got an UMPC this year.

I'm thinking of taking my Q1U along so that I can check my university results (as well as other things) when I'm away. But I do also have an iPhone which I suppose I could also use. Decisions, decisions...

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Sean,

Most offer unsecured WiFi which is also normally free. If there is a charge it is not much but you will need a Visa or Mastercard with you.

Why don't you check out the Airport websites, they will tell you right away.

Make sure you take the Q1U as yu will be pleasantly surprised as to how many hotspots there are around the world. in France, Austria and Dubai I found heaps.

Sean Tan said...

I just check. Singapore airport charges for WLAN, Malaysia airport is FREE (yes!!!!) and I can't find anything about Phuket.

I'm still pondering whether I should take the Q1U along. My iPhone works well for casual browsing but I much prefer a UMPC for serious use. Looks like I'll have to by a plug adapter when I reach each destination. I don't think I can find them over here for the countries I need.

Eugene said...

Hi Sean,

I've used my Q1 at the Starbucks in Singapore Intl - buy a coffee and use their wireless free! Just ask for the code from the counter.


Sean Tan said...

Thanks Eugene, I'll remember that. But it will still cost me a cup of coffee :)

Hugo Ortega said...

hi'll learn very quickly that Aussie Uni students are tight...even FREE is expensive. I think Sean is after a cup of coffee, free wifi and $5 bucks in his pocket too.

LOL. (Luv ya Sean!)

Sean Tan said...

Right on the mark, Hugo!

The thing is, I spent my holiday spending money on the Q1U :D

I'm going to have to work harder during the uni break to get my savings up again haha.

So, Hugo, what did you use your UMPCs for during your trip besides browsing the internet. I'm not sure I will find any use for my Q1U when I don't have wireless access. I highly doubt I will be revising lectures or be doing any study during my trip.

Hugo Ortega said...

hi Sean,


With regards to usage I was mostly checking emails, sending emails, signing PDFs and checking vital news on the web. The reason I took three is that each had features and benefits depending on the environment I was working in...

anyway, if you don;t take the Q1U yu will not be mobile really. if you take it then at least you will have the chance. Your chouce! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo!

So you are back from your holidays? I hope you had a great time. Did you play Uno with the man sitting next to you?

Glad to see you back,

Take care,

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Simon,

I am back and thank you for the welcome. a special treat for my son and I! LUV IT!

Foo said...

Hi Hugo,

DO you have the Audi keyboard installed on you Q1 Ultra?


Hugo Ortega said...

HI Foo,

Good question! I actually install it on every machine! :-)

Foo said...

Thanks Hugo,

Is the Audi Keyboard available for purchase anywhere?


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Foo,

NOT AVAILABLE...(but which machine do you want it for? What is the creen size?)

Foo said...

Hi Hugo,

I would like to use the Audi Keyboard on either the Shift, Q1U or maybe possibly the OQO 02. I'm really leaning towards a 7 in screen UMPC. But I can't count out the OQO's pocketability.
Soon this Flip Floppin will end!


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