Thursday, June 14, 2007

OQO Battle: XP vs. Vista

Some of you asked what will happen to my Windows XP based OQO, well it has sold. It sold before I even posted this photo and even before I opened the Vista box itself. The best bit however was that I got to keep both simultaneously for 48hrs and managed to shoot a quick video for


Steven said...

Hey Hugo,
Well, if you are trying to climb back to the top of the heap with that Vlog, you have a good start.(lol)
Was that an ubertablet video, or a GBM video? The music said ubertablet, but the shirt said GBM. The beginning said GBM, so I guess it is GBM. :)
So not only was it a video of a battle between XP and Vista, but between ubertablet and GBM. No, it is, rather, a nice blend of two great sites.


Julian from Germany =) said...

Hey Hugo,
The display properties (in this case brightness), does it just look to me that the Vista Screen is a lot brighter and better to read ?
Or is it just the angle from where the cam records the vid ?

Actually a nice Video, but now I got a catchy tune...what is this song called ? :D

I have to buy it! :>

Greetings from the other side of the globe, Julian

Anonymous said...

Sandeep here. I've had the OQO for a week and I'm in love with it despite a stuck pixel. I totally agree that Vista Businesson the OQO 2 is an awesome experience. It bests my Thinkpad X60T in Vista! Sure it's slower, but everything works well and battery life is definately close to 2.5 hours with the standard battery. It doesn't seem to take the same hit I saw with XP Tablet vs Vista on the Thinkpad X60T.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Steven,

Very there is an entire analysis going on f my stuff. Funny how branding works isn't it. LOL.

Thanks for the support.

Hugo Ortega said...

HI Julian,

It is not the Operating System but the screen brightness. By mistake I had the XP one turned down a little. To the eye this was not an issue but to the camera it is emphasized.

WRT the tune I am not sure. I ripped from a podcast friendly rayalty free site so I will need to look. I ripped it back in 2006 so not sure if I even remember the site wither. I love the tune too. LOL

Cheers mate.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Sandeep,

Ah! Another lover of OQO model 02! They surely are addictive aren't they. I just love the fact that Vista is usable. I am using it daily and really enjoy the experience. Interesting that you saw the same thing happen on the X60. Maybe it proves that Vista is slightly more optimized for mobile devices.

Thanks for dropping into the UberTablet blog.

Anonymous said...

hi Hugo, I'm just curious whether you have compared Sony UX series with OQO model 2? I want to know your personal opinion on those two... Could you please compare both of them based on your point of view...thanks


Anonymous said...


Actually, until using Vista Business on the OQO Model 02, I thought Vista was unusable on mobile devices due to the hit on the battery life. My X60 lost close to two hours on the 8 cell battery and the 4 cell lasted 90 minutes.

I'm using nircmd to shut the screen down while I listen to MP3s on itunes, and rocket dock as my main launch bar. This device is pure gold.

I had the OQO Model 01+ and it was utter crap. The Model 02 deserves to be in the hall of fame.

This has definately redeemed OQO in my eyes. However, I still don't trust them enough to send back my OQO for the stuck pixel... you've been through three of them, and as I am currently staffed in Australia, it's not very easy to get replacements. I miss being back in Seattle! The only retailer I see here is and their prices are just sick and stupid.

I think that if I could find a reliable program to flip the OQO screen 180 degrees upon screen close, I would be a happy camper. That way I could use the tablet pen and not have to disable the awesome touch scrollers.

Thank you for your excellent work!

Take care,

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Lee,

Regrettably I can't seem to get the two together. I have tried but on several occassions something has stopped it occuring. LOL. Maybe they don't wnat to meet. LOL.

I tried the UX a little while ago and did not like it becasue it lacked Pen features (other than a simplified version). I also found the native resolution fairly unreadable. I did however love the build usual with Sony, it was sexy. Bit bulky but!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Sandeep!

OQO Inc is a difficult beast to deal with when it comes to RMA and so on. I think they will get better and I know for a fact that they are trying. If I were you I would wait till you got back to Seattle to get it repaired. In Australia OQO does not have a Service Centre setup and the device would need to be sent back anyway.

I agree with you however that this device should be in the Hall of Fame. It is solid and vastly imrpoved on the last. Although I never had, or even touched, a model 01, I have been told that the new one is FAR COOLER and has been greatly imrpoved in its build quality. I like your idea about the flip screen. There must be an App out there for us to use??? Anyone know of something??? (Which allows the screen to rotate 360 degress on screen close)

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to get any feel for umpcs as you can't wander into a local retailer and get hands-on. I guess with the constant rapid improvements they would be obsolete by the time they hit the shelves. What I'm really looking forward to is the OQO 02 showdown against the Everun... I'm thinking the Everun might be getting close to mainstream functionality/price appeal.

CTitanic said...

Hugo, do both devices have 1 GB or RAM?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hola Frank,

Yes, both have 1GB of RAM and 1.5GHx Processors. They are of the BEST breed.

CTitanic said...

Thanks, I was asked by one of my Spanish readers at

CTitanic said...

So Myth Busted!

Hugo Ortega said...

Oh cool Frank,

Let them know I say "hola".

With regards to Myth Busted I belive it is! I don't know what else we need to concern ourselves with as the video shows it quite clearly.

Good Job Amigo

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,

A technical question about the RAM - when i do a system check, it registers just 892MB RAM on board. Is this right, given that my OQO 02 is of the 'best' variety? The 10%+ margin seems quite high to me!

Do you think the speed advantage of vista over xp really makes that much of a 'practical' difference? XP is still quite liveable, surely?



Opus said...

@Hugo, thanks for providing everyone your experience with the OQO 02. Most non OQO forum posters just don't get it but us owners do.

@SD Might be the video RAM set in your BIOS, it uses your normal RAM. You can adjust it but it could affect display & media playing.

Hugo Ortega said...

hi Opus,

My pleasure mate. This is the reason I keep the device. I really think once you try it you buy it! It ticks so many boxes.

Keep popping by mate.

leprimate said...

Hi Hugo,

I've been following your blog and videos on you tube for a little while, but I'll be a proud owner of an OQO 2 in the following week :-). I just had a question regarding the Origami experience package... Have you tried it on an OQO 2 with Vista?
If so, how was the experience? Any chance we might be able to see a video?

Thanks in advance mate!
Mtl-Qc, Canada

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