Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hugo Ortega growing Australia one UMPC at a time!

Dear Readers,

(How are you all?!?!)

It may please you all to know that I am still here, have lost none of my PASSION for UMPC and Tablet PC, and more specifically am missing you all more than ever.

It seems in the past three years I have burnt the candle at both ends and as a result have had to suffer the loss of the BLOG...or better said, the maintenance there of. While my thoughts are with all of you daily it is unrealistic for me to think I can balance a successful business, family and the UberTablet family without growing supernatural powers. It would be disrespectful to you to assume that I can, and is creating a feeling of disappointment in myself.

So here is my promise. If you can bear with the limited publications I can provide at this period what I promise is to bring you the best of me as often as I possibly can. I admire the perseverance of some of you for emailing me constantly and am humbled by that support. I promise I am with you with the same passion and smile.

The past 18-months have been particularly good to me. The UMPC and Tablet PC Wholesale Organisation I run has grown over 400% (Tegatech Australia) and I was blessed enough to travel with my wife and two children for three months (including Paris, Dubai and more) and my commitment to the UMPC platform remains steadfast. In the last 12 months alone I have been invited to speak to Heads of Major Banks, International Guests, Major Blue-chip Organisations in Mining and Medical...and much, much more. I have travelled with over 20 UMPC as hand luggage almost monthly on interstate trips and all of this to grow awareness in Australia and New Zealand; interestingly my regime looks to have no slow in pace in sight!

My latest toy is the OQO e2 64GB SSD with HSDPA and outdoor optimised display; and I must admit that it has made me the happiest Geek in the Southern Hemisphere.

I have read all your comments and in saying that would once again thank you; keep them coming as they do make a difference. SO while you wait for my next comment or video why not reflect on videos of the recent past. Talk soon!