Friday, July 27, 2007

In and out and out again

I am preparing to go away again (more on that later) and have been in and out of the office/blog. I am still loving my gadget life at present and would like to take a moment to catch you up:

  • OQO 02 is still running Vista Ultimate and I have recently installed PDF Annotator which is so much fun to play with (watch Rob's InkShow)
  • I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Q1U-V! Yep, that's Tablet number...15, 16, 17...I lost count sorry.
  • I am now the proud owner of an Amtek T770. This machine is pretty unique in that it is very low priced and yet features onboard camera, kickstand, Wifi, Bluetooth and lots more. It is a little clumsy as it is quite large, and, it tends to run hot (although not as hot as its predecessor the T700).
  • I have received a Nova SunPad and it ROCKS!!! More on that soon!
  • I have a Storm Trooper coming with a yet to be seen Accessory! (If you don't know what the storm trooper is just head over to GBM and see if you can find out. *smiles*

I'll be back soon. Hope you're all well! Miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Eeesh. And I'm still without a tablet. I have to get on the ball. :)

paul said...

Hey Hugo, been waiting for you to get your hands on a Storm Trooper. Thinking about this to use on the road editing and sending pictres (I'm a press photographer). Could you include in any review using photoshop with a 20Mb plus file, and if possible Photo Mechanic to see how it handles. Thanks!

Dave (socpsy) said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date Hugo! Let us know if you decide to discard any of your tablets! LOL!


Dave - lifekludger said...

Miss you too Hugo!

Hugo Ortega said...


Hi Gordon,

Just becareful you don't try and compete with have little chance! LOL.


Hi Paul,

I will definitley install Photoshop and use a 20MB file! Great idea. I don't know what Photo Mechanic is but I will try and cover it off if there is time.

I hate the look of the machine in photos so am interested to see if I am converted when I get it.


Hi Dave,

Discarding Tablets!!! That sounds awful! It will never happen! LOL.

@Dave (Kludge)

You rock man!

MathProtJohnson said...

Hugo. I was also contemplating getting a Samsung Ultra. will you be posting your impressions?

Greg C said...

Ever thought about setting up your own Tablet PC museum? You sure have enough pieces/inventory for one!

Vimcat said...

Thanks for the update, was wondering what you've been up to!

I can't wait to see what you think of the inking on the Storm Trooper. I'm hoping it will be as good as on the 1610.

Miss you, glad you're back. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a video blog on the Q1UV!

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to your video review of the U1010 fujitsu - the stormtrooper - apart from Cnet asia there hasn't been a full review yet, and Cnets was really short.
A lot of posts I've read from U1010 users say the touchscreen sensitivity is a disappointment on this device - I'd be interested in your take on the touchscreen. Also i'd be interested in whether or not you think it is a more productive UMPC than the OQO 02 running Vista Ultimate which I have like you. The keyboard is better on the fujitsu, so is the screen, but what about performance and portability?

Danny said...

Thanks a ton for all of your UMPC coverage. It was extremely helpful in making the decision to switch.

I was interested in the OQO model 02, but wasn't sure the power was there to be used as a full time desktop replacement. After reading your blog and watching your video coverage of the model 02, I was convinced that it would work for my needs.

I am a systems administrator and the OQO has made my job much easier. Now instead of making notes of things to do when I get back to my desk, I just do them on the spot. No matter where I am! Laptops were just too bulky to carry full time, but the OQO is easy to slip into a pocket or the belt case and go.

It isn't as fast as my old Core2Duo laptop, but it's plenty fast enough to get the job done and I rarely notice that I'm not running on a regular desktop when I'm docked. It drives a monitor at 1680x1050 with no problem and quickly moves from the dock to my side when I need to step away from the desk. It has truly changed the way I work.

Thanks again for your continuing coverage of the UMPC scene. I couldn't be happier with the OQO and look forward to your future reviews. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hugo -- I want to find a tablet PC that I can use outdoors, in full sun. Between reflection and low contrast, I have yet to find a machine that works for me. I want it to be very portable (preferably not larger than 10.4 inches), and Bluetooth-enabled (for internet connectivity through my Blackberry and also so I can use a keyboard when necessary). Are there ANY tablets that will work for me?

Anonymous said...

How visible is the screen on your OQO, when viewed in bright sunlight?

Don Lipper said...

I am totally jonesing for your OQO vs. Stormtropper review.