Thursday, November 30, 2006

Carrypad does Pepperpad

Chippy has once again performed as expected - outstandingly. this time reviewing the Pepperpad device, unique in may ways, he has submitted thought and image that should keep you entertained for hours - or at least 10 minutes anyway.

The review starts with this comment "The Pepperpad 3 is your Google-life companion!" and ends there too "The Pepperpad is an absolute pleasure to use as a sofa or bed surfing device. As a 'Google-life' pad it works wonderfully and if this style of thin and web-based computing takes off,"

I always appreciate the efforts Chippy goes to so if you get a moment head on over a have a looksy! Here are some of the thoughts I liked:

Real-World performance.
In the world of browsing the web and listening to music you don't really need much in terms of performance. Because there is no heavy weight graphical windowing system, all the applications start and run just as fast as you might expect them. If the Pepperpad has many applications open, you do start to see some slowing down but this is rare.

Heat and noise.
This section is easy. No noise and only a little warming after extended use. (Watching a video for example.) Very very nice.

Security is minimal on the Pepperpad because from a network point of view there is nothing to attack. Attacks through http pages should be very minimal and so I don't regard the lack of firewall or anti-virus solution as a risk.

Pepper support and community.
Here's an area the Pepper seem to have a good handle on. Their support process is very easy and pro-active. If you have a problem, you can submit a report via the Pepperpad itself or via a telephone hotline. Engineers and product managers always seem to be around in the Pepper forum too. Not only that but there are plenty of other users in the forum that are happy to help.

Permanent Mobile Tech Roundups (hyperlink)

Being part of Tablet PC in 2006 has been a true highlight. I've met new friends and learnt a lot - and shared a little too ;-)

I wanted to let you all know that I have placed a permanent link to the Mobile Tech Roundup gang: James Kendrick (Houston), Matt Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia). I just love what these guys do and I want to permanently recognize their efforts. Thank you boys!

Permanent Ink Shows (hyperlink)

I am very selective about who I link to and where I get inspiration; so I'll make this short. I have placed a permanent link to The Team and GottaBeMobile and specifically their Ink Shows. The link will now appear, forever more, under the "Sites Hugo follows".

Thank you WC, Rob B, Denis and Matt. Your efforts push me past my comfort zone, and open my eyes often! I'm a big fan...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Samsung Q1 Organiser Pack Strikes Back

I just love how much passion everyone has put into my Q1 vs.Q1b article. I expect that thread to grow, and if anything it will become highly resourceful leading up to more VIA based releases.

Tonight I want to give you an update that I only realized recently. Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be given a Samsung Q1 by Samsung Australia, with the lovely inclusion of the Organizer Pack [USB Keyboard and Leather Organizer]. Admittedly I was not as enamored with the Q1 when I met it in July this year as I am today (more on that in another post).

Today I want to share a development that we all might have overlooked, and it’s not PCB specs, but rather about a BAG! It seems that Samsung is being highly proactive, so much so that they have already reworked their Organizer Pack. How do I know this? Well, Dr. Neil, my good mate, came home from Redmond earlier this year with a Samsung Q1 and Organizer Pack. Not only were we both immediately taken by the shear practicality of this combo, but the benefits of owning a UMPC were now starting to become very obvious too. The only thing it needed was good battery life!

Dr. Neil proceeded to pull out his 6-cell battery (nice) but we both realized that the Organizer Pack was poorly designed and could not even accept both Q1 and extended battery at the same time. At that moment in time, 5 months ago perhaps, the Organizer Pack (OP) had a fault in it that did not allow the Q1 with Extended battery to be docked at the same time – futile I know! What was the point!!! Both Neil and I lamented the experience and past it off as another fuck up learning opportunity for Samsung.

5-months later and I have sat with my 3-cell battery, Q1 and Organizer Pack for 2 weeks and lamented the fact that my 6-cell could not be used in conjunction with my OP. UNTIL, I try it, that is!

To my surprise, and sheepish shock, it actually does fit. I called Neil; we compared OPs, and realized that Samsung, as one of the most proactive UMPC hardware developers in the world, had realized their mistake and reworked the bag. So this has been a rather long-winded way of giving Samsung a pat-on-the-back. I felt it was important to point it out as the Organizer pack is one of the compelling reasons to get involved with UMPC today.

I chose to outline the benefits of the OP here, my mate James Kendrick pointed it out here, and Denis Rice cleverly saw what I saw many months ago – that the Q1 lacks the Cursor joystick – on this video, which by the way is a non issue now with the advent of the Organizer Pack. Interesting.

Photographic proof:

Q1 with New OP sporting 6 cell

Close up 6 cell nicely in new OP

OP with 3 cell

Dr. Neil's CD Carry Case Q1 Carry Case.

Linda Legend's List for Santa

Now many of you follow the Tablet PC MVPs with passion and vigor. On this occasion I'd ask that you follow on over to MVP Linda Epstein and view her 2006 List for Santa.

This is an annual event that Linda puts A GREAT DEAL OF EFFORT INTO. Not only does she get all "Christmassy" but she also manages to keep the entire affair very "Geekish," and we all like that don't we!

So without further delay Linda Legend spreads Christmas Cheer here, Tablet PC cheer here, Ultra-Mobile PC cheer here, and much more:

Good Job Linda, so much effort, so great!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Q1 vs Q1B

When looks can deceive

Today I thought it important to define a "couple" of differences between the Samsung Q1 and the Samsung Q1b. At first glance they appear the same device with the later containing "b" generation benefits. While this holds true for a couple of the specifications it does not hold true for all. Because one of the most common questions I get asked at the moment is, "when will the Q1b become available Downunder?" I thought I'd help you all understand the differences.

So before we get too excited about Q1B lets look at the differences between the two...and it might interest you to know that the price should be "about" the same.


Q1: Intel® Celeron® M ULV (900MHz)
Q1b: Via C7 ULV 1.0 GHz (Ultra Low Voltage) VIA Processor (Slightly faster than above, and slightly better battery life) [Update 28.Nov.2006: VIA Processor is in fact slower that the Intel Celeron. See comments below for more info.]

The Screen:

Q1: 7" WVGA Touch Screen
Q1b: 7" WVGA Touch Screen (280 nits, 800 X 480) (Brighter Screen)

Chipset & Graphics:

Q1: 915 GMS Intel, GMA900 (128MB)
Q1b: VX700 Integrated (I'm not sure on the technical difference here, anyone???) [Update 28.Nov.2006: C/O Long Zheng, VX700 here]

The Speakers:

Q1: 2 Stereo Speakers (4w total), H/P out, Array Microphone and SRS Sound
Q1b: One Mono speaker (2W total), H/P out, and SRS Sound (Ouch...yuk)


Q1: 802.11 b/g, 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, Bluetooth® v2.0,USB 2.0 Data cable
Q1b: 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth® v2.0 (NO ETHERNET)

I/O Ports:

Q1: 2 USB (USB 2.0), 1 Type II CF card, H/P Jack, VGA, DC-In
Q1b: 2 USB (USB 2.0), H/P Jack, VGA, DC-In (No CF Slot)*

Optical Drive:

Q1: Nothing
Q1b: (Included)

  • 3 External Drive choices w/Power DVD and Nero Express Software included
    24x CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
    Ultra-thin 24x CD-RW/DVD Drive
    Super-Multi 8x DVD+/-RW Drive


Q1: Nothing
Q1b: (Included)

  • Keyboard
    Ultra-thin notebook-style
    With mouse "pointing stick" and left/right mouse buttons built-in

*The CF (Compact Flash) Slot in Australia will be (hopefully) replaced by a HSDPA (i.e. Next G) enabled card...COOL!

By the way, this post was proudly brought to you by my shiny new Q1 with Organiser Pack!!!

EO one minute, gone the next

FedEX man came today and left these; shame they were gone 45 minutes later. Atleast he is back again tomorrow.

Since pictures speak louder than words, enjoy this:

TabletKiosk EO i7210

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Australia's Tablet Guy week in review

This week has been more fun than usual, i.e. funner!

With the first deliveries going out of the Samsung Q1 it was nothing but happy happy all round. It seems that Aussies were so excited about the arrival that they even drove from hours away to come in a pick up their orders. I was lucky enough to be around for some of these handovers and took a quick photo of one of the packages.

Later in the week ASUS announced the R2H and R1F in Australia and again I was able get a look, and spend a few hours with, the new little UMPC. In Australia it turns out that GPS, fingerprint and Camera were standard as usual but the package also seemed to contain a foldable Bluetooth Keyboard and External DVD RW too. From what I know the initial orders came in thick and fast and now the “happy-to-be” customers sit and wait for the first week of December to clock over for deliveries.

On Thursday I had a great meeting with one of the leading Media Groups in the country and performed my “Australian Tablet Guy.” What they needed was UMPC info, and what I provided was just that. It tirns out they were quite lucky as I had 3 out of the world’s 4 UMPC available, i.e. EO V7110, i7210 and the Samsung Q1. Not only were they very pleased but they received quite the information overload” that day too. If you’re interested here is a little copy of something I prepared for them – obviously missing all the juicy details. Let me know if you need something like this done for your people?

Well now I’m finishing off some pancakes for my son an beautiful wife, and I’m going to go join my son (who is on the TC1100) with my new Samsung Q1 with Organiser Pack. Luv ya later!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another Dr. Neil's Notes with me (AUDIO)

Dr. Neil's Notes 30

Welcome to Show 30
Staring Hugo Ortega

What is cool about Windows Vista?
  • Start menu search
  • Programs grouped in Start menu
  • Sync Center - Dr. Neil's webcast next week
  • Better TIP
  • Flicks
  • Splash dots when pen down
  • Vista on UMPC

Happy Coding!Any other topics you would like us to discuss?

This podcast was recorded on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC with Castblaster

Thursday, November 23, 2006

ASUS R2H & R1F now available in Australia

I think this post will create some real excitement Downunder. Not only has Australia officially announced the release of the ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC, and the R1F Convertible Tablet, via Tegatech Australia, but the specs look pretty good too.
Given the maturity of the IT market in Australia and New Zealand it comes as no surprise that ASUS has held nothing back. The package Downunder includes all the usual International specifications but also the Bluetooth Keyboard and an External DVD RW. Interestingly it is one hundred dollars cheaper than the TabletKiosk i7210 so it will be interesting to see how this affects overall UMPC takeup. It looks as though it will ship with the smaller battery here, no sign of he "big battery" my friends in USA have blogged about.

I know many of you were almost waiting for this announcement like little kids at Christmas time - so without further delay head on over to the Tegatech Australia website and have a look! Apparently this solidifies Tegatech as the only Company in the Southern Hemisphere officially entitled to wholesale all the Microsoft Origami Devices.
I had a play with the device recently and just loved the "all-in-one" concept. I didn't try out the GPS, or the camera but I did try the handwriting abilites and loved it. It seemed like a heavier device than some others but overall the quality is awesome.
Related Links:

Monday, November 20, 2006

UMPC gets 3G, sorta

With all the PCMCIA-less UMPC floating around the marketplace it was somewhat inevitable that the big Telcos would come to the party and provide a USB solution. So far we have seen a various USB to PCMCIA cards of which most rate very poorly, here is a list of a few a friend of mine found:

If that's not enough how about pairing your phone, and using it as a modem?

It seems the frutopia we're all looking for still alludes - or does it? Now some of you may have seen this but, as usual, I'm keen know your thoughts. Vodafone Australia has released a USB 3G Modem!!! No longer do we need to buy a PCMCIA modem, and a futile USB adapter. Now we have an all-in-one solution from one of the world's biggest providers. I know James Kendrick follows these developments very closely so I'm interested if James has something equivalent in the US of A??? Maybe my man Chippy can tell us about it in Europe?

Here are the details of the Aussie aproved card:

Technical specifications

  • 3G broadband with a maximum download rate of 3.6Mbps and upload rate of 384kbps
  • 3G with a maximum download rate of 384kbps and upload rate of 128kbps
  • GPRS with a maximum download rate of 49kbps
  • 3G broadband/3G 2100MHz
  • GPRS 900/1800/1900MHz
  • Internal antenna
  • Weight <>
  • Dimensions 89 mm (D) x 43 mm (W) x 14.5mm (H)

System requirements
PC User

  • A PC with Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • 1 x USB port. USB 2.0 recommended
  • At least 100Mb free disk space and 128Mb RAM Apple Mac

PowerBook G4

  • Mac OS X 10.2.6 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.4.3 recommended
  • 1 x USB port. USB 2.0 recommended

So, is the future in a dongle transferable from device to device? Or is everyone swaying to embedded sim card slots in our Mobile pcs? Maybe this is good enough, if not better??? Over to you.

Windows Embedded Technical Seminar

If you're a developer, and real one at that, why don't you attend this upocoming event hosting by our friends in the Microsoft Building. Not only will there be the latest and greates information - straigth from the source - but you can also go into the draw to win a Toshiba Gigabeat S60!

The date: Tuesday 28th
Where: Micrsoft Head Office, North Ryde, Sydney
Why: Becasue you love it!

More details:

Windows Embedded Technical Seminar

Microsoft is hosting another Windows Embedded focused technical seminar in Sydney at the Microsoft office on Tuesday, November 28, and then in Auckland on Thursday November 30.
Come and hear directly from Microsoft system engineers about what’s new in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (Microsoft’s hard realtime operating system), the enhancements to Windows XP Embedded in Feature Pack 2007, what can be achieve in retail and hospitality devices with Windows Embedded for Point of Service, and finally the latest updates on the Specialised Server family for Embedded Server devices, such as Windows Storage Server.

If you work in the
  • development of Embedded systems
  • application development for POS, Kiosks
  • or are looking to build devices based on the Windows Embedded family of products

then this is an event you should attend.

For more information and to register for the
Sydney event: click here
Auckland event: click here

For more info: Don Kerr

Thursday, November 16, 2006

24 hours with a P1610 Tablet PC

Need I say more

Rob Bushway, of Team GottaBe, has done a thorough job of the new Fujitsu P1610. Since pricing was released last night for the device in Australia (and orders have already been taken) then I thought it only apropriate to let you all see the video (Ink Show as they call it). Well done Rob.

From Rob:

Well, it has been 24 hours since I received the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC, and I have to say I'm very, very pleased with it.
I'm working on an InkShow that should be up sometime this weekend, so I'm hoping this article will answer a few questions folks have until I can get that video shot. For a quick "First Looks" at the P1610, take a look at
this InkShow I shot last week while at Mobile Connections. That InkShow and this article should keep you satisified for just a little while. By the way, all the pictures on this article can be clicked to view the larger image.

read more

Linda Legend has First Look X60

Lenovo Thinkpad X60 Tablet PC

Lenovo must be one of the few manufacturers that understand that “bloggers are the future.” No only did they give the team at GBM a first look at the new Lenovo X610 tablet, but on this occasion they’ve gone for the feminine touch too.

My mate Linda Epstein is at it again. This time with the Lenovo X60 she once again does a great job of showing off, and teasing us, with her thoughts on the new X60 device. If you’re a fan of Lenovo (or IBM for that matter) then I think you’ll be pleasantly suporised. I can just hear the bean-counters in Government and Education departments firing up the PO machine!

If you don’t know Linda, she’s the one with the Skier on her desktop (what’s that about Linda?) and also a fellow Microsoft MVP [Linda A. Epstein: Windows - Tablet PC].

Full review here

Linda is also one of Santa's little helpers. Linda, take it away: "The List for Santa is an Annual feature on my site, the link to's 2005 "List for Santa" is" 2006 list out soon.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Chalice on sale Downunder

Unquestionably, this is one of the most exciting announcements I’ve blogged all year. Apart from the release of the Ultra Mobile PC at the start of this year it seems that Fujitsu’s P1610, once codenamed The Chalice, has been the most commented topic on my blog thereafter. Interestingly my original video (the world’s first look at the P1610) has 61 comments on it, and, even the blog post letting everyone know that the Video was back up (after Fujitsu asked me to pull it down) has 19 comments.

SO without further ague Tegatech Australia would like everyone to know that the Fujitsu LifeBook P1610, and the Fujitsu LifeBook T4215 are now on sale in Australia, and will be deliverable by the end of this month!

P1610 Improvements (View Flash 3D here):
  • Intel® Core Solo ultra-low voltage U1400 Processor NEW
  • 1.20GHz ULV NEW
  • 80GB HDD (An upgrade from previous 60GB) NEW

T4215 Improvements:

  • Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T7200 NEW
  • 2.0GHz NEW, 2MB L2 cache, 667MHz FSB
  • Ships with 2GB DDR2 NEW Standard
  • 2.5" 120GB HDD NEW
  • And, PRICE DROP from $3,995 to $3,799

As Australia’s Tablet Guy I couldn’t help but get involved – so if you’re going to purchase directly from Tegatech Australia just type “Uber Tablet sent me” in the comments section of the order and you’ll receive a free* extended battery for either model!!! Exclusive only to readers of this blog. Bloggers Buy P1610 here, Buy T4215 here.

*only applies to direct retail purchases coming via the UberTablet blog. Those customers near Tegatech Australia authorized resellers will be sent to purchase from there.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From the Doctor

This is a perscription from the Doctor, Dr. Neil. Sorry it's late but you may still be able to join in. If you're interested in UMPC development then this one is worth getting out of bed for...even at noon you geeks!

From Neil's Blog:

MSDN Webcast: Overview of Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) Development for Windows Vista

A few weeks back Todd Landstad was a guest on my podcast. Tomorrow you can hear more from Todd on how to build great UMPC applications on Windows Vista.I can recommend attending this if you are in a timezone where the time is acceptable - hint hint...No need to register just head over here

Here is the offical blurb:

An ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) is a fully functional computer that is small, mobile, and runs a complete version of a Windows operating system (currently Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and soon Windows Vista). UMPCs present many new and exciting opportunities for application development. Although your existing knowledge and skills transfer directly to the UMPC, there are some unique circumstances to consider when you are developing applications for these devices. Join us to find out what is involved in developing for the UMPC, and learn how to create outstanding applications for these new devices.Presenter: Todd Landstad, Product Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

GottaBeMobile has Gotta Lenovo x60

*Update 14th of November 17:26* These guys don't muck around...GottabeMobile Exclusive Video Review of the Lenovo X60 Thinkpad Tablet PC.

Kudos to the family at GBM. Not only do they bend over backwards to get content that is meaningful and insightful, but on this occassion they've got themselves a scoop. Lenovo, previously known as IBM, has gone and given the GBM Team an exclusive look at their latest Tablet entrant, the X60; kind of like handing a monkey a gun really. :-)


Well, we are pretty excited at GottaBeMobile, and we have got some great exclusive video for you! If you have been folowing our site for the last week or so, you may have seen several references to a secret mission we have been mentioning, and we can now bring you information on what the big mission is all about. Well, the mission is officially over, and it was a raging success! Here’s the scoop on what all the fuss is about.


The specs look good, especially the 4GB of RAM??? What the!

OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #32

How good is the team at JK OnTheRun! Not only do they provide content that roncks, but this time it's highly visual. If your anything like me, and I know a lot of you are, then grab some popcorn and enjoy minutes (close to hours) of Uberly delicious Tablet Vlogging (Video Logging).

Snipping (or, click here to go straight to the show):

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick sit down for show #32 and have a look at the official Office 2007 release, talk about the Blue Man Group, discuss the affect Vista will have on the UMPC and give shouts out to the creators of some cool videos. Are UMPCs fully functional Tablet PCs? You bet and we tell you why on this show. Plus, according to the Tablet PC duo, get ready for some great Vista devices early next year (think CES 2007). There is a lively discussion about the convergence of communications with computing devices and smartphones and the impact that will have on mobile technology.

Enjoy the show!

Links of interest from the show:

Special thanks to Tiedye Keith for the great song "Vulnerable" with vocals by Tony Lindsay of Santana.

UMPC Fabric Keyboard (Video)

Glyn's Photo from Pocket PC Solutions

When I was emailed a photo of the Elektek Fabric Keyboard by a friend in England I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Shortly after posting a picture the manufacturer sent me an email and said, “hey, I’ve got one with me and I’m in Sydney.” I just love being Australia's Tablet Guy!!!

So a few coffees later and here we are; I must admit I am a fan. Not only does it function but it also looks funky. Be warned though…don’t tear or pierce the fabric as the circuitry will die! Stay tuned to hear more about these sort of devices; and ask me anything you may want to know as I too am interested.

In regards to Bluetooth regrettably this in an interface that we will not see in this device; if you want to know why you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. The reason is licensing…too expensive to buy the rights to Bluetooth so you won’t see it happen…lame I know!

Watch the Video:

See it on

Fujitsu Ex-Demo Sale in Australia

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and are interested in purchasing some Ex-Demo Fujitsu Tablet PCs (both Slate and Convertible) then read here. From what we know Fujitsu is reboxing them (as new), re-imaging them, and supplying a brand new 3yr warranty with each device.

So if you've ever thought of owning but had no excuse - check out this PDF. (there's 2x P1510s available).

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Australia’s tablet PC guy

"Why Tegatech boss Hugo Ortega lives and breathes tablets"

This is how this Month's issue of CRN decided to Title a front cover photo...of me. You see, they called me several weeks back wanting to know just how any business in Australia could afford to call itself "Tablet Specific." They were so shocked because their belief was that Tablet PC was not a substantial market here.

The article is "well" written however I am concerned about the amount of grammatical errors throughout the double page spread. Either I can't talk, or they can't spell; and either one is surprising if you follow my blog, or their magazine. Kind of reminds me of Frank Arrigo every time he gets quoted, he too analyses how he is portrayed.

In case you're interested head on over and read the article here:

Australia’s tablet PC guy By Byron Connolly,
30 October, 2006

Hugo Ortega, self-described misguided geek and CEO of Tegatech, says he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his reseller business until he saw his first tablet PC and realised the need to distribute the product.

In 1999, Ortega came up with the Tegatech concept after a two-year stint with the United Nations. He came back to the country with no idea what to do, however a love of everything IT led him to create the company.

read more

Nice to see that Dr. Neil got credit where credit is due i.e. I can thank him for meeting my first Tablet.

Another set of Notes from the Doctor (audio)

As many of you may know I've been tied up with my new baby Daughter, Amber. Her arrival has been very exciting so regrettably blogging has falling a bit behind - promise I'll make up for it though.

Here is another session of Dr. Neil'sNotes (with Hugo Ortega). This was recorded last week and worth a listen as we tackle active digitizer vs. passive/touch...and more.

Dr. Neil's Notes 26

Welcome to Show 26Staring "UberTablet"
  • News - Hugo plays with ASUS devices
  • Dr. Neil off around the world again - DevConnections
  • Digitizers - touch, active, external:
  • What does it mean to the user?
  • What does it mean to the developer?
  • How should applications behave?

Happy Coding!

Any other topics you would like us to discuss?

This podcast was recorded on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC with Castblaster

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dr. Neil Roodyn new Regional Director

Not only as a friend, but as an inspiration, Dr.Neil has again attained another milestone. From Frank Arrigo's blog comes an amazingly pertinent announcement for Microsoft Australia - and all of us involved here:

Dr. Neil Roodyn announced as Microsoft Regional Director.
Snipping from Frank Arrigo's Blog :
It gives me a great pleasure to announce we have a *new* Microsoft Regional Director for Australia -- Dr Neil Roodyn

We now have 3 excellent RDs downunder.

Welcome to the family Dr Neil !

[And yes, this is the same Dr. Neil from Dr. Neil's Notes.]

In case you need more info...hw's this from the Horse's Mouth (so to speak)...

"Update: A number of people have been asking if this means I am no longer an MVP or if I am now 'employed' by Microsoft. The answer is no. I am still a Windows Live Developer MVP and I am not what 'softies call an FTE (full time employee) or a Blue Badge. You can find out more about the Regional Director program here."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fujitsu P1610 Video (back)

My original post was pulled down due to the massive attention Fujitsu received...and yet today they flicked me an email saying "put it back up." I guess the Chalice has been let out of the bag!

Just for the record, I was the first in the world to vlog it!