Monday, June 25, 2007

TabletKiosk i440D reviewed

My first InkShow was very popular, in fact it sits 5th overall for most watched on GBM to date. It was a review I posted about the OQO model 02 device and boy was it fun to do. On this occasion I have hit the upload button on my Hardware InkShow number two, this time showcasing the TabletKiosk Sahara i440D.

If you're interested in Slates, or want to get a closer look at one of the more leading edge Tablets available then hop of over to GBM and checkout this new offering by TabletKiosk.

Watch or download the High Res version(29:26 minutes, 225mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


chapmanbobby said...

Another excellent video Hugo! Makes me want a larger screen for computer drawings.

PS: Hugo, I've opened a comic and animation site that should work on all 7 inch UMPC screens. It might be a bit hard to use on a 5 inch. Anyway, the site and the art are all made on the standard Q1 with NO upgrades, not even a keyboard.
It's if you want to check it out. If you check it on your OQO, let me know if it's tolerable on a 5 inch screen.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Chapmanbobby,

That's a great site. I've viewed it on my OQO and find it to resize a little awkwardly to be honest. If I were you I would give it a little more width.

WRT the site itself I like it a lot. Your use of Sesame Street it epic! LOL. Had me laughing. If all of that is done on a Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC then these things really are FUNctional! Well done.

Hugo Ortega said...

oops, BTW, here is your website on my OQO!

chapmanbobby said...

Thanks Hugo. I'll work on getting a more wide screen version up soon. I think your definitely right about that. And thanks a ton for the pic.It will go a long way to help get everything set up to hopefully be easy to use on all internet devices.

Thanks again, and for the excellent videos! You always manage to make me more excited about owning a UMPC, which is pretty hard to do.


Hugo Ortega said...

No worries Bobyy- there's no point in helping you out half heartedly is there!?!?

Good luck and keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

Great video very informative
Keep up the good work have enjoyed many of your videos. You offer solid insight and explanations for those like myself who have yet to venture into the tablet world.

Hugo Ortega said...

I do what I can Owen - thank you for your kind remarks. Keep up the enthusiasm and I will keep up the videos.

Julian.ger said...

Hey Hugo,

congrats for this video again =)
I've been watching your vids for months now and I'm surprised again and again in every new Vid how interesting (and not without any sense of humor :) ) you are talking about several devices and so on =)

Keep on blogging and vlogging, otherwise there would be one big piece missing in the UMPC World :)

Btw: I watched "Ocean's Thirteen" in the kino yesterday and I recognized that one of the Security-Man, sitting in front of a PC is called "Ortega" :)
...just randomness ?=P

And the question you may have heard sooo often now :
I'm not sure which UMPC to buy.. :/
I'm struggling between the Samsung Q1P (with Vista about 900$) and the Q1 Ultra, which is actually nowhere avaiable...(and also costs about 1400$)...are the facts that you can ink better, got a brighter screen and the battery life really worth the 500$ ?
...So I'm no sure what to buy :/
Because also the Q1 Ultra seems to have a lot of tweaks and issues though... :/
Could you give me a hint, what you would chose ?
I'm sure, this is I will begin studying in a few month, and I need a mobile device to get around with...I don't want any Laptop anymore, because for me it's too large and to "heavy"...I think.
I would rather prefer a Q1P or either a Q1 Ultra with the OrganizerPack which you introduced us a few month ago really well... =)

I would be really happy if you could response to this post...tanks...! =)


Julian.ger said...

Oh..I forgot to tell, that I would upgrade it to 2GB of Ram, if I buys the Q1P...

and btw: Nice greeeeeetings to your little babygirl, I believe, she's really sweet =)
...sounds like you have got the next drummer-generation in your house :)

Delicate Genius said...


Any ideas on battery life on this thing? And are there longer life options?

Cheers, . . . mk

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi MK,

Battery life is great in this one. It is up to 4hrs and a little over if you have WiFi and Bluetooth turned off.

There are external PowerBank offered in Australia and the United States for this model.

Josh said...

Hi - thank you for all of your hard work has helped me narrow down my choice. One thing I don't understand is RAM. You mention you just popped it in. Do I have to purchase TabletKiosk's RAM, or am I able to purchase RAM from a cheaper source? If so, what do I look for in purchasing it?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Josh,

Thank you for your support and readership. With regards to the RAM the good news is that the Sahara i440D has two RAM slots. The first slot is found on the underbelly of the Sahara and not accessible without pulling the entire machine apart. Tis RAM slot comes with 1GB standard. The second RAM slot is easily accessible and will accept standard DDR2 533MHz and above RAM. So the good news is you can buy your own and DIY!

Sorry about the late reply (I am on holiday)

Josh said...

No worries - thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question! Enjoy your holiday.

mariosoqo02 said...

Hello hugo ortega ive been a great fan of all your blogs and videos.I could honestly say that your my #1 gadget geek lol for all my umpc's info.In saying that i need 2 know more about the oqo.Do u still use it;is it still your #1 chioce for a mobility umpc.And wat do u say about the option in sprint/verizon evdo conection or pairing it using bluetooth.I live in newyork city queens and both of the evdo caryiers work great here but is it worth having another bill at the end of the month and is the speed using a bluetooth any good compare 2 the evdo network.please hugo your great at wat u do please answer my questions i would be so much thankfull and be a bigger fan ok my amigo che gracias

Hugo Ortega said...

Hola Mario,

Firstly let me thank you for your warm email from Queens NY! I am pleased to be hearing from you and wish you the best on your journey.

With regards to the OQO it is a little tough right now. I love it soooo much but I am torn between it and the new Shift. I want to try Shift fulltime to see whether or not it is worth all the hype. If it is not then I will go back to the OQO as it is such a great product.

In Australia we still do not have the WAN modem in the OQO but as soon as we do I would highly recommend it. it may be another bill but one you will pay with joy each month. It makes the device far more enjoyable and can often mean the difference between keeping abreast of the latest news, or being one step behind everyone else in this fast world we live...I know you hear me in NY.

I was telling someone today that the OQO is the one device I have liked the most in the last three years.

I hope all this helps. Saludos!

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