Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some people have all the Christmas'

Man this week has been fun...and then this! I must have been nice this year! (not Naughty!)

WiBrain...Why Brain??? Unboxing video soon...

Friday, December 14, 2007

OQO with HSDPA and SSD in Australia

I’ve been blessed more often than I care to remember with great devices, by great manufacturers. I’ve had several “first of” in the World but I am afraid none of them (maybe the HTC Shift comes close) were as exciting as this. Obviously I am ont first in the world but first in Australia/New Zealand is good enough for me given that’s where I spend my time.

Given that I have decided NOT to use a HTC Shift as my primary device then this delivery by the FedEX man is e2xcellent! LOL. The OQO e2 has been my favorite UMPC for some time but now with the addition of a 32GB Solid State Disk (SSD) and HSDPA (3G) I am a total convert.

Today, arriving ahead of schedule I might add, I received my OQO e2 and yes it is the SSD model, yes it has HSDPA, and as I like it…it is the Vista Business!!! So stay tuned while I get to know her this weekend and feedback on my thoughts. For now I can tell you that the 1.6GHz (improvement over the 1.5 GHz) VIA processor, and SSD combo, is noticeably faster than my previous 02.

I’m in geek eutopia!

HSDPA SSD OQO doing its thing

...with Mr. 02 watching nervously!

NB. I know many of you will ask so here is why I did not go for the Shift:

  • Battery life in Vista POOR
  • There is no way to communicate between Windows Mobile 6 and Vista, i.e. when my emails come in, and get replied to, on WM6 the process does not get duplicated on Windows Vista. POOR.
  • The device is portable but I am starting to believe that these bigger devices struggle to be considered mobile…(thoughts???)

There’s more but I will leave it for another post.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

32GB SSD HDD for my Slate

Scary pyjama pants I know!

Being a geek is not a choice, it’s a way of life. As I contemplate not geeking out I often find myself philosophising about my next geekish quest. Inadvertently what I create is a conundrum of “do I?” or “don’t I”?” If ask my wife she would probably have a very certain point of view. If I ask your partner we would probably get the same. The fact remains however that once you’ve been bit, you’ve been bit!

What’s my latest infection? SSD!

While I sit here waiting for my SSD HSDPA OQO I have managed to obtain a 2.5” SATA 32GB SSD Hard Drive made by Transcend. The part number is: TS32GBSSD25S. The fact that the SSD HDD is SATA, and the fact that it is 2.5” (and not the UMPC friendly 1.8”) means that I have decided to trial it in my TabletKiosk i440D Slate PC. As shown here.

I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts. As we speak I have removed the spinning HDD the Sahara came with and holding the two in hand feels remarkably different. One of them, with all its shinny bits and pieces feels solid and valuable, the other, with its plastic and veneers feels lifeless and cheap. (Truth be told the later should be far more impressive than anything I have ever explored.)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still Q1U-ing around town

Living in a 5” world is a rewarding experience. Coming down from a 12.1” wide screen Tablet PC (my Toshiba R400) there are obvious losses in productivity but ultimately the gains far outweigh this. I still remember traveling in June this year and feeling confident with my decision to go small; and this time was no different.

As I lay in my Hotel for the night I surfed from the lounge chairs, from the bed, from the mini bar and even from the toilet (you know you’re guilty of it too). On this occasion however I did not plug in an external keyboard but rather I chose to use the keyboard on my OQO only, which proved to be more than OK.

Thinking back on this road trip there were some memorable UMPC moments which predominantly revolved around visiting with the Brisbane SBS User Group. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the local fanatics and impart some of my stuff too. I rocked up with no less than eight UMPC ranging from OQO to EVERUN, and Q1U to SunPad. The "funnest" moment was when I was showcasing the Q1U’s multi camera array. Here is the photo I took using the Q1U:

Photography: Samsung Q1U-V

So I am back in Sydney now and getting to know all the UMPC I missed while I was away. I am spending plenty of time with the Fujitsu U1010 and am getting particularly fond of the SunPad too. My next trip is to Adelaide (but there may even be a New Zealand trip too) all before Christmas. So I will do what I can to find relevant info to share.