Friday, July 13, 2007

Raon Digital EVERUN InkShow

As part of my contributions to I also get to post some neat videos. These are normally fun to do and they often give me an opportunity to get up to some mischief. On this occasion I have the Raon Digital EVERUN with HSDPA module and quite rightly...I'm not afraid to use them! I take you from my Living Room and somehow end up at one of my local Sydney Beaches too!

Enjoy this video:

GBM InkShow: Raon Digital EVERUN InkShow
Watch or download the High Res version (38 minutes, 291MB, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


Anonymous said...


Great job on the Everun Inkshow! :)

I noticed the youtube streaming demo was very low-framerate. I currently own a Vega and I get the same thing on youtube playback, so that concerns me about the 600MHz LX900's performance.

My gripes with the Vega are the lack of performance, lack of built-in radios, lack of storage space, only 800x480 (native) resolution and the overall size-to-weight ratio, it is a bit of a bulky brick!

I have been looking at the Everun as a replacement for the Vega but I am also considering the Fujitsu U1010 and in the slightly larger category, the Flybook V5.

There wouldn't even be anything to decide if the Everun had a 1024x600 native LCD, and maybe a 1.2GHz Core solo CPU. With all other specs the same (including battery life) It would be a hands-down winner. (To give an idea of what I'm looking for in a UPPC, the closest thing to my ideal portable is the Vaio UX. My complaints about it are only these three: Lack of memory upgradability beyond 1GB, too small a screen size and a lesser complaint of unprotected display in the design, unlike in a clamshell).

Given you have used the Vega and now the Everun, I have a few questions for you:

1. With the background given above, would you say that if those are my concerns about the Vega, the Everun is a noticeable overall improvement?

2. Have you used a Fujitsu FMV-U1010 as yet and if so, how would you rate its performance against, say, the OQO? (I know it beats the everun)

3. Have you used the Flybook V5 and if so for its performance, connectivity and size, is it worth carrying over the OQO?

If not, why?

4. When you do the inkshow on the Fujitsu U1010 (not if... you just have to do one man!), could you include, the Everun, OQO and Flybook V5 for comparison?


Stryke said...

Hi Hugo!

This is my first post :)
Thanks for the great Show and the tour of Sydney. Do you live in Vaucluse? I was there a while ago and it looked somehow familiar.

I think it is worth to mention the lack of any media slot and the lack of DirectX support (no Google Earth!). But apart from that, it really is an incredibly device

BTW: Who was sitting in the back of the car?

Stryke from Germany

Chuck said...

Hugo - great video (as usual!).

Wish the HSDPA module was going to become available soon - any idea when it might ship?

What struck me the most was that the Everun screen did not have the glare/reflectiveness that the OQO has. Seems like that makes the Everun more usable outdoors. Is that your observation?

michaeldawson said...

Well that confirmed my decision to order the Everun, so nice. Thanks Hugo.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi diJenerate,

Great comment man! Here are my answeres:

1. The EVERUN just feels better. The inclusion of the Radios alone, the pen and the SSD 6GB Flash Memory all add up to a big positive for me. The keyboard is arguably effective and within the pirce range I can't think of a better device, especially when pitched against the Vega.

2. U101 has not been in my hands yet. I will murder someone at Fujitsu if it does not hit my doorstep next week as I have been promised it for three weeks.

3. I have played with the FlyBook on several occassions, albeit briefly. My only gripe is that it seems to have a real tier 3 feel about it. The OQO seems to feel as good or better than the Sony UX, so for me the FlyBook doesn't cut the mustard.

4. InkShow coming soon man...promise. I will not be able to ge a FlyBook as they have been pulled from the Aussie market. I will however promise you that I will compare between the lot.

Thanks for the great comment! (If FlyBook want to send me one to review then I will be happy to add it and treat it objectively.)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Stryke!

For me the lack of extra slots are not a big deal - why reviewers want to focus on this is beyond me mate. Given that most ship with SD and I am not a fan then I couldn't care less.

As far as where I live is concerned I won't be telling the worl just yet mate in case I get some crazy UberTalbet stalking looking out for me. Vaucluse, as the crow flies, is very close, but I am not there. :-)

It was my 6yr old boy sitting in the back playing on the HP TC100 via a local hotspot (some goof with unsecured network). After the vid we went for a play in the park together!

Thakn you for commenting. It's what makes the world go round! :-)

Hugo Ortega said...

HI Chuck,

Absolutely the EVERUN seems easier to use outdoors. The OQO is beautiful but outside it is really annoying, although still nicer to look at overall under shade.

The HSDPA will be available in Australia from August but I do not know about the rest of the world. Keep you posted if I hear something.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Michael! LOL. Good job mate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hugo,
Looks like the Everun is for me. I'll take you up on that coffee when I'm next in Sydney (If your not flying around the globe). When can I have the top of the line model Everun? And can you explain what the Internal 6GB SSD is for.
Also, is it possible to have 1 plan for fast wireless internet access and have 3 - 6 everuns sharing it ?


Louis in Newcastle

EDallaVilla said...

Hola Hugo Ortega.

La mayoría de los UMPC se utilizan de manera horizontal, tomándolos con ambas manos y utilizando mucho los pulgares.
En cambio el EVERUN parece tomar un enfoque diferente, priorizando el uso vertical. Esto parece facilitar el tomarlo con una una única mano cuando se utiliza de pie, por ejemplo.
Yo soy un antiguo usuario del Newton y generalmente me parece más practico escribir al estilo del EVERUN que al estilo de los restantes UMPC. Pero mí Newton no utiliza Windows, que es un sistema operativo pensado para pantallas más anchas que altas.

Me gustaría saber qué piensa usted sobre los diferentes "estilos" de uso de los UMPC, vertical y horizontal respectivamente. ¿Cuál es más práctico para el uso móvil?

Otra pregunta, ¿Cómo se compara el teclado del EVERUM con el de un smartphone tipo Treo, el teclado del Q1 Ultra, el OQO 02, etc.?
Y relacionado con esto ¿Usted prefiere la tinta o el teclado?

Saludos y gracias.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Louis,

(I was thinking of you in the last few weeks - are you OK with the weather and all???)

The EVERUNS probably can't chare the internet of one EVERUN without some sort of wireless intermediary like and access point or router. If they are all going to be in the same vicinity it might be best to just share the access from a router and not get HSDPA at all. If you want them all to have internet on the road and be in the same vicinity then you can actually get wireless routers that can be used from a vehicle.

Email me and we can chat further about your needs.

jkOTR said...

You should be able to turn on Internet Sharing in WinXP and share the wireless connection to any device within WiFi range. I do this all the time with EV-DO.

Hugo Ortega said...

Great reminder JK,

Because I never do this it actually escaped me. you have 6x EVERUN with Internet. Now all that is left is for you to explain to us what someone does with 6x EVERUN???

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hugo & JK.
Actually the units would not be in WiFi range. But just thinking I could get one Wireless plan and have multiple units access it. Like we use to share dialup accounts.
I'm a marine surveyor in Newcastle (the largest coal exporting port in the world - now famous for the Pasha Bulker grounding. So my job is to calculate how much cargo these ships have loaded. For the past 6 years I've used Pocket Pcs and my own custom written software to do my calculations. Then I would dock my PPC back to my PC in order to utilize the power of Excel macros to generate and send reports.
Now I have the desktop functionality of Excel (with VB) in a UMPC to not only do my calculations, but also generate and send reports. Hence my interest in the Everun. The Vega I have is great for all but the sending of reports in the field. I simple use the WiFi back in my home office to send stuff.
Sorry for the long reply but I’m very excited about the Everun for its capabilities to meet all of my needs – and as Hugo metioned, at the right price (given that I will need at least 3 of them)



Hugo Ortega said...

HI Louis,

Thank you for your support mate. WRT the EVERUNS I think they will be a great fit for you. They cannot share the Internet as per your thoughts as the internet coming to these devices is based on a modem sitting inside it. Only the devices with the special modem will work. When it comes to the keypad you will be better off with the EVERUN as you have already identified. Good work!

For the best experience I would suggest that you order them with Windows XP Professional but apart from that it ticks all the boxes mate! :-)

Glad you're ok in that weather.

marcin michon said...


this link doesn't work .can't download....

Zanesmurf said...

"Screen rotates automatically, screen rotates automatically, screen rotates automatically"

Come on, Hugo, get with the times! As of a few weeks ago, the OQO Model 02 now rotates automatically. With a little help from the gurus at OQO, the geniuses at the forums are enabling you to rave about the OQO screen having that wonderful feature.
AutoRotate allows you to configure the sensitivity threshold, time delay, as well as which direction(s) to rotate to (or not). Say goodbye to perpendicular, and hello to more natural inking.

You may also want to check out BedTime! which shuts off your UMPC when you forget to.


Stephen said...

Hey Hugo. Thanks for all the great info. Have you tried to throw more ram in it the everun yet? I know you were on a 2g upgrade kick for awhile. Sure looks like it would be great but I'd really like to 1-2gigs of ram in the thing.

Wesley said...

I think I'm fairly chuffed to be able to say that I got my hands on something before Hugo! I'm the proud owner of a new fujitsu u1010, hehe. I decided to ditch the vega (after it served my travels very well indeed!), not wait for the everun and bypass the oqo. This device is feature packed and looks great! So, any questions.....ask away and i'll be happy to help out:)

Hugo Ortega said...


Hi Stephen,

I am afraid that the Raon Digital RAM is very hard to get too. It would void all reminance of a warranty so my "2GB kick" will stop at the EVERUN. I will let you know if this changes (as I have been known to laugh warranties in the eye!) LOL.


Get a life! I mean...get me a U1010...I'm jealous.

Thanks for the laugh mate. Truth be told I have one coming and a scoop to make the wait worth while, i.e. a new accessory no one has seen. Keep you posted.

Fiorella said...

Hi Hugo...I would like to ask you some things.

1. Do you think the new Fujitsu P1620 is better than the Flybook V5?

2. Do you know if the new Fujitsu p1620 will come in the 3G version...I remember you showed the P1610 with 3G but it never made it to the US.

3. Do you think Fujitsu will put a camera in the newer models of the P1620 or come up with a better a P1710 or something like that?

Thank You In Advance !!!

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