Friday, June 29, 2007

Hugo Ortega phones his wife using...

I’ve been hiding from you all wanting to scream out “surprise” and yet the only surprise I had this week was on me. It seems FedEX had clearance delays so my new arrival turned into a new debacle. So with several emails, phone calls, attachments and a recent drive to the FedEX warehouse I am proud to say that the HSDPA Raon Digital EVERUN is with me!

I will be posting a GottaBeMobile InkShow later this month regarding the EVERUN and once again am asking for your diligent involvement. Let me know you need me to find out/test and explore. As you’ll see from the video HSDPA is plug and play (at least in Australia).

By the way, thank you for your involvement on yesterday’s post! It’s always fun hanging out with the UberTablet Family!

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Unknown said...

Excelent Hugo.

Love that new iPhone !!


Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

With Touch, laser mouse, HSDPA, QWERTY keyboard, etc..."this" iPhone "really" rocks!

Dave said... it hugo!! welcome to my world of ridiculously huge "mobile" phones! awesome device Hugo...and trust me, if you are with "3" for your phone, I hope you have X-series activated, cause with HSDPA if you are anything like me, you forget that it costs you per MB and it goes FAST!!!! enjoy!


Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

hahahah...I'm lovin this mate. I am with "3" by the way so my data is rock'n! This is too cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo,

That is awesome. So do you know any of the vital statistics?

- Will it run Vista (eventually).
- What will it cost in Australia?
- When can I get one?

I'm looking for a replacement to my JasJar and this could be it. If it isn't this then it will be the Universal.

Anonymous said... define the word "geek"

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hey Mitch! Nice to see you on the blog again. The good news is the EVERUN will be available in Australia in July and the pricing will be live in the next 24 hrs (I am told).

As an FYI, Vista is not on Raon Digital's roadmap. in fact this product has been criticised as it ships with XP Home but again (I am told) it will be available with XP Pro as an option. I know of folks that put Vista on this units predecessor, the Vega, and it "wasn't" meant to run it either! You know what I mean.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said... you're just being flattering!

Juan Ignacio Bravo said...

Simply great!
I really enjoy with this video, very funny. It´s amazing, all the possibilities of this device with HSPDA!!!.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Gracia Juan,

A mi me gusta mucho el EVERUN y me parece muy interesante con tantas posibilidades!

Thanks for stopping by.

MID's said...

Greeting Hugo:

Ok, I really like the road trip around Melbourne.Next time can you stop at a beach and Videoblog a nice Australian/Italian girl for me.
Ok, looks like there will be a new law in Australia, don't drive while talking on your Everun.Smiles
Hugo excellent video, its a classic.

Regards Robert from Beautiful Montreal, Canada.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

`Hi Robert,

Two things...I am in Sydney (not Melbourne) and am happily married (and not taking photos of girls for you). LOL.

Happy days with the EVERUN! Call me some time! LOL!!!

Unknown said...

Chippy's didn't have the HSDPA thing in it did he? So technically its a world first then? :p

Would be nice if you report on Divx playback/web surfing/music/instant messaging and what not. :)

I'm quite intrigued by this device.. but the keyboard puts me off abit with it placement. :\

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

hi pc,

If you look at what I actually said a few days ago..."No hints this time - but possibly another World Exclusive" then I don't thing I exaggerated in any way. No one else has one in their hands with HSDPA!

I'll keep testing and let you know. I will try the video stuff over the HSDPA and video the results.

Charbax said...

This definately is better than the iPhone cause it's half the iPhone's price in terms of the 2000$ price for the 2-year ATT contract.

3 X-series is cool, bravo for your portable HSDPA Windows XP computer!

Of course Archos 605 at 199$ which is 3 times lighter, twice as compact, records video with fast optimized Linux ARM+DSP interface is more my style of pocket computer. I just wish Archos had HSDPA already.

Please test if Flash video plays full screen smoothly, so about videos. If you could use it to broadcast live to or some other live HSDPA video streaming that would be a nice test.

Paul V said...

Hugo, glad you stopped at the red light. We wouldn't want you to get into trouble for that, as well as for holding a mobile phone whilst driving.

"But officer, this is not a phone. It is a computer." "OK, then, you are free to go." Suddenly - Ring! Ring! "Uhh, bye, officer!" Sound of screeching tires follows...

Nets said...

The road trip was an excellent idea. Mobile Video Blogging... hmm... fitting for the devices you're so enthusiastic about.

Thanks for another awesome video, and the laughs. Enjoy the Everun.


randoof said...

Whilst waiting for my r2h to get through customs (us to uk) I thought I'd have a look at possibly my next umpc on your in-car unboxing. Love it LOL!
Does it come with a hands free accessory? I dont really fancy holding that up to talk through
People would either think you've lost the plot or someone would grab it off you. Either reaction would worry me!
I too am interested in the divx playback especially.
Leaves the iphone standing.
Nice one hugo :)

Unknown said...

And I thought I was a geek... LOL!
Make sure you bring this to SWMUG on Tuesday!

Vimcat said...

Hi Hugo,

Do you know if the HSPDA will work in the United States? Please let us know how good the inking is!


Unknown said...


Great job! Nice tour of Sydney. I have an Everun on order here in the US, envy your early look-see. Do you find it runs warm? How is the balance and ease of use of the keyboard in your opinion?

Thanks, and keep your eyes on the road my friend.


Anonymous said...

Do ya think it will be able to use Sprint EVDO in the US?

Anonymous said...

If you have the flash version and HDD on which part is the operating system installed and does it improve/impact performance

Unknown said...

hi there hugo. this is my first post ever but i'm an avid reader. my goal is using just one device and stick that in my pocket. my question is what is the battery life like with the hsdpa modem???????? and how are you making phone calls? is there some app that is installed on there? thanks

Dave (socpsy) said...

Great video, Hugo! Looking forward to more info on your new phone.

everunman said...

You broke so many road rules Hugo, except you could argue you were not talking on a mobile phone, love it!
ps thanks for all the info yesterday.
I wanna put one of those modems in the q1 ultra for Australian use!

Unknown said...

Hi Hugo,

Nice video The evenrun looks cool just ordered a Fujitsu Lifebook U1010 for myself .. one of the highlights of living in Tokyo.

Which version did you get ?


Anonymous said...

(EVDO question)

Yeah I was wondering if the Mini PCI express slot could run an Sprint 3G/EVDO card for us in the U.S. since it is faster than HSDPA.

Is it possible at all?
*Maybe something to ask Raon Digital about?*

Anonymous said...


Seeing you hold that EVERUN up to your face takes me back to the good ol' brick phone days....

Tory said...

Since you can use it to make calls, could you use it as a cell phone? For example - does an incoming call wake the machine from standby?

Fernando Dorr said...

Que haces Huguito, como andas tanto tiempo?, la verdad hermoso equipo, pero la verdad un poco grande para usarlo como telefono, segui asi, un abrazo


Anonymous said...

any idea on the battery life using it as an hsdpa phone? could one actually leave it on standby, receive calls, and be able to charge it at the end of the day?

everunman said...

I think the voice function is just a bonus and shouldnt be relied on for your mobile/cell phone.

Unknown said...

Same question as above: what's the flash/HDD configuration of your unit and what's on the flash vs what's on the HDD? Thanks!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...


Hi Charbax,

I think you’re spot on about the iPhone – why bother! WRT the Arcos I am afraid I cannot agree whole heartedly, but I can admit you have raised a great point. For me an Arcos would only rock when I could send and receive emails, edit Word documents and PowerPresentaiosn, etc, etc. (Sounds like I need a UMPC. LOL).

Great comment!



“But officer it’s not phone...have a look...does that look like a phone to you sir!” LOL.


Hey bobby!

What do you reckon? This is the only way to do mobility justice right!?!?


Hi loll_slim,

I will explore the Div X play back for you, and all the other great recommendations too. As far as hands free kit I just bought a Bluetooth headset and am currently testing this as an option! (Great work on your first blog by the way!)


You are a geek Kean! This video does not help disprove that! LOL. And yes, it will be at SWMUG, If anyone is in Sydney pop over.


Hi Veronica,

I will test the inking and let you know. At this stage I am trying to decide whether to do to Vista or XP Tablet on it. Once I have done this I will let you know. Obviously inking is something high on my agenda. WRT HSDPA in America I believe the module I have will NOT work! The frequencies are very different. I have not heard from OQO but I would suggest that they are developing a USA module! Keep you posted if I hear anything “real” about this.


Hi Alan,

Thanks for the traffic tip! Sometimes I forget...especially after I have unboxed such a special machine. Here’s the good news about warmth...there is very little. With regards tot he keyboard it is actually (and I know some of you will hate me for this) way more usable than the Q1 Ultra. Two reasons, the first being that the keys are all together, and the second reason is that weight distribution (being a smaller machine) is very nice indeed.

Keep you posted on thgouths.


Hi Goofydog,

I can’t see why they wouldn’t be. America buys a lot more UMCP than Australia so I am sure this is on Raon Digital’s roadmap.


No Flash SSD came in my device – but this is a great question. I believe this will be included but at this stage it is up to overall cost/size ratio for the Flash SSD to come down before this becomes and inclusion. The Australian specs do no include flash at this stage I noticed.


Hi AH.

Firstly let me thank you for leaving YOUR FIRST comment on the UberTablet Blog. I have said it before and will say it again, i.e. “your first comment is always the most memorable one!”The fact that you take your personal time to fill out a comment means a lot to me and for this I thank YOU.

I am finding that with HSDPA the battery life is around 2 to 3hrs. The reason for such a big range is that I have not been able to properly trial it yet. To make the call I did was use the inbuilt Sierra Wireless Application and nothing else to do! Too easy.

Thanks for your great comment...and for being such an “avid reader”.

@dave (socspy):

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your comments (as usual) mate. I will keep you al posted.


Hi Michael,

These modems are great and this device has opened up a new world of possibilities for me. The Q1U with this inside would rock! Keep one eye here mate...I am sure the Q1U will find a modem to play with soon, if I have anything to do with it. LOL.


Hi Rob (in Tokyo),

I have a friend living in Tokyo and he tells me it is just wild! He loves it!!! WRT tot the EVERUN I have received their top of the range, I believe the call it the 66SH. We are all jealous of you Japanese folks and your ability to get devices so easily...(I can talk!)


Hi Genjinaro,

I always thought your networks were slower. Just check the exact specs but HSDPA does 3.6Mb/sec which I thought was 3rd Gen vs. Sprint with all their 2nd Gen capabilities. Can anyone enlighten? WRT to the US model I am sure you will get something soon!


Hi Mate,

“good ol' brick phone days....”

That’s too long as the good ol' brick battery days don’t come back. LOL.


Hi Tory,

While my most favourable response to the EVERUN was its phone features these will probably be the ones I use least. I am working on it as MID (Mobile Internet Device) on steroids and will keep you posted! The phone features are just a bonus and I don’t think this would be a primary reason to buy it. LOL.

@fernando dorr

Hola Amigo,

Gracia por visitar el Blog! Estoy muy convensido que el EVERUN es una forma de computdora muy interesante. Como telefono no estoy tan convensido...jajaja . Un abrazo hombre.


Dito mate

@michael connick:

Hi Michael,

As per my answer above, I did not get the Flash version. I am promised one shortly and will keep you all posted on how it works. At present it is a myth to everyone!


Vimcat said...

Please test with Vista. I imagine Vista is easier to get a hold of than Win XP Tablet... unless you can share with us where we can buy a copy? I did a search for it once when I was considering the Vega but I don't know who to trust and what's legal. Thanks! I love you vlogs. :)


Unknown said...

i wanted to know what program are you using to make the phone call. & have you been able to Test out the Blue tooth Profiles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hugo, I so enjoy your geekness and enthusiasm. Your "work" is helps me learn so much :-) barb

Rubén Gallardo said...

Very nice video Hugo!
I'm waiting for your review about the Everun with all detail.

Saludos ;)!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo...what about timeshifting in Australia ? ;)

"[...]I will be posting a GottaBeMobile InkShow later this month [...]" here in Germany it's already July the 3rd, 6 day before my Australia just June ? :)

...just kidding, I can't wait for the video about the Everun, looks like this could be my next mobilephone :D long as it's avaiable for European bandwith... :/

SL said...

I've been an avid reader on this blog, but I can't find what Hugo Ortega's email address was. What is it?

Unknown said...


I am in the market for a UMPC and the Everun will be an excellent choice. Looks like it will even be able to replace my Cingular 8525.

I still have many questions regaring the wireless capabilities. Specifically, where I live we do not have HSDPA capabilities via AT&T/Cingular, only EDGE/GSM. Do you happen to know if the Sierra Wireless card can handle the "slower" cell. signals?

Battery - you stated 2-3 hr battery life when operaing HSDPA. Is that with the standard or extended battery.

RAM - based on review of the Raon website, all models come with 512 mb RAM. Is this enough RAM to do most functions in XP. If no, is the RAM expandable. To how much?

I will probably have more questions later. These are enought for now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,

I've heard there is a delay on SSD models - do you have any idea when they will be available in Australia? Also, which extras (eg HSDPA/camera etc) can be added later?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Hugo,
Can you let us know about screen brightness outdoors - I'm sure you will. Can't wait for your video review.
Have I mentioned that you have the best job !


Louis in Newcastle

Åsmund Ødegård said...

Wow - that was incredible! And that it works as a phone almost right out of the box as well - that's great. Maybe my questions is answered somewhere here in the comments (have to read them now), but when can _I_ pick up an everun!

Keep up the good work, Hugo. I don't think I have commented much here, but I am a regular reader/watcher, and a fellow smalldevice geek from Norway (with a smaller budget than you unfortunately...)


Unknown said...

Do the world a favour mate, dont post a video of you driving about with that thing stuck to your ear and staring at the camera... its beyond stupid.

Stick to what your good at, reviewing umpc's. Look forward to your reports on the Everun.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! This is a really UGLY machine !

ziovax said...

Hi Hugo!
Very fun video! lol!

This everun is a great machine: how does it works as internet table? have you tried in and some on-line flash games...let us know everything!


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Still one of the funniest UMPC videos ever!


P.S. Clear the spam from your comments section!

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