Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sprekensi deutch?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
(Sorry about the spelling in my title. It was due to a really lame Google search on my behalf. LOL)

I’m slowly making my way back to the blog and I must admit I am as pumped as ever. I have so many exciting things to talk about and look forward to posting a video soon enough. On this occasion I am writing to you however from Sydney, but bring news from Europe.

Over the years the blog as been very good to me (and I have been good to the blog). I have made many friends, albeit mostly virtual, and am always pleasantly surprised to learn of their location in the Globe, and their orientation in life. Today I am posting an excerpt from one of the uberTablet family who actually lives in Germany. He is a keen Sailor and Gadgeteer also; he writes articles regarding both his passions and publishes them in his native language...Deutch.

His name is Manfred and on this occasion he has included some UMPC tails too. So for those of you that can speak German head on over to his website and download the PDF. For those of you that cannot (like me) then here is a brief description by Manfred of what he wrote:

please follow the link below and click on FoolproofXV it will open a pdf-file and on the following pages you will find yourself as image or text.


45 - I'm telling, that you've lost your camcorder by theft and that you had to stop your podcasts for a while

76 - showing that you're dancing on all wedding partys ( a German saying, if you can find somebody in all places )

132 - telling that you got all the wow news

Download the PDF here

Have fun.

Kindest regards


Sean Tan said...

Hi Hugo,

Good to see you getting back into the blog.

BTW, the link you posted isn't working at my time of writing.

Also, I have good news!

I bought a Samsung Q1 Ultra (Q1U-V) second hand but in excellent condition. Comes with an extended battery too, car adapter and 2GB of RAM. I'm expecting it to arrive in about a weeks time since it's coming from the US. Not sure if you remember, but I really envied you having one in the past and I commented on the split qwerty keyboard that I liked the look of.

What do you think about the Q1 Ultra now? Will I find it a good improvement from my eo v7110?

The battery life with the extended battery of the Q1U seems amazing. The screen looks great too.

Take care.


Chippy said...

Welcome back to the madhouse!


Simon said...

Hi there, I tried emailing, but it didn't seem to work... So:

Don't want to be the boring exactness-police, but... The "Sprekensi
Deutch" article should probably be called:

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

(note the spelling on Deutsch, too).

Unless you were intending on the original spelling... Anyway, yes... good to see you posting again.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Sean,

It’s great to hear from you again. I am so glad you are waiting for a Q1U as the difference will be substantial! The EO is a great starter machine but there really is nothing more first generation than that.

You will appreciate the better battery life on the Q1U, the brighter screen, the better speakers, the split keyboard, the cameras and the kickstand...just to mention a few!

Well done! Let me know how you go.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Chippy,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to being a (main) part of the gang again! LOL.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your fantastic comment. Sincerely I was not trying to be funny. The mistake was mostly due to a very poor Google search on my behalf so with your new information I have made the appropriate update.


Sean Tan said...

The only concern I have with the Q1U is it's processor speed. It has 800MHz while my v7110 has 1GHz. Will I notice the difference?

Also, what's your opinion on Vista on the Q1U? I have got the guy to restore XP on it since he said it was a lot quicker and didn't like Vista on it. But he's sending me the Vista restore disk too, so I can change back to Vista if I choose to in the future.

Anyway, the arrival date of my Q1U is set at 19 Nov.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Sean,

You're starting to scare me! Not only are ou sounding like an expectant Dad but I am worried that you won't sleep till November 19th either!

I think Vista s great and I would never run XP again on anything. I like certain features like sidebar, and instant search; both these make UMPC run a little sluggish but I think it is worth the pain.

I think you will like XP but don't be afraid to try Vista.

Sean Tan said...

Haha, I've got uni exams to do, so it's kind of good that I don't get my new toy yet. Would be a huge distraction :)

I think I will try Vista. But I have heard that some drivers etc are missing with Vista, and that I would have to install them manually. Is this still the case?

So, the Q1U is still sluggish even with the 2GB of RAM? Man, that's a shame.

BTW, I was trying to find a Q1U video by you, but I noticed you never made one. Anyway, i ended up watch Denise Rice's InkShow.

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