Friday, March 31, 2006

ANZ UMPC sales receive a strong welcome

As you all know Tegatech Australia has been delegated the task of distributing the EO UMPC device in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). This week pricing was launched, and went live, at 2am on Wednesday the 29th of March. What became apparent very quickly was the welcomed response of the device to the Downunder market place.

So who’s buying?

Tegatech Australia can confirm orders from Software Vendors in the Realestate Sector, a Microsoft Evangelist in New Zealand, 24-hr Onsite Security companies, University Professors, the Australian Government (true!) and Uber Geeks across the country.

What does this tell us about the UMPC market place?

The IT space will always attract a division of early adopters that would almost buy anything that comes on the market, tested or untested. These guys anticipate vendor’s next moves, and have their favourite piece of plastic (MasterCard or Visa) at their disposal for rapid order placement. These same guys have received clearance from company CFO’s (usually the wife) and are capable of filling out most HTML order forms in less than 3 seconds flat.

Here’s what’s interesting. Tegatech Australia reports that of the first UMPC sales downunder less that 5% seem to fit this bill. So who ordered? What’s interesting is that most of the initial orders are from developers and corporations that have been long awaiting something larger than a PDA with more CPU processing power. Sure battery life is a concern but these guys know that if they establish themselves today then generation 2 and 3 of UMPC will bring them profitability so richly deserved.

The one factor that has yet to be given the focus is merits is the "power of IMK." From what I gather, ink-enablement of software applications is the next big step in increasing company profitability and company mobility. Given that ink (Tablet PC) came at such a premium in the past, it looks as though UMPC has filled a real hole in the IT market space; even if most companies were blissfully unaware of the hole prior to this point. [Mark my words]

How badly do you want a UMPC?

In Australia it seems that our public has learnt the hard way that if you want something then you gotta pay. Recently I read a comment under one of Rob Bushway's blogposts that Tablet Kiosk in the United States had to apologize for mistakenly charging credit cards prior to delivering product (UMPC). In this country Tegatech Australia chose a different tactic. They openly stated “allocation of UMPC devices will be given to clients with orders placed, and paid for, in a priority basis only. Only orders placed, and paid for, will be allocated units; simple as that!”

Everyone that has placed an order with Tegatech Australia know that delivery will not occur until the end of April 2006, and yet without hesitation, there’s been direct deposits made (EFT’s), credit card transactions conducted and checks posted and delivered personally at all hours of the night.

In Summary

I’ve always advocated that the consuming public will tell us if a product is viable or not. In this case the viral marketing campaign started the UMPC wave, but it seems the general populous is more than content to take the ball and run with it from there.

Stay tuned to the UberTablet Blog while I report back on the activities of the UMPC Downunder… Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Toshiba makes a much anticipated announcement

One of the joys of being a passionate blogger is the availability of information. The blog in itself has proven a stomping ground for all manner of chi-chat and occasionally some inspiration too. My passion for Tablet, and fervor for the Blog, has exposed me to opportunities once unimaginable. My videos have been watched by thousands, my first podcast downloaded by 2578 unique listeners in the first 48 hrs, and countless emails exchanged in the name of INK.

Today my blog endeavors however lead to a rather disappointing unraveling; today Toshiba announced that they would not be joining the UMPC market space – yet! I know to a small group this will be celebrated news and to others this will be considered a shame. No matter what side of the fence you sit on I think we can all agree that a muscle OEM like Toshiba could only have helped the UMPC footprint cover a more substantial non-technical market place.

Often today brand is a key driver for purchase (Sony products, Apple iPod) and repeatedly we see brand attracting a similar demographic of buyer. If Toshiba had of joined the UMPC space then they may have realized that a portion of the brand-loyal market could have made UMPC viable for their enterprise.

Maybe Toshiba has taken a very clever back seat and are looking to reap rewards from generation 2 and 3; as Matt Codrington alludes to in his commen: “Too heavy to carry in your pocket, and probably can’t be used for extended periods [outside battery life] with a 7” screen.”

I’ll stay on the hunt for Tablet info, and Matt will stay on the hunt for a profitable market share. I guess tonight we’ll all sleep well it seems. I’ve learnt a new found respect for Toshiba Australia, in joining the Naked Conversations that occur on the blogosphere, and know that both UberTablet guy, Hugo Ortega, and Matt Codrington of Toshiba Australia, will live to ink another day!

[Read Toshiba’s Announcement here – comment number 8]

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Founda' Founder Video

Lora Heiny has published a video of a Founder UMPC in use at Mix 06. What I like about the video is that it seems people are getting better at using the circular virtual keypad that ships with Touch Pack...

Watch here!

Tegatech Australia gets Ultra Moble

This evening I received PDF that Tegatech Australia went live with UMPC pricing in Australia. As far as I know this is a first in the Southern Hemisphere, and exciting for anyone living downunder. Tegatech Austraila is the exclusive Distributor of the Tablet Kiosk range of Tablet PC and Ultra Mobile PC; as such it is the EO that has first shown up on their website.

Looks like more people will be Ultra Mobile around the globe than first expected. It will be interesting to see how many early adopters buy an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) in Australia.

If you haven’t seen the little survey I’m running online regarding UMPC preference then you may want to take a look– as of 2am (Australia) 29 March 06 it has Samsung ahead of the Tablet Kiosk device by a whole 10%. Founder and ASUS seem to be receiving a very weak showing thus far…

Get your vote in and perhaps send the OEMs an early sign of things to come!

Monday, March 27, 2006

EO UMPC anounced

Is it just me or is TabletKiosk the only OEM with a heartbeat in the UMPC market. They’ve finally announced a name for their device: “EO” Love it, hate it, it’s here to stay. The EO will be released in first generation under the V-1100 Moniker.

Here’s some new photo’s too of the device too. Come on Samsung, Founder and ASUS where are shots of your new devices in action? [As I typed this Lora Heiny pinged me with a Founder Video - a must watch!]

Regrettably Toshiba has yet to come out of the closet on their UMPC either – I’m working on it!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Warner points to real life TabletKiosk UMPC

Watch it on

Last week I was so desperate to try UMPC device that I used Microsoft's UMPC Display Emulator to replicate the device on a regular touch Tablet. This time Warner Crocker points to a video of a 12 yr old girl using a real life TabletKiosk UMPC - very cool!

The girl is Lora Heiney's niece, and the UMPC is soon to be available in Australia! Enjoy the video; a great demonstration of just how intuitive a touch tablet can seem.

While you slept I hunted down Toshiba's UMPC - your turn now!

While you were sleeping, Australia was still awake. Knowing that I was nearing Toshiba Utopia (UMPC), infamous bloggers like James Kendrick and Rob Bushway did some investigating of their own. It was mostly Rob that could not let this little Aussie Blogger get away with the UMPC scoop of the blogging era. Even though JK thought I should "get a life," I thought to myself "tonight's not the night mate, tonights not the night!" LOL :-)

Barely 48 hours had passed since I sniffed out a Toshiba UMPC and the blogosphere was ablaze. Most of our readers were not nearly as concerned with the significance of such news, but the inside crew made up of Warner Crocker, James Kendrick, the Uberly passionate Rob Bushway and I, were!

So what did I get up to today?

Today I rang Dan Warne, Journalist of APC Magazine Australia, and decided to get more info. Due to copyright protection neither Rob or I were granted permission to publish the article that sparked this riot. Here’s what I did found out:

[The following is a reenactment of the conversation – omissions are the small chit chat]

Hugo Ortega: “Hey Dan, tell me about Toshiba’s UMPC”
Dan Warne: “I know as much as you do.”
Hugo Ortega: “You conducted an interview with Toshiba Australia’s Product Marketing Manager, Matt Codrington, in regards to a new concept device. When was that interview conducted?”
Dan Warne: “Let me check my diary…on the 26th of January”
Hugo Ortega: “That explains all the veiled talk of Origami while other OEM’s are now touting UMPC. What made you write this up; did Matt submit a Press Release?”
Dan Warne: “No, I’ve known Matt for a while. We bumped into each other at the launch of Core Duo in Australia; over coffee we discussed several topics of which this one caught my attention! So I decided to run with it. I contacted him later in regards to the matter.”
Hugo Ortega: “Did you have a face-to-face?”
Dan Warne: “No, we conducted the interview over the phone.”
Hugo Ortega: “When I read the article I felt that it reeked of UMPC…you agree?”
Dan Warne: “Sure sounds like it to me! I’ve pointed Matt Codrington to your blog, let’s see what he has to say!”

Not content with my investigations I begged for more information – Dan put me onto Toshiba’s PR Person in Australia. Anonymous is a lovely girl more than happy to help; I dialed her number and started explaining my purpose. As she perused my blog, laughing at my Academy Award and jesting with my efforts to get Matt Codrington's attention, she realized that I was maniacal, Uberly focused and eagerly hunting information. She’s now pinging Matt Codrington on the matter so we can post his comments on the site.

I know were all excited but I need to ask you to leave Australia to me - it’s my Australia! As soon as Matt Codrington talks with Hugo Ortega you’ll all be the first to know. Till then do what you can with the muscle that is America. We don't want to intimidate the Bunny Rabbit, Toshiba, back into their hole!

Create polls and vote for free.

  • Would you buy a Toshiba UMPC?
  • How much does the Toshiba brand mean to the Tablet space?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

UK thinks UMPC is OK/not OK

Pen-based computers could still get the thumbs down
Jack Schofield
Thursday March 23, 2006
The Guardian

"One of the great events in the history of computing came in 1963, when Ivan Sutherland, an MIT student, presented his PhD thesis on Sketchpad: A Man-machine Graphical Communications System. Sutherland showed how you could interact with a computer using its monitor and a light-pen."

[read more]

Sent to me by Richard Bassett of the UK - an M200 carrying, Dr. Neil convert!
Welcome to the Blogosphere mate :-)

  • What do we think? Is all the hype surrounding UMPC distracting us from the arduous task of breathing and eating - the English Journalists seem to think so!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Toshiba Announces UM400PC - not!

With so much focus on the four OEM’s that appear to be hogging UMPC glory, there seems little room for anyone else to get a word in. Once we saw ASUS, Samsung, Founder and then Tablet Kiosk, all touting UMPC and shafting their nearest peeks with glory flags, the blogosphere somehow seemed satisfied and content.

Now, I’ve been known to blow whistles in the Tablet PC space that actually come true, but this time I find it hard to believe that an Aussie Blogger has spotted a new UMPC OEM hiding in broad daylight amongst one of Australia’s highest selling Computer Magazines – APC.

In the article APC Reporter Dan Warne (Aussie Blogger too) gets Toshiba Australia Product Marketing Manager, Matt Codrington, talking about little white swans and folding paper cranes - albeit rather lethargically. The initial point of entry for a reader into this brief article is a title declaring “rumors coming out of a skunkworks in Silicon Valley.” The news-breaking, in Dan’s mind's eye, is that Toshiba has a mysterious concept product in the works.

What I find really odd is that this is occurring in the April 2006 edition of APC – way after the talk of Origami has taken place, and well into the era of UMPC specifications, dimensions and aesthetics.

Matt Codrington (Toshiba) is therein quoted: “…it will have Tablet PC functionality…” and “…to use something that’s smaller than a 7 inch screen all day every day is difficult…” and “…the screen may support pen entry, but I wouldn’t want to niche it into the current category of Tablet PC…”

In order to keep my Blog honest and innovative I visited JK, WC, GottaBe and the Toshiba Website – no luck! Help me out boys!

What is going on here??? Has APC and Toshiba had there internet access down for the last 3-weeks? Did someone from Toshiba forget to tell little press-release Sam, last seen downstairs chatting-up the Toshiba Receptionist, to inform the world of Toshiba's intentions to come join the UMPC party? I can only assume the article was written last month; perhaps no-one realized how silly it would look going to press 3-weeks after paper-folding websites had returned to their proper PageRank!

Come on Toshiba; let me know if there’s a UM400PC in the works!!! If someone else wants to help me, then Blog about it – we know they’re reading – and let’s get Toshiba to make the announcement we’d all welcome with open wallets.

  • How much would you like to see a Toshiba UMPC device?
  • Matt Codrington, if you're listening, leave me a comment, even a teaser!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Tablet Academy Award goes to Hugo Ortega

I think we all know, and listen to, the enviable James Kendrick via his worldwide blockbusting podcast: “OnTheRun.” The one thing I didn’t know (and perhaps they didn’t either – LOL) is that they issue awards to tablet PC events conducted worldwide. This week the award went to a little Aussie Blogger named “Hugo Ortega,” for my "Via Virtual UMPC" demonstration.

Here’s what James Kendrick said (OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #17):

“I don’t know what we would call our version of the Academy Awards, maybe the OTR-ee’s, but whatever we’d end up calling our awards I would give Hugo one for absolutely the epidomy of creativity; most creative use of a non-tablet pc to demonstrate a yet to be released tablet PC without using a Pen or Stylus”

I’m honored and enthused; it keeps me fired-up and motivated!

Have a listen to the show - it really is a good one.

Thank you Gang!

[My mate Craig Pringle gets a mention too, for his Vista work!]

In case you missed it, here are some other Videos of interest

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Via Virtual UMPC

*Update 30th June 2006 - 20:08*

Final release of the Microsoft UMPC Display Emulator Beta is now ready for download.

File Name: UMPCDisplayEmulator.msi
Version: 1.0
Date Published: 5/3/2006
Language: English
Download Size: 1.2 MB

Knowing that UMPC deliveries are only weeks away, Hugo Ortega of the UberTablet blog couldn’t help but get a little creative this evening. With talk of Tablet MVP’s trying out UMPC devices his excitement levels were as high as ever. All he could think of was, ‘I just want to demo my own UMPC!’

Using the Microsoft UMPC display emulator, a tool designed for software developers to view their application's layout and screen behavior as it appears on a UMPC, Hugo does his best to create a Virtual UMPC device at home!

Here are some notes:

  • We know UMPC will run a 1.0GHz CPU of some sort and Windows XP Tablet Edition as its Operating System - Hugo Ortega grabbed a Sahara Slate running a 1.0GHz CPU and then proceeded to install Windows XP Tablet PC Edition on it.
  • We know the resolution on most UMPC devices will run 800*480 native on a 7” TFT; to replicate this Hugo installed Microsoft’s UMPC Display Emulator (download UMPC Display Emulator) to replicate a 7" UMPC device on a 12.1" Slate.
  • We know that the UMPC screen will be resistive touch, and not digitizer like current Tablet PC's, so Hugo makes sure that his experiment is conducted on a resistive touch slate PC.

Now that Hugo Ortega has mimicked almost all the UMPC criterion; all that is left is to let the demo speak for itself, “Via Virtual UMPC.”

The following is not a UMPC device – believe it or not – it is however an "Via Virtual UMPC" demo, dedicated to all of you that will not touch a UMPC for months to come!

[19MB, 5 minutes]
Watch it on ""

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lenovo shows OEM's how to talk Tablet.

Recently I posted about opening discussions with Lenovo, with an intention to help expand their Tablet PC branding here in Australia and assist their own team of resellers in better comprehending the power that is “ink.” I’ve since exposed their X41 to congregations of Tablet enthusiasts and oodles of Tablet newcomers.

While their X41 is fairly conservative (read: old-school) in the looks department, it is a surefire winner when in the hands of a Tablet PC virgin. Even though its looks lack any of the “Shock and Awe” tactics displayed during the recent Iraq conflict, they do facilitate a Tablet first-timer in easily accepting Tablet PC as a conventional form factor; I strongly believe the Motion and Sahara Slates are sex on PCB but also admit that sometimes they seem to intimidate, rather than impress.

Upon approaching Lenovo one quality that was evident from an early stage was their eagerness to target the end-user. They greeted my proposal with the usual OEM apprehensiveness, but managed to move on quickly and issue me with an X41 to play with - thanks mostly to Lenovo BDM, Greg Hunt . I would like to note that it’s not only a show of support witnissed by “Australia’s Tablet Guy” (me) but one also witnessed by Australian Podcast Royalty, Cameron Riley – admitting in a recent podcast we recorded together on "The Productivity Show" that he too has been issued an X41 to trial. (Don’t call your nearest Lenovo representative just yet, remember Cameron and I have lots of leverage)

Tonight while checking in on my mate Rob Bushway, via his Blog, I saw him pointing to this Lenovo Television Commercial (that he'd ripped on his MCE PC). For those of you living in the United States you may wonder if it was really worth blogging about. What you may not realize however is that life does exist outside of your country; for those of us living in any other country outside of the United States we know only too well that life outside of the United States of America is nothing but “delay-time.” We’ll frequently receive product, information, news and reviews only too often after the fact. One example of the effect this has on non-American’s is the way we watch television, and moreover advertising. Even with all my energies tied up in Tablet PC I have yet to see a Television commercial in Australia that purely marketed Tablet PC; so when Rob posted this commercial, screened during the series of 24 on Fox, I just couldn’t help but link to it!

Enjoy Aussies and Kiwis!!!

Good job Rob, the effort is appreciated Downunder!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Origami Device in Australia - April 2006!

Origami (UMPC) will hit Australia as early as April this 2006. Tegatech Australia, the exclusive Distributor of the Tablet Kiosk range of Tablet PC's in ANZ, will stock the V-700 UMPC for you to purchase.

TabletPC2 ace reviewer, Linda Epstein, has had a play with a working prototype of the V-700 and has posted some thoughts and pictures. Linda has also launched a new site named - looks exciting!

Review by Linda A. Epstein

"Tablet Kiosks V-700 Ultra-Mobile PC runs the full Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, touch enabled screen, full pen and ink capabilities and allow users the ability to, access the internet, communicate with others, listen to music,view movies, take handwritten notes and play games."

Does a 7" Origami Tablet PC sound too small?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Would I buy Origami?

Trawling through all the Origami (UMPC) news it’s hard to ascertain what it actually is. I found a link within the confines of the Microsoft UMPC site – Partners Information – to this video.

Have a look for yourself and tell me if you’d buy one or not? And why?

Connect and Communicate

Mix Work and Pleasure

Find and Adapt

Play Listen Enjoy

Another Sahara review (with me in it???)

Jon Harsem has posted a review of the Sahara Slate PC. While he meanders through these thoughts, on the Sahara Slate, we are taken through a journey of both pleasure and pain. One interesting paragraph I note is his reference to me, Hugo Ortega; it seems that my passion for all things Tablet PC is getting contagious…

Jon is an ace cartoonist on a Tablet (this picture all done via Tablet PC - WOW!)

Here's a sniping:

The Hugo Effect

Perhaps these Tegatech distributed slates have another thing going for it - I shall dub it "The Hugo Effect". Hugo Ortega is the one man marketing/tech/sales/general action man-machine behind the TabletKiosk/Sahara Tablet PC in Australia and he's pretty much on fire. You cannot be in his company for more then 10 minutes and not get enthused about the Tablet PC platform.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Talk’n Tablet Downunder: show #3

Dr. Neil Roodyn, Craig Pringle & Hugo Ortega

Podcast: Talk’n Tablet Downunder #3

Listen into this podcast (17 MB, 20:26 minutes)

Artists: Hugo Ortega, Craig Pringle (Tablet MVP) & Dr. Neil Roodyn (Tablet MVP)

Episode#: 3

Episode Name: Meet the “Downunder Tableteers” (coined by Warner Crocker).

Show Notes:

I roped in both Craig and Neil to sit with me during the monthly Sydney Windows Mobile User Group meeting held within the XBOX Lounge, Microsoft Office Australia (hence the background noise). These guys are the only two Tablet PC MVP's found in the Southern Hemisphere (as of 9th March 2006); this was the first time they had ever met, even though they've had each others names flashed before them often.

Listen into this podcast [17MB, 20:26 minutes]


Monday at SWMUG and Tablet PC is OK!

Monday the 6th of March 2006 saw Uber Tableteer Hugo Ortega once again join the rambunctious crowd that is Sydney Windows Mobile User Group (SWMUG). Not only is this group a charming, eloquent, geekish conglomerate that demands the latest and greatest from each other, but their also fun to hang out with [I highly recommend you join them once a month for a chat!]

My fist encounter with SWMUG was inspirational, enough for me to come back for a second look - but this time with company. In town was Craig Pringle, Tablet PC MVP from New Zealand, and Dr. Neil Roodyn also a Tablet MVP. While Dr. Neil and I have history together, the tale of the night was how Craig and I met. Craig, upon perusing the internet for Tablet related blogs (now a habitual act) came across my Uber Tablet Blog! We started commenting on each others sites and continued offline our Tablet related banter via Skype; a little ol’ lady sitting next to Craig on his inbound flight even went as far as to express concern over me picking Craig up at the Airport – considering that we’d never had a face-to-face and only met via blogging.

SWMUG is run by Microsft Employee Roger Lawrence, an uberly geekish man that stands over his gathering with much accord. He brought a notebook running Vista (very impressive) to only be challenged to a game of one upmanship by Neil with his Tablet PC running Vista (impressive too). For the evening Roger had managed to negotiate, for the third year running, access to the “XBOX 360 Lounge” (Digital Life Room) within the confines of Microsoft. For those of you not yet exposed to this lounge it is a limited access room only, because once you walk in, there's no real work get’s done!!!

This time I strolled into SWMUG monthly with my Sahara Slate PC under one arm, my sexy Lenovo X41 under the other and a head full of inking. I'd been given the chance to talk about Active Words but realised that delegating the responsibility to Craig was a good move, especially when you consider that it was a New Zealander that had Ink Enabled the application in the first place. If you haven't tried ActiveWords then I highly recommend it; it really is the multi-purpose programmable button missing on all PC's, Tablet or not.
You can download a fully functional Strokeit. Believe it or not, this app was developed to be used by a mouse on a normal PC; the fact is that when installed on a Tablet PC it is a very powerful tool. (Download Strokeit Here!)

The XBOX 360 lounge Microsoft Australia

The evening was hijacked by the Three Downunder Tableteers (Neil, Craig and Hugo) which caused Dr. Neil to write on his blog: “I was going to give a presentation on ActiveSync development but for various reasons that got side tracked and then canned.” For your pleasure I have recorded a quick pan of the XBOX Room with my digital camera. Be Quick! Have a look before someone from Microsoft forces me to take it down.

During the course of the evening I also managed to sit with Dr. Neil and Craig long enough to record “Talk’n Tablet DownunderShow #3.”

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hugo Ortega & Cameron Riley Talk Tablet

Following along the theme of “Talk’n Tablet Downunder” (the UberTablet Podcast: Show#1, Show#2), last night I Guest Hosted an all Australian Podcast with the Cameron Riley. While the show is titled “The Personal Productivity Show,” we turned the event into a Tablet/Origami chat more than anything else.

If you have a chance to talk to Cameron you’ll discover a tumultuously elegant man that controls his domain with decisiveness & intention. Speaking to him for half an hour I somehow felt that this would not be the only time our paths cross.

Listen here while David “The Lifekludger” Wallace (an amazing Geek, you'll be inspired by his PDA efforts), Cameron Riley and your UberTablet Geek Hugo Ortega chew the fat…

Show notes:

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We said Origami, not Versace!

With all this Talk of Origami, “is it real?” “Is it not?” I thought I'd take the opportunity to post some images myself. [These come from a truly reliable source.]

Knowing that Engadget has posted an image from this gallery and subsequently questioned it’s validity as a true Origami device; I thought it my duty as Australia’s UberTablet Geek to get some answers. It was entertaining to note the reference’s to Photoshop, and some comments went as far as to question the device’s depth. Upon further research, and just for the record, the following pictures are of a bootable device, i.e. real, but I can’t say more than that. I am also told that they will be available in Australia next month which means that the USA will be in the same boat – especially when you consider we follow your lead.

While I cannot reveal specifications, or much else for that matter...What I will say is this: "the device we've all seen in the Digital Kitchen Video is not the only device that will be available."

Upon reading comments left on other blogs regarding aesthetics I thought to myself "this is quite pathetic." Most of the bloggers disseminating information about the Origami Project (like GottBeMobile, WhatIsNew, JK, TabletPC2 and Warner Crocker) are trying to guage your interest in the device, not your fashion orientation regarding it's look. If you pay attention for just a second you'll note that they didn't say: "hey, look at this Ugly piece of PCB!"

We obviously have mixed opinions in regards to look, but isn’t that the case with a pair of shoes, or a mobile phone? Let’s assume (quite cleverly) that Microsoft has bundled some new software on top of an existing Operating System; let’s also assume that Microsoft isn’t the manufacturer themselves and that someone else is putting the device (or devices) together for them. With these assumptions in mind shouldn't we be asking: “Who’s the market it’s aimed at?” And “Where will it rank within our artillery of Notebook, Tablet, Mobile phone device, PDA and so on?”

Let’s ponder this; if the intended Origami device is a truly Ultra Mobile Device that ships with only 7” or 8” of screen space, what are we going to do with it?”

Here’s my goal:
  • If it synchronizes my contacts and calendar events with outlook I can start to think about dropping my mobile phone and replacing it with a phone-only solution (hence smaller).
  • Now that I’m subscribed to many Video Podcasts perhaps I can download my favorites for the day and carry it with me.
  • If the software is “ink enabled" like Tablet PC, then perhaps I can send handwritten notes, use OneNote to store notes, send handwritten emails and chat on MSN in “ink” too.
  • Synchronization – now that would be cool. Imagine the Origami as a tool for carrying daily tasks and notes! What if it could then be docked back into my main PC for synchronization of data inputted/outputted from the day. Now that would work for me.
  • Internet connectivity on the run. That would mean I could disseminate information more regularly and receive it too. (I know this is very achievable today – but who really pulls out there laptop regularly to Google while on a bus or taxi).

With so much talk of aesthetics I thought it more important to ascertain the relevance of such a device. I know the last thing I need at the moment is another device to carry with me – so if Origami is to be a success then which of all the devices we carry will it replace???

Origami is an exciting event designed to inspire innovation - let's really talk Origami!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Uber Tablet Kids deserve some space!

After much deliberation it seemed that I had a theme emerging in my passion and commitment for all things Tablet PC. The initial thought is that should remain innovative, and substantial in information, so that my subscribers and others may gain maximum experience for their buck. Since my maniacal passion for all things Tablet also coexist with my life as a Dad then it’s only a natural progression to marry the two.

There’s great news for all! In order to most benefit the uberly hungry Tablet PC fanatics (and yet to be) I have decided to segregate my works into two lots. The first will remain literal masterpieces that canvas my journey as the Tablet PC guy in Australia; the second will now enhance the UberTablet user experience by dedicating chunks of my resources to the kids. is now officially live and has its first few posts up. This site is dedicated to my efforts to share Tablet PC with the kids. Whilst we carry the burden of adulthood, and all the luggage (lucky you if it’s only baggage) that comes with it, the kiddies remain remarkably unimpressed by Tablet PC at all. It’s this essence that I will Blog on and therefore disprove the notion that Tablet PC is innovative, new, or amazing. To kiddies that grow up with Tablet PC it’s…nothin’ but a Tablet.

Watch leon ink to Dr. Neil Rooodyn via MSN. Enjoy!

Tomorrow night I have congregated the only two Tablet PC MVP’s located outside of the United States of America (6th March 2006 - I stand corrected, the only two in the Southern Hemisphere - by Lora Heiny). I will be joined by Dr. Neil Roodyn AU/USAand Craig Pringle of New Zealand in a podcast not to be missed.

These two men have been substantially important to the Tablet PC community, and ironically have never met!!! I’ve had to pickup Craig from the Airport and take him to Neil at the SWMUG monthly meeting held at Microsoft Head Office Australia to make it happen…

Stay tuned!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Uber Tablet Kids Rock!

Tonight we invited good friends of ours, The Lee’s, for dinner. Kevin Lee and I often talk of all things technology and share a symbiotic relationship that encompasses our wives, our kids and a voracious appetite for good literature.

Kevin is the National Software Sales Manager for Tactic Consulting, a company specializing in eLearning Solutions. He has succesfully grown his business opportunities via a strong aptitude for sales and a thorough understanding of his product range. As we wined (Yalumba Merlot from the Barossa Valley, South Australia) and dined on Jamie Oliver's Meatballs (I hope that come out right? LOL) I knew that it wouldn’t be long before the kids needed to take a Tablet.

watch the video

When it was time for dessert I decided to take the pulpit and preach Tablet PC. As we sat by the swimming pool on a warm Sydney summer night, I began! The rest of the evening my friend Kevin was charmed by tales of Tablet and servings of InkGestures. Knowing that his firm is focused on eLearning I couldn’t help but showcase ActiveWords running on my favourite Slate PC, and also InkGestures now enabled for PowerPoint.

As Whitney Houston once sang: “I believe that children are the future.” With that being the case I’m focused on converting them to ink from an early age. My goal is for kids to go home and say “Daddy, where’s the pen?”

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Friday, March 03, 2006

InkGestures gets Power enabled

Lora pinged me a few moments ago as it seems InkGestures has now been enabled for use on Microsoft PowerPoint. Loren has posted a "short but sweet" demo on the solution.

I think with Coders like Loren and Buzz around we're on track to make Tablet PC a very viable consumer product! It's interesting to note that Rob bushway and I both got harassed by Lora this evening - LOL!

PS. Lenovo has just sent me the brand new X41 Tablet, I'll blog on it soon...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Craig, Buzz, Skype and I

On one of my recent chats with Craig Pringle (tablet PC MVP New Zealand) I was introduced to Buzz Bruggeman of Pete Weldon in Florida, 4pm their time. Now, if you ever have a chance to have a beer with these two chaps then you should definitely take it up. Apart from oozing with enthusiasm for all things Tablet they’re also focused on world domination too. It seemed that for every challenge presented, they had a solution; and for every solution they actually had a service pack downloadable at some forward-slash address I’d never heard of!!!

We sat through the morning talking Tablet PC, Origami and more. Our conversation also moved onto name dropping…a competition declared even at fulltime.

I’m excited about Active Words and am happily linking you to Craig Pringles ActiveWordsDemo. I’m a strong believer that Active Words is the programmable button that the Slate tablet has been missing. With this application you can program any given word to then be used as a trigger for an event. When you consider that I am currently running three different slates (keyboardless), then having this mechanism has accelerated the way I work. For e.g. I now input into the Active Words panel “@neil” and my email client is launched with Dr. Neil Roodyn’s email address already typed into the address box.

Let’s put this into perspective. Normally on my slate I would launch Outlook via my start menu (I’m not a fan of desktop icons or Quick Launch either) and then click on “new” to compose an email. Then via the Tablet input panel I would type the letter “n” for Neil and select Dr. Neil from the selections available. With Active Words all I do is write "@neil" (because that’s the way I distinguish an email to Neil as opposed to other triggers I have set for Neil) and the rest is done for me…too cool!

Some facts I learnt today:

  • ActiveWords software stores your database of words in a file that can be backed up and migrated to other installations.
  • ActiveWords PLUS gives you the ability to install the product on all your computers (as long as they're for your own use).
  • ActiveWords Enterprise edition allows you to share your companies "ActiveWords" directory over a network. This means that company related triggers can be accessed simultaneously across and network, with out the need to configuration's on every computer.
  • ActiveWords has the ability to receive both "Ink" and "Type" in the input panel.

Download a fully functional free 60 day trial of AvtiveWords Today!

Craig Pringle will be in Australia for Toshiba's Mobilexchange event held next week. I’ll be picking him up from Sydney Airport to do what I do best…talk Tablet. If you want a chance to meet Craig then he'll be at the monthly Sydney Windows Mobile User Group meeting.

Intel joins the Origami debate???

Lora Heiny posted a comment that caught my attention this evening about the correlation between Google rankings and the Origami Project. While I think the propoganda and the way in which it has infected the blogosphere is very inspiring, I am a little concerned about the effect it will have on search engine results.

Like a Tsunami leaves months and perhaps years of devastation in its wake, could it be that the Microsoft project will leave years of irreversible Goolge rankings for true "paper-folding" websites coming out of the motherland?

Image C/O:

I'd like to dedicate the following links to the true warrior, in an effort to keep "pagerank" honest:

You guys don't deserve to be bullied by a little "startup" like Microsoft. Keep the dream alive and let me know if your "pagerank" is affected!

Good luck boys, we think Intel has started talking Origami!

The Intel scoop was Blogged by Rob Bushway of If you pay some attention to the keywords flashed before you, such as Music, Games, Internet, TV, Entertainment and Music again, then we can only assume that Microsoft has impregnated the embryo of the "iPod Movie" with "Sony PSP" DNA.

This blogpost is brought to you by the letter P (as in Procrastinating on work I should be doing).