Tuesday, June 12, 2007

For the record

While I was away I it seems as though another mate of mine has decided to have a dig (that’s Aussie speak for launch an attack). First it was Frank Garcia, and now Chippy!

Before you all get too carried away with my opening comment you need to know that this is all in good jest. Both Chippy and I are good mates, and in fact Frank and I are too. What occurs – often – is that we have-a-dig in order to see if the other is awake/listening/asleep or not. So on this occasion I thought it was important to fill in some blanks and go on record for Chippy's sake. At this point you may want to note that my videos are shot unprepared, unedited and unintentional. They are really about a geek spontaneously having fun in the moment. LOL.

The following is an extract from Chippy’s blog and in RED text are my thoughts.

Chippy said:

  • It's significant that a tablet MVP has dropped pen input. I've said before that I think handwriting input is going to become less important. Especially for mobile and mass market consumers. It will still be useful for a niche segment but its not important for devices that are not targeted at this segment. Oops Chippy...your first "what tha!" Unquestionably I chose the OQO for its PEN features far and beyond most other compelling reasons; it is after all the smallest Wacom Enabled UMPC on Market (which makes it the best for inking). The only other feature that comes close to the importance I hold for the pen on my Model 02 is the form-factor itself. Have a listen to this podcast I recorded with the GBM Team (May 22nd) which should show you that this is not an off the cuff remark I am making but something I feel stands true. I don't believe there is any such thing as a Tablet MVP losing their love for the pen...especially not me. I believe you are entitled to your comment (regarding the demise of the pen) and it sounds like you have a great ally in JKK too. There is a great deal of merit in Touch Technology and your argument but I believe it should never be as black or white as one or the other. The choice will empower many. If we lose one or the other then we lose so much flexibility.
  • The Samsung Q1 organizer keyboard is not cramped. Its one of the best quality mini keyboards that I've ever used. I'm using it right now and have no need to attach a full size keyboard. Have you got farmers fingers mate? Good point mate (not about the fingers). Allow me to elaborate...The Q1 Keyboard is most useful in a static position, i.e. not standing, not car, not walking. IMHO the Organiser Pack, which I love so much, is inconvenient when actually static (as I prefer a "real" keyboard then) and also inconvenient when I am mobile (as I prefer a smaller one). As I stated in my video these are benefits I did not realise I would appreciate until I got the OQO in my hands. Subsequently I have had to make myself flexible enough to accept the changes that are occurring in the Tablet space and learn to implement them into my routine without falling trap to previous addictions.
  • Do you need that Dopod any more? You've pretty much said that the OQO does everything that the Dopod does and better. If I were you I would move down to a feature phone. Absolutely makes more sense now. In fact I am not using it as much any more at all. I'm not sure what to get though?!?! Any Mobile Phone Dudes want to recommend a phone for me. I need HSDPA, touch, Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0, and small. The Dopod 810 springs to mind but I think it’s still a bit big.
  • Pocketing an OQO Model 02 is going to be 1 - awkward 2 - going to rip your pockets. I used to carry a lot around in my suit when I worked in London but I ended up at the tailors every three months! (I think you're reading too much into this comment of mine.) Ironically pocketing the OQO is NOT something I do often. My video was designed to highlight that it CAN be done SHOULD the need arise. In fact one of my readers even pointed out that I might not be able to pull it out of my pocket when sitting! Good point. LOL. As an FYI normally I pull it out of my pocket well before my bum hits any seat. LOL.
  • Is it really your desktop PC or do you have a larger desktop that you use for video editing? It is my desktop replacement for Business functionality, i.e. everything other than ripping podcasts and editing videos. Don't forget I own over 17 Tablets (including UMPC) so I'm a little spoilt. The Model 02 has however, for the record, replaced my desktop; podcasts and videos are a hobby for me and I don’t consider them as part of my day-to-day desktop requirements. For this reason I see these tasks as vertically oriented rather than directly related to my desktop activities – so I use a dedicated device for those tasks. I think we all know that editing a movie on a C7M would be futile (unless left as its only task).
  • Numeric keypad. How many numbers are you putting in per day? really needed? Oops...I thought it was my video, about me. LOL. WRT the number pad I use it a lot. My passwords for almost everything are alphanumeric so daily I would use it between 30 and 60 times a day. Not to mention when I am working with numbers on an Excel spreadsheet or putting Contract entries into Outlook.
  • Q1 organizer pack is a table-top solution I agree. Not a sofa, standing, car, bed solution. Here what you said in point number two "The Samsung Q1 organizer keyboard is not cramped." Now you come back with a contradictory comment. For the record it is cramped, in some instances, and not cramped, in others. I stand by my reply to your point number two. I think it’s about choice.
  • I agree. Windows is not optimized for touch but there is a lot of software that is. Navigation for example. Touch is important. I just don't miss Touch on a 5" device. Sorry.
  • I use the Q1b as a desktop replacement but its not quite good enough. Intel based devices make far better desktop replacements. XP on 1.2Ghz VIA is probably about the entry point so yes, I agree it can be used as a desktop and yes, you have to change your working style a little. So true.
  • What battery life do you get with your extended battery. Is it a full day like with the other two solutions or did you sacrifice some battery life? No sacrifice due to a little beauty of an accessory named the Battery Charging Adapter. All that has happened is that I carry two fully charged extended batteries instead of one 6 cell plus an 8 cell power bank.
  • We know that the keyboard on the OQO isn't much faster than on screen typing/handwriting. Would you be happy to lose 4-8mm on the depth of the device (or have a bigger battery capacity) without a keyboard and use an on screen keyboard? Personally it is much faster than the use of the software keyboard embedded in the TIP (Tablet Input Panel). Once again personally it is slower than ink-to-text using the TIP. So it is dependent on what you/I am doing. I would favour this device with a keyboard more so than without it. At least it is there on the 30% of the time I need it (% based on overall usage). Batteries would not be a reason to lose the keyboard as much as weight and thickness would. If it did not have a keyboard I don't think I would have bought it as I would rather go back to the Q1P with OP. Because my keyboard usage (as stated previously) is somewhat dynamic, i.e. sit/walk/run, then it has merit here; take it away and it might change the hole HUGOMETER balance.
  • Don't forget to highlight that the OQO Model 02 with docking station is around double the cost of a Q1b with organizer! You have to be tech-savvy and also be able to justify saving minutes per day to balance the extra cost. You just did. Well done.


propstm said...

Great post Hugo! I think we need more dialogues like this within the mobile space.

Personally my Q1B saved me from being without a mobile connection for most of the Future of Online Advertising conference in NYC this past week. Also the Organizer Pack was great! but... When trying to sit it up on my lap and type it was hard to get the darn thing at a comfortable angle. Walking off to the side and setting it up at a table fixed that issue though.

The mobility/UMPC space seems to be changing so rapidly right now that we need these dialogues to help solve issues and questions of what works and what doesn't. And how these devices which we are seeing come out are helping us become more mobile.

Chippy said...

Hi Hugo.
Thanks for the response.

Ref dropping pen input. It was when you said 'on a 5" device, pen is barely useable' that I thought you where saying that, pen is barely useable!! It really sounds like you chose the OQO for the keyboard and not for the pen input features.

Ref Keyboard. Look at what I said. I said the keyboard is not cramped. I said the organiser pack is not for using in mobile situations. We agree yeah that the keyboard is not cramped? The organiser pack, on the other hand, is awkward to use on some situations.

Ref number input: Fair enough. You do a lot of numbers!

OK mate. Great having a bit of blog banter with you. These conversations hopefuly help us all!

chapmanbobby said...

The Q1's organizer pack and keyboard are removable are they not? Is it time consuming or difficult to do so? If not, it seems that in situations where you are going to be standing or such, you could easily remove the organizer pack and enjoy the on screen keyboard/dial keys/TIP, and in those 30% times when you need it, you'll have it available. I mean you don't have to have the keyboard kit on the Q1 to type out your fast and/or short emails.

I use my Q1 stand alone with NO attachments and feel absolutely no sacrifice in speed. It took only a week or so of using only the available methods before I caught up in speed to typing. Plus when I write and move icons and such by hand rather than a mouse and keyboard, my information retention about those items is much higher.

Maybe I just use mine very differently than others. I have my computer very customized and I function just fine without a keyboard. Although I do miss it at times on long pieces of text such as this. But what I do is just write my response in Windows Journal and use the Copy as Text function. This may seem like an extra step, but I always have Windows Journal up as it's one of my favorite tools on the UMPC.

propstm said...

yep, the org pack is removable and is as simple as unplugging a usb plug. it was merely a hassle to me cuz i had been trying to type notes at the conference (yes i inked some too) but in the area or mobility and typing, i had been failed i thought. I could do it, but the screen was at all sorts of awkward angles. :-P

CTitanic said...

You see, this is why I need more power, I´m actually editing my videos in my Q1!


CTitanic said...

ah, for the record, for me it's a honor to know you at least by reading your blog and you reading mine. We can have different thoughts about different topics but that does not make us enemies. I consider you a good friend and a good mentor.

chapmanbobby said...

Another problem I have with the OQO, is the screen size. Personally I cannot use it, period. End of discussion there. There is no reasonable way to create art on an OQO. This is just me though, and honestly how many artists are buying these?

The main point is this, I show off my Q1 like it's going out of style. At 800x600 I hear a lot of people saying they cant make out the text. When I show them the 800x480 view, most of the time they agree that it's perfect for casual computing and that 800x600 is tolerable for internet usage.

I'm fairly glad the OQO is not available in stores, as people would probably buy them on impulse because it is, after all, a very amazing looking device.

However with the screen being as small as it is and the amount of work arounds on the OQO, there would be a lot of returns I believe And more importantly, it would likely give a negative impression of UMPCs and possibly all tablet computers in general.

For me I honestly think the Q1 is the best solution, and I have no intention of moving up to a Q1 ultra, not even if someone offered a swap for my Q1. It just looks, functions, and suits me perfectly.

Opus said...

@chapmanbobby LOL! At $2,000 plus I highly doubt the OQO 02 would be an impulse purchase. I have yet to see any UMPC demo anywhere near where I live so any product made visable is good for the platform. Showing my 02 to people gets mixed reactions because of the size and that is good, because once they see the 7" products they'll say now that is a lot better;)

Also the 02 has the same native resolution as a Q1 but with more precise inking & texturing so it is doable for us micro artists. BTW like your UMPC art, thanks for sharing on origami.com