Friday, July 27, 2007

In and out and out again

I am preparing to go away again (more on that later) and have been in and out of the office/blog. I am still loving my gadget life at present and would like to take a moment to catch you up:

  • OQO 02 is still running Vista Ultimate and I have recently installed PDF Annotator which is so much fun to play with (watch Rob's InkShow)
  • I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Q1U-V! Yep, that's Tablet number...15, 16, 17...I lost count sorry.
  • I am now the proud owner of an Amtek T770. This machine is pretty unique in that it is very low priced and yet features onboard camera, kickstand, Wifi, Bluetooth and lots more. It is a little clumsy as it is quite large, and, it tends to run hot (although not as hot as its predecessor the T700).
  • I have received a Nova SunPad and it ROCKS!!! More on that soon!
  • I have a Storm Trooper coming with a yet to be seen Accessory! (If you don't know what the storm trooper is just head over to GBM and see if you can find out. *smiles*

I'll be back soon. Hope you're all well! Miss you all!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 random things about me

My mate James Kendrick has tagged me in the "8 random things" meme (11 times to Paris James!!! OMG!) so here are eight random things about me:

  1. I love cooking - homemade Gnocchi being my forte!
  2. Prior to Tablets stuff I actually worked for the United Nations overseas.
  3. I once stopped traffic on Sydney's Harbour Bridge (with some mates), jumped out of our vehicles and danced with our shirts off. All this while a helicopter filmed us overhead for one of my friend's music video clips. [What can I say but I was young-er and stupid!]
  4. My second child Amber is an Identical Twin to sister Dea. Regrettably Dea did not make it through the birth (God bless her) and is not here with us.
  5. I actually applied to be an Air Steward for Qantas, with 15,000 other candidates, and got the job! I was selcted as one of only 6 candidates from the lot and yet I was the only one that turned down the offer! LOL.
  6. I was born in Argentina and still speak fluent Spanish, albeit rusty sometimes.
  7. I suffered from Epeleptic fits at a young age but thankfully these went away shortly after. (Although some might not believe me! *smiles*)
  8. I have owned 4 motorbikes and plan on owning my 5th soon.

That's enough about me. Here are the four I wanna hear from:

  1. Dennis Rice - comrad at GBM
  2. Jose Mendiola - Webmaster of Spain's Palmaniac
  3. Frank Garcia - New MVP of CTitanic
  4. JKK - of JKK Mobile

Friday, July 13, 2007

Raon Digital EVERUN InkShow

As part of my contributions to I also get to post some neat videos. These are normally fun to do and they often give me an opportunity to get up to some mischief. On this occasion I have the Raon Digital EVERUN with HSDPA module and quite rightly...I'm not afraid to use them! I take you from my Living Room and somehow end up at one of my local Sydney Beaches too!

Enjoy this video:

GBM InkShow: Raon Digital EVERUN InkShow
Watch or download the High Res version (38 minutes, 291MB, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bjorn does not one but two

Fellow blogger Bjorn Stromberg of Via Technologies (proud sponsors of the UberTablet Videos) has done a great job of breaking into the store room at Via HQ in Taiwan! He not only came out with one new UMPC but with two – by none other than Packard Bell! I couldn't believe that there is even a guest appearance by none other! What tha!


See it on

This week just flu past

Blogging this week has come second to playing nurse at home. With my wife and two kids coming down with the flu I’m afraid this week all I saw was boxes of tissues and fresh ginger tea! I can report that the Raon Digital EVERUN still rocks; the OQO 02 is still my favourite UMPC; and the FedEX Man is on his way back this week coming with yet another device.

Because of my present time constraints I have posted some new stuff at (the American website I contribute to). So have a visit if you get a chance:

More soon. Yhanks for your great support UberTablet Family.