Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Speaking at TechED Australia today

I am on a Plane in 90 minutes time and headed to sunny Queensland to Speak at this Year's TechED Australia. It is Microsoft's biggest event, and happens to be the first time I speak there. I am really excited and although I am a seasoned Public Speaker I must admit that this has been bouncing with nerves of excitement!


If you're attending TechED come and join my session and say hello!


UNC303CT - Ultra Mobile PC Awareness: Is your software business ready?

08/08/2007 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM, AU Meeting Room 7

Speaker(s): Hugo Ortega

The Microsoft Origami Project haled the arrival of a new form factor dubbed the Ultra Mobile PC
(UMPC). With hardware that fell right in between a PDA and a notebook in size, and Notebook and
Desktop in functionality, the UMPC is the world’s most promising hardware revolutions to date.
Becasue they delivery fully capable operating systems in the palm of your hand these device s have
the potentially to increase the richness or the user’s experience virtually overnight. Join Hugo
Ortega, Australia’s only Tablet PC MVP, as he takes a walk through the UMPC idiosyncrasies to
consider when considering this platform. He will cover of past, present and future possibilities and
describe in detail how you might implement UMPC as a strategy for increasing your businesses
profitability while providing a richer working environment for your end user.

Track(s): Mobility, Unified Communications, Windows Client

Level: 300


Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,

Good luck with the presentation (even though we all know that you'll do great!).
Come back to give us some feedback soon!

Phil (Mtl, Canada)
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Anonymous said...

Good Luck Hugo,
I'm sure you'll have a ball.


Big D from Miami said...

Hope everything went well. We would love to hear the reaction and feeback of those listening to your presentation. Check back when you get a chance.