Friday, September 29, 2006

Aussie Tableteers have a yarn

Whenever Dr. Neil Roodyn is in your country you just know that some good stuff is gonna' happen. On this occasion Neil and I both got together for some geekish fooling around that included rebuilding his PC and mud wrestling between the Raon Digital Vega and the Samsung Q1. Not only did we have fun and games but we actually got some work done too - oh, and Dr. Neil's Notes number 20 went live on the day also.

If you're interested have a listen in here. It was actually recorded live on a Samsung Q1, edited on a Samsung Q1 and uploaded via Samsung Q1. Kind of ironic given that all we talked about was the...Samsung Q1.

Dr. Neil's Notes 20

Show notes:

Welcome to Show 20

Other News


Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Nice listening both of you together! :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Gracias Gabriel,

Neil is an awseome guy - both Tablet PC related, and other. I am proud to know him as a friend.

After this podcast we decided to do more on a weekly basis - see if that eventuates!.

Diogo said...

First of all, let me congratulate you on your good job, you have a fine blog here! I love your reviews I'd like to ask if/when you're reviewing the Asus R2H. I'm planning on buying it as it's only about €800 here in Portugal (inc. BT, camera, 60gb HD and only 512mb ram) but I'd like to know what are your thoughts about it. The Q1 would be my first choice (as I intend to use it mainly, but not only, as a media player) but alas, being a student, the price is just too high - around €1100.

Keep up the fantastic work

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Diego,

Nice to hear from you.

Regrettably I have not had a R2H with me so I cannot properly give you feedback at this point.To assist you a little I should let you know that ASUS is one of my favorite brands. Becasue they manufacture the motherboard themselves they usually have better Product Development and manufacture.

Given your circumstance as a student I would suggest that the ASUS ticks al the right boxes. While the Samsung Q1 is an awesome machine, I do not see that the ASUS is any less of a device...

Hope this helps and thank you for your ongoing support. You guys make it all worth while!

Gotta go, it's Saturday and I'm cooking pancakes for my son...

Diogo said...

Wow, didn't expect an answer so quickly lol thanks for your feedback!

I forgot it was already morning over there, have a great weekend!

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Tortitas!! Have a nice weekend, Hugo.

diogo, who is selling the R2H in Portugal?

Diogo said...

hi Gabriel, check out though I doubt they already have it in stock..

check this one out too -> - comes with 768mb of ram

Hugo Ortega said...

LOL Diogo,

The reason everyone gets a fast answer on my posts is becasue "I'm Ultra Mobile" don't forget! Pancakes were great and the beach is going to be even better - yes it's day here and coming into summer - must be that whole "downunder" thang! Cya

BTW good job on helping Gabriel out!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hola Gabriel,

Las tortitas estaban muy rica! LOL

Anonymous said...