Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Linda Epstein does Toshiba M7

For those of you that haven’t read a Linda Epstein (TabletPC2.com) Tablet PC review…well for all of you, you’re missing out. Not only does Linda provide first hand insight, as she is a Tablet PC owner and user, but she also manages to mention technicalities, oh, and accessories too. By the end of a Linda E. review you will be educated and more often than not salivated in anticipation of yet another awesome device.

On this occasion Linda has spent time with the Toshiba M7 14.1” WideScreen Tablet PC. Personally I am jealous as I believe this is a winning device (although CoreDuo is a noticeable absentee). I find it interesting that in her initial comments she describes it as “with Tablet PC Support.” Maybe that means it’s a mean notebook with Tablet PC features (reminds me of my Gateway Tablet review).

Linda goes through the details and specifications of the device at some length. Covering off Power Management, Accessories, and the question we all get asked, “is it Vista Premium ready?”

For those of you ready to read just click here, for those of you that would never click on a link on my blog no matter what I linked to, here is a snipping I prepared for you earlier:

To answer the question that I am asked most often these days... The Answer is yes. The Tecra M7 is Windows Vista™ Premium Ready! I have no doubt that Vista will rock on this Tablet! I will install Vista on the Tecra M7 next month and post some screen shots and comments at that time.


The turn-style transformation from laptop to Tablet PC with digital ink helps boost the visual experience of the world's first 14.1" WXGA+ [1440x900] display with Tablet to multimedia levels .


Battery Life: 3 hours 5 minutes in always on mode, wireless on, no standby, no hibernate and the screen and hard drive on.
Heat: The internal fan does its job very well and sitting on the desk at full power the The Tecra M7 barely put off any heat at all. This is definitely not a machine you could slip under the covers to warm your toes on a winter night!


In Conclusion:

The Tecra M7 offers something for everyone. From the casual user who just wants the best to the Power user who wants it all... [read more]


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Vista really rocks on Tecra M7

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