Saturday, September 16, 2006

UMPC Home Valuation Software Video

[Update, 4th October 2006 - To contact Apex Australia please use this email: Darrell Cann]
[Update, 6th October 2006 - To contact Apex Usa please use this email: Randall H. Garrett]

In an effort to test some new video editing software (colour needs some work) and bring you the latest UMPC/Tablet PC related news from Australia tonight I decided to share another little video. This time the software is from a Company named Apex Software that is based in the United States and has a regional office in Australia.

Apex have been in the “Home Valuation” (Appraiser) space for a long time. Their efforts have been well documented and their growing commitment and passion for the Ultra Mobile PC really has me interested. When I saw their funky new website (make sure you have broadband) and this video I couldn’t help but upload it for you – “my style.” Keep your eye out for the Motion Tablets and an EO.

Sit back and enjoy an UberTablet segment designed to motivated, excite and delight.

Watch it on My YouTube

More info:

Apex Software has been setting the standard in desktop sketching solutions since 1987. Most appraisers know Apex as a desktop product that's focused on making appraisal sketching fast, easy, and accurate. I can't even remember when I last had to "calculate" the square footage of a home! But how many ALSO think of Apex Software in terms of mobile sketching, data collection, training and support?

Medina will be ready for release this November and is designed to replace their current desktop sketching package - both the standalone and "forms software" versions. It will read all prior versions of Apex sketches and capable of doing a "Save As" back to the older version 3 file formats.

Nexus is a new tablet/UMPC "mobile" sketcher that is being rolled out now in Australia as part of a contract for the largest lender "down under". It's currently in Beta testing for the mass appraisal market in North America, and will be announced for Assessor's in October 2006 at the IAAO conference. It's scheduled to be released for the fee appraiser market in January 2007.


Matt Propst said...

R2H news, Hugo i'm taking a leap of faith that the R2H will be everything it's cracked up to be. After the news I found earlier this week, I found a site offering a presale and decided to take the plunge.

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Very nice app indeed.
Uhmm where did you take dancing classes? :P

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Guys,

I didn't take dancing lessons, that's all me baby...raw talent, just like that...LOL.

R2H looks aewsome and I wish you the best.

Charbax said...

Wow that's funky. But I don't need this app.

Though the thing about on the go measurements stuff looks cool. But how about putting a distance detector on a headmounted camera, so that a 3D model of what you are seeing is generated automatically.

Hugo Ortega said...

See this is one of the reasons why I love blogging, i.e. all the suggestions. One reader claims I have a "biointegrated circuit" in my head, while another now suggests a "distance detector on a headmounted camera." Funky!mSee what I can do, ;-)

Anonymous said...

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