Friday, September 29, 2006

Samsung Q1 is Official in Australia/NZ

I am excited to bring you the news that the Q1 one is Officially here. Tegatech Australia has today announced a partnership with Samsung Australia - Q1 Ultra Mobile PC Officially available! For me personally the lead up to this event has been UMPC making history in Australia, and is the turning of a new age for this region. Earlier this year I was regrettably told that Australia was not earmarked at all for the Q1, so upon hearing the news of its Official Availability I was absolutely rapt for the Aussie lovers of this gear!

Tegatech Australia Official Partner of Samsung Q1

In a partnership seen as strategic as much as anything else Samsung Australia today gave Official Distribution rights to Australia's only Tablet PC Distributor, Tegatech. This means that Australia now has an "Aussie Q1" with specifications outlined in the spec sheet provided today.[Q1 in AUstralia]

Not only did the Q1 go live today but so did all the matching accessories - I can't wait to get the car kit and keyboard stuff! Given that the Q1 was the "Original" Origami (touted on all Samsung sites as the World's first UMPC) it warms me inside to know that Australia will now have exposure. As you all know I've owned one for some time and it still is arguably the sexiest off all the UMPC available on the market. Can't wait to see what Australia thinks...

A copy of the Official Press Release:


Samsung Australia selects Ultra Mobile PC Partner
Distributor Tegatech Australia gets Official Approval for Samsung Q1

Sydney, September 29th, 2006 – Tegatech Australia, a leader in the Ultra Mobile PC space, has today been given Official approval to distribute the Samsung Q1 to its channel of Authorised Resellers. In a move seen as strategic for Samsung the new partnership is designed to leverage off of Tegatech Australia’s key focus in the region – the Tablet.

“Our commitment to Distributing Tablet PC hardware in Australia and NZ has brought us to this point,” said a Tegatech representative. “We’re excited about the role and are placing as many resources available to ensure its success. The fact that the role has been given to us almost exclusively is a huge plus.”

Meanwhile Samsung is reported to be pleased with the decision as the Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) still remains a fairly misunderstood product within the industry. Given the penetration that Tegatech Australia has in the Tablet PC market, Samsung is looking to leverage off of that and establish a solid presence for the Q1 device.

Tegatech has held key talks with National Sales Manager for Samsung Australia, Joe Serra, and is pleased with the outcomes. While Tegatech will not have access to much of the Samsung IT range Mr. Serra has asked for a concentrated focus from Tegatech towards the Q1 and the Reseller Channel.

“We understand the product and have a growing channel of Authorised Tablet PC Resellers with proven track records; they are innovative and proactive with their solutions. The Q1 not only provides a pleasant user experience but it can increase productivity too,” Tegatech said. “With our commitment to the Resellers, and the Samsung Q1, we can help ensure that UMPC is in fact a success downunder.”

About Tegatech Australia

Tegatech Australia is the only Tablet PC specific Distributor in the Australia/NZ marketplace. By focusing so heavily on the Tablet PC form factor Tegatech has enhanced the Reseller experience via a commitment to training and support. Close ties to Microsoft creates a synergy that allows resellers to grow and enhance their presence in the Tablet space.

Established in 2003 Tegatech is now seen as a market leader in the Tablet PC arena. By targeting resellers-only Tegatech has grown from strength-to-strength. Via strategic reseller partnerships that focus on vertical markets, and the corporate sectors, Tegatech is creating a groundswell of interest. Current Tablet successes include the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), National Australia Bank (NAB), TAB Corp and more.

For further information about Tegatech Australia or the Samsung Q1 UMPC please contact Tegatech on tel: + 61 2 9400 5666 or visit the website:

Toll Free: 1800 615 617
Image Bank:


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great result for Hugo, but realistically, Samsung is a CES vendor with a huge marketing budget and widespread availability, everywhere from Harvey Norman to Retravision etc etc.

It seems like Samsung is consigning the Q1 to being a tiny niche-market product unless it gets the product into the wider marketplace:- I'll probably buy one from Hugo, but unless the average consumer can walk into HN and see and touch one, its dead in the water....

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Anonymous,

Hi Anonymous,

Your feedback is valid. One thing you need to understand however is that as a Distribution Partner Samsung has chosen Tegatech to tackle to reseller channel (not the end consumer)...who said Harvey's and Dick Smith won't have Q1 by Christmas! I didn't say that...

Buyng one of me...I think I can do point you in the right direction. LOL. Thanks for the comment.

MarioAl63 said...


So which do you recommend - the EO or the Samsung Q1? Or does it matter?

Anonymous said...

This is really good news Hugo!

I recently bought a Q1 from Coretech (ctonline) in Queensland who are absolutely terrible. It was my worst ever purchasing experience online (or possibly anywhere else). My God, what they could learn about customer service...

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Anonymous!

Great to hear from you, albeit bad news an all. All I can say to you is that Tegatech Australia is the only Distributor entitled to "really" sell and support the Q1 in Australia. Prior to this announcment the any other sales are considered "grey market" or as you might put it...BLACK!

Please let me know if you need support on your "shitty" sale so that you can get some real service. From what I hear around, Tegatech is getting the job done right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,

I was wondering whether you knew the difference between the Q1 and the Q1B models that Samsung are touting on their website (

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

I do know the difference:

Q1B = better battery life (maybe a 5% increase) and brighter screen. On the downside Q1B = mono speaker with 1x cone, and no ethernet. So you win some you lose some with Q1B...

Great question.

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