Monday, October 02, 2006

Hugo Ortega receives Microsoft MVP Award

This Monday morning was always going to be pleasant given that it was a Public Holiday in Australia – Labour Day, New South Wales (NSW) and beyond. Yet it was destined to be more substantial than just that.

As I grabbed a cup of coffee and pressed send/receive to check for new messages I was astounded by one of the headers that read:

“[MVP] Congratulations! You have received the Microsoft MVP Award

Wow! What an amazing way to start a Monday. Microsoft was officially acknowledging everything I had done this last year by awarding me the status of Microsoft MVP 2007. The first thing I did was look up who else had been awarded the title in my competency, i.e. Windows - Tablet PC.

As I gazed at the list it struck me that there were only 18 of us worldwide. Secondly I noticed that I was Australia’s first Tablet PC MVP (Dr. Neil represented here but was actually US based); and only the second ever in the Southern Hemisphere (line honours went to NZ’s Craig Pringle).

The other thing that struck was the company I was holding. Some of my personal favourites include:

I couldn’t help but be overjoyed by the status and feel more determined than ever to assist in Australia, and beyond.

At this stage I would like to personally thank several people, in a very particular order: My Wife, Dr. Neil Roodyn & Kris, TabletKiosk Team USA, Frank Arrigo, Lora Heiny and family, Craig Pringle, Jeff Alexander, Roger Lawrence, Warner Crocker, Rob Bushway, James Kendrick, Tablet PC Bloggers, Rick Anderson (Microsoft AU), Doug Mulray, and many more.

[If you’re not on the list do not feel left out as the list is endless.]

One thing I realized by looking at the current Tablet MVP's is that it is not enough to simply want the award; it must be earned.

Thank you Microsoft.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Welcome to the club!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Cheers Warner,

Your initial support means a lot to me - thank you! Oh, and what a great club it is.

WNewquay said...

Congratulations Hugo

Looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing the knowledge.

All the best

Microsoft MVP Tablet PC

ctitanic said...

Congratulations Hugo!

Kevin C. Tofel said...

Congrats Hugo! This is well deserved!!

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Congratulations!! Enhorabuena!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Excellent! Congratulations, Hugo!

James Kendrick said...

Congratulations, Hugo! They did mention that as a new awardee you must send UMPCs to the lot of us, right?

Anonymous said...

Felicidades! Te lo mereces.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hugo! You're an excellent addition to the group. BTW - ignore James. He'll try to get you into all sorts of trouble. Here's the real deal - you only have to supply UMPCs to those of us who don't have one yet ;^)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congratulation Hugo!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

WOW! I've only just woken up (the whole downunder thing) and seen all your comments.

From what I gather it's free UMPC's all round - NOT! Thanks for the feedback Marc, JK has been known to stir the pot and on this occasion his tactics just won't work. LOL. And what's with you not owning a UMPC - WTF!


To the Spanish community..."muchas gracias."

To everyone else, thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm in what I do. Your efforts and interaction mean a lot to me personally.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hugo.

And well done Microsoft for recognising your 'perseverence' 8-)

And isn't it wonderful to see the 24-hour/World Wide nature of the Internet with all the comments hitting so quickly after your post?

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Thank you Samiuela!

Internet is awesome and really does travel faster than the speed of thought!!! BTW, I love your choice of words, 'perseverence'.

William Luu said...

Congrats Hugo.

You deserve it mate!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hey Cheers Will! It's great coming from another Aussie blogger...

Anonymous said...

BIG congrats Hugo!!

Steven Snell.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Thank you Steven,

Hopefully now Australia will gain even more leverage from Tablet PC...

Anonymous said...

I know I haven't commented on here before, but i've been reading for a long time. I just wanted to say congratulations. Couldn't have happened to a more enthusiastic and deserving guy. I can tell by your posts you really have a passion(boreder obsession) for these devices and spreading the word.
I wish you luck on your continuing quest, and once more, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations mate, oyu deserve it.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Cheers Gilad - thanks for your ongoing commitment and support.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hi Bobby,

I kind of liken writing your first comment on this site to the experience of raising your hand in a seminar, i.e. you may agree or disagree in a seminar but never actually raise your hand. It’s not, however, until you personal willingness to be heard is "essential" that you actually for this I thank you.

Supporting my blog means a lot to me as my intention was never notoriety, but a sense of giving. I love what I do and I want to share that with you. If you can walk away and apply, talk or repeat something you have seen or read on this blog then I am the most contented person on earth.

Cheers bobby for taking the time to write and for being involved in the Tablet PC space - we're better for it!

The Miniature Mage said...

I was happy for you, Hugo, until I realized that your MVP status may mean you get to make me jealous more often...see, I'm betting MVPs get demo units more often than other folks ;)

Seriously, congrats! Keep up the beautiful work. Oh, yeah, and I'm actually still happy for you, but I'm a smart-aleck (what do they call those in Oz?). I'm not going to ask about the swag, cuz Warner never did divulge, and I guess that's some sorta fraternity secret!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hey Miniature Mage!

I know your happiness flows deep, but so does your frustration - not only have I been ahead of the game for a while now, but with the "MVP" badge on there proably isn't much that will stop me! LOL...

Thank you for you thoguths and kind words. Your support and enthusiasm has meant a lot to me!

BTW smart-aleck is probably translated as...the same thing! English is so cool! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hugo! You are certainly an ambassador for the Tablet PC and UMPC platforms! Welcome to the MVP club :)

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Cheers Mitch,

You're a star and well worth your weight in gold! For those of you that don't know MVP Mitch Denny, Tablet PC enthusiast, and T4210 owner, just go here: NOTGARTNER

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's some well deserved recognition!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Cheers Matt!

Thanks for your ongoing support and enthusiasm.

Mr.Bloger said...

Congratulations and thank you for you support comment im my blog.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

My pleasure Blogeruno!

De nada!

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