Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hugo Ortega gets to New UPPC

*UPDATE 11th Sept 2006* Due to the beating my Server received recently I have posted a YouTube Version of this unboxing. It is of less quality and has been shortened slightly, so it's your choice. *

NEW UPPC has a late night unveiling!

OK, so almost a week ago I announced the arrival of a new device, to my Office. I tried to remain coy and somewhat mysterious by uploading a modest BlogPost titled “Hugo Ortega gets World Exclusive.

Since that period I found out my Video Camera was broken, Australian Customs had my EO i7210 on hold and I had to travel Interstate; while also attending to my normal duties as entrepreneur and Dad too. What this inevitably translates into is tonight’s late evening VLOG coming to you from my dining room, and care of my brand new JVC GZ-MG505 (30GB HDD Camera), brought to me by new Sponsors of the UberTablet Videos, Camera Action (more on that later).
I have to apologise profusely in advance for the file size of these 25 minutes - they too are care of this new 3CCD camera! Sorry, sorry, sorry.

So without further ague let’s look at my attempt at a late night unboxing event. It’s not pretty but with a bit of luck you get some idea of just what this device might do/be/become, UberTablet Style!

(183MB, 25 minutes)
Artist: He is!
Show Notes: It's new!

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... the link doesn't seem to work....

thoughtfix said...

Pardon me while I sob in envy.

That camera software and the production quality of the video are pretty sweet too. I've been using my Casio Exilim EX-S500 to video and Windows Movie Maker. I tried Macromedia Captivate (I have experience using it at work for training my systems administrators) but it only outputs to Flash and I can't upload those to my video host (YouTube.) Life is cheap without sponsors ;)

JKK said...

Vega seems to be really fan device..

Lack of wifi and bt can be a dealbraker still..

Could you compare the mouse to eo's mouse, as good?

Thanks for nice video!

Hugo Ortega said...


The mouse, when compared to the EO is quite satisfactory. What we need to understand is that there are two scenarios here, one is the touch factor, and the other is the joystick.

As you all know I favour the joystick mouse navigation quite a bit. Both the EO V7110, I7210 and now the VEGA accept this sort of joystick input, therefore I "kinda like it." When it comes to moving the mouse around with your finger the amount of pressure required on the VEGA seems very "realistic" in that it's a comfortable level of push and shove.

What becomes evident very early on is the screen size, 4.5".With such a small surface area for finger-navigation the VEGA quickly "does your head in." But since they've cleverly languaged a whole array of hot keys the device seems to be quite useable, despite this.

My wife, son and I have been with it all morning and must admit that the screen clarity is unlike anything else on the market, i.e. even nicer than most all our devices in the house (8 different Tablets).

hope this helps.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Thoughtfix - I'll do a post on the Camera on a later edition, it rocks! And yes, sponsorship is sweeter than no-sponsorship. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting us a look at this device.

One suggestion. Dont do the Dishes whilst unboxing as that new camera of yours is picking up every noise in the room. Perhaps a wireless mike in the future?

Hugo Ortega said...

Thank you for giving me a chance to defend myself...It goes like this:

An unboxing event is about as intrusive as it gets for the person conducting it. Not only are you subject to the same fear and retribution that comes with working with a "Live TV" type of scenario, but worse still there is not editing that can occur - one take only!

My wife came in a decided it was time to do the kitchen dishes while I was on camera, and because we were "Live" I couldn't yell out - "hey, I'm filming here!"

Truth be told, you're right in that the Camera makes it sound much worse than it actually is. LOL

Anonymous said...

The Device looks good. I have been holding off buying a UMPC device for a specific purpose.

I am a photographer by trade, I currently carry a 12" dell laptop around with me to shoots. Using wifi to transfer shots from DLSR to the laptop. a UMPC looks like this might further reduce my load in the camera bag and less luggage to check in.

Ill keep checking out your blog until something hits the mark.

Thanks for the response on the "dishes" :) but seriously, would be well worth the $150 to get a wireless mike if you are going to to more of those.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Again (Anonymous Photographer),

My plan is to do lots more of these - I'm more than slightly addicted to the Community, as you might tell.

I'll take you up on both thoughts, i.e. UMPC for your purposes (stay posted), and the $150 mic. Any recommendations on which microphone? (anyone)

NzoMatrix said...

Sweet I guess right. I hope they release this outside of Korea and soon I hope.

Photographer said...

Hey Hugo, anonymous photographer here. I went hunting for the guys that manufactured my wireless mike (I paid $300 and it has served me well) unfortunately they went bust and the equivalent seinhiessers are not cheap. For a quick look you might want to try

Ohh you may be interested I got my hand on an eo locally to me (tassie) and had a play. I needed at least 1024 for the control software I use. So I suspect I might have to wait until the screen density increases a little. From a form factor aspect. Wow, it ran perfectly in my camera bag whilst I was shooting (about 50 meters away) top little unit. 2 other photographer firends were enamored with the form factor, looks like UMPCs will be a hit with professional photographer on the go (esp with HSDPA on the horizon in oz).

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous Tassie Photographer!

Thanks for the heads-up on the mic. I will look into it.

As far as EO goes it is a wonderful device. Normally I reserve my enthusiasm for devices more capable but in general the "Origami" range means a lot to me personally. Not only is it providing productivity increases for people like yourself, but it is now openning doors to possibilites unheard of - wait till you see th Fujitsu device I have...

HSDPA is going to rock. Having 1.5 Mb/s up/down is going to make everyone stand up (and walk) and pay attention. Emailing your RAW files should be a little less painful ;-)

Photographer said...

RAW files. You have hit a sore point there. I live, breathe, thank, bless, curse and praise RAW files. But they suffer the 2 biggest mobility challenges. 1. They are huge and 2. they are computationaly intensive and with most of my shooting I cant control the conditions (live sports/events) so having to "save" a shot out of the camera is more common than I would like.

The eo was having kittens trying to cope even when power tethered. But apart from large shot sets being able to cull/select/crop and submit shots was very doable in the UMPC form factor.

I look forward to seeing the fujitsu. I see some great synergies with this form factor and my work.

Hugo Ortega said...

I thought tht was blogging is all about - hitting a RAW nerve! Bunt intended :-)

Keep up the great work, I'd love to hear more...the fact that you consider UMPC "doable" makes me feel right at home.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review. I have a couple of questions about the eo UMPC 7210:
1-How large is the power supply?
2-How noisey is the fan when it is running?
3-Can you hot swap a spare battery when the other one runs low?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

Nice to hear from you, here are your answers:

1-How large is the power supply? It would be the same size as most laptops, i.e. about 80mm x 50mm x 30mm roughly
2-How noisey is the fan when it is running? I can admit you do here a passing of air through the fan canals but in no way has anyone on the net, including myself, discribed it as a "noisy" experience."
3-Can you hot swap a spare battery when the other one runs low? The i7210 allows you to plug in your AC adapter and do a hot swap that way, yes. Obviously you can't expect to just drop the battery while the machine is running and do a swap that way, but the later mentioned is OK for sure.

I hope this helps and I look forward to getting more questiosn from you. Thanks for popping by.

Anonymous said...

-Since this is a new model, does it mean that it is a second generation machine?
-I have finally located a usb cell modem that should work. Have you ever seen one that will plug into the SD slot?
-It seems that, if I hold off purchasing this until near the end of October, they may include an upgrade coupon for Vista. True?
-I have a great Motion LE600 but I am thinking of selling it to get this new EO.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

Lets go through your queries:

-Since this is a new model, does it mean that it is a second generation machine? Sorry, maybe my mis-use of terminology. This is first device from this manufacturer
-I have finally located a usb cell modem that should work. Have you ever seen one that will plug into the SD slot? I do ont know of one but I would welcome it too. Kep me posted.
-It seems that, if I hold off purchasing this until near the end of October, they may include an upgrade coupon for Vista. True? I think it's a good move to get that coupon. I cannot guarantee who will supply them. At this stage the Vega has not been shipped (or confirmed) as Vista ready so I do not know this for sure. If you want to buy one let me know and I'll confirm if it is Vista ready or not.
-I have a great Motion LE600 but I am thinking of selling it to get this new EO. I would recommend it, especially if the pen features are not your number one reason for owning a LE600. The EO's have a great opportunity to act as a desktop/notebook killer.

Anonymous said...

Just got around to watching this. OMG, the dishes and microwave! Drove me nuts!

Good vid apart from that.

Thanks Hugo.

Hugo Ortega said...

The fact is mate that this is one man, one camera, and a lot of reality going around him. I'm not paid to do what I do, and my wife isn;t paid to stop what she's doing! LOL.

Thanks for the rest, glad it meant something...

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