Monday, September 11, 2006

Quick impressions of the Samsung Q1 SSD

Master spokesman and class act, James Kendrick, has today started to post from within the realms of SSD Q1 land. What is that you may ask - well just before heading over, it's the latest toy device to grace the market by Samsung (sort of). SSD stands for Solid State Drive and in my eyes it's what the future holds.

Showing why he is number one in so many people's eyes JK has jumped in head first and submerged himself in this little number. Here are some points I like from a post that should hold lots of insights.


4. I do not like the 800x600 resolution on the wide-screen. It makes everything look “squooshy”. I use it in the other two resolutions only.

7. Vectoring is an issue when writing with the stylus but I found I quickly adapted to it. Now it rarely happens at all, especially in landscape orientation where the bottom bezel of the screen is a natural resting place for the palm while inking.

13. The Q1 SSD is made very solidly and feels very sturdy. It is obvious that Samsung put all their experience making mobile devices into the design and manufacture of this device.

15. The little stylus sucks. That’s all I’ll say about it. (if you saw my video you know that I didn't hold back on the stylus either)


James Kendrick said...

Hugo, you're embarrassing me now. :) Thanks for the shout-out.

Hugo Ortega said...

truth be told I hold you as a benchmark - ;-)

Jonas said...

There's a link on my blog to a detailed performance test of the Samsung SSD disk if you're interested. I write about uninstalling everything from my desktop and have all data online and only use online webapplications. So 32 GB is more than enough for my uninstalled PC.

Hugo Ortega said...

cool man, well done. For those interested in what Jonas is talking aboutgo here