Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chippy does Vega Battery

Chippy of (CarryPad) has done a great job of looking at the RaonDigital Vega battery life.


I'm running a 1mbps DivX+MP3 which is taxing the CPU to the tune of 60%. I've also been doing some USB Wifi work (about 20 min's.) The device is getting very warm all over! The screen is on and there's no power-management enabled. I don't have any USB devices plugged in as I run the video but I would regard this as a heavy usage test despite that. Similar tests on on other devices give about 75% of the full battery life.


Bear in mind that the device is shipped with the enhanced battery. If you want the slim battery (1/3 capacity and 130gm lighter), you'll have to order it as an extra. This is a great bit of marketing because RaonDigital know that battery life is a critical specification.



I can't imag.....and there she goes. A very ungraceful shutdown at... 4 hours, 17 minutes.


digitaldion said...

I have been thinking about getting a Vega. I have a Vaio U50, but would love more ram a smaller form factor.

What do you think? Is it worth it? I really only use my U50 for Word, email, an Access database (that I need with me, hence the small form factor), some video and music.

I would LOVE a Sony UX but the price is just crazy. I've thought about an older OQO but only heard bad things about them (e.g., poor screen quality, slow, poor battery life, poor peripheral connections etc.)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi DigitalDion,

I think yo're on a good thing with the Vega. It is a remarkably small device that has the potential to replace U50 quite nicely. For the type of usage you are describing the Vega will surely put up with, and perhaps do better than the Sony, given this has 512 RAM and appears to have a brighter screen.

I belive you will also be advantaged by the bigger battery but you'll need to tell me as I don't a U50 o test it again.

Anyway, hope this helps but letme know yours thoughts.