Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's a UMPC war DOWNunder here

EO V7110 WHITE WAS $1,650 AUD
NOW $1,499 AUD (including taxes)
EO V7110 BLACK WAS $1,650 AUD
NOW $1,499 AUD (including taxes)

In a move designed to rattle the Tablet PC space Dowunder company Tegatech Australia today announced a price drop on the EO V7110 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC). [Apparently will not translate to US EO].

In a letter that went out to all resellers the change was described as "Due to an astonishing volume of sales." It sure looks like Australia is bracing itself for a UMPC war. It was interesting to note that the new EO i7210 and i7209 remained unscathed unchanged.

snipping from the email sent to Authorised Resellers:

Please contact us directly regarding any questions you may have, or visit our online store to place your orders. For your convenience we have attached a PDF outlining the changes. The best news is that the RRP price has dropped and your margin has increased. For those of you that advertise this product on your websites please make sure you display the new pricing appropriately.

Have you been to?


Pc_Madness said...

Hey Hugo.. you work for TegaTech correct? Are the EO's the only brand of UMPC you guys will be selling, or is there a chance you guys might sell others (say... that R2H fellow? :))?

Cheers. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi PC_Madness,

Tegatech Australia is Australia's only Tablet PC specific Distributor. As such they are focused on expanding their range daily. It is not only the EO that will be distributed but now names such as Fujitsu and Vega have joined the ranks too.

Keep your eye on the site in the next few weeks and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Hugo Ortega said...

ASUS, Samsung and others coming too!

Pc_Madness said...

Woot, cheers Hugo. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Not long now mate! Stay tuned.