Monday, September 11, 2006


If you've followed the Microsoft Origami Project at all you'de know that the ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC has constantly come up on people's wishlist. Tonight I spotted some photos that were posted by a Forum Member of that I thought were worth passing on.

Photo A. shows the packaging, always cool for me to see; and photo B. the all important thickness of the device.

Snipping from forum:


Today I received the ASUS R2H... Yippie! I was pleasantly surprised; it's very complete with a foldable Targus keyboard with auto-rollup cable, a desktop stand, a nice bag to hold it and lots of cables, books and CD's.There's even an USB netlink cable included!

I said earlier the Dutch version doesn't have Bluetooth and the Webcam. It does however have Bluetooth so only the Webcam is missing.

Photo A.

Photo B.


Anonymous said...

And again I was wrong.
It DOESN'T have Bluetooth.

But I love my R2H anyway.


Hugo Ortega said...

NO BLUETOOTH - are you F@#$'n kidding!

Looks hot though!

Anonymous said...

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