Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An update from my new Convertible

It’s probably a good idea to give you my thoughts after being a Convertible converted for the past two weeks. As you know I ordered my Fujitsu T4210 all of two weeks ago and have been using it as my fulltime device for that same period.

At this point in the conversation we should probably point out that Slate is still my life, passion and belief. By running around town with the i215 Sahara Slate PC for over two-years as my fulltime, and only device, it was truly a difficult departing. What I haven’t let you know however, and to avoid creating any real jealousy or hate mail, is that the Sahara is still with me and is my notepad and paper replacement – sorry, I’m spoilt I know.

Since buying the Fujitsu T4210 life has been wildly productive. Being a DualCore device the Tablet is screaming through my daily tasks and “making hay while the sun shines.” The other feature that I have found relatively pleasing is the inbuilt DVD burner – although I do not use it as often as I like, I have been caught on a couple of occasions where it has been utilized.

What is absolutely essential is for me to clarify one other matter with you all – I have always advocated a slate as your first Tablet, and not a convertible. Having owned this device for two weeks has admittedly not changed my opinion, in fact it has only reinforced it. Do not, I repeat, do not buy a Convertible (if at all possible) as your first Tablet PC. My “Pavlov’s Dog’s Theory” still holds true in that when a keyboard is present ‘we will hack.’ A slate will make you a more proficient Tablet PC user and therefore Digital Pen user too.

If you get the opportunity (and I know not many of you will) buy a DualCore Convertible as your fulltime machine, a Slate as your notepad and paper replacement, and a UMPC for those occasions where you want to be discreet! I run this exact setup and find it to be very useful! LOL.

Today’s post is not about my array of Tablets but mostly inspired by an awesome convertible experience. Now that I’ve mastered the pen I can agree that a convertible is the best of the breed. However this will always remain a double-edged sword; not all of you can resist the keyboard’s yearning for your touch. If you’d spent more time with a slate you’d now that the Pen is in fact mightier than the sword…

I wonder how Mitch Denny is doing???

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Gordon said...

Yep. That's pretty much what I'm worried about. If you give me something with a keyboard, I'll keep trying to use it. I'm certainly looking at a slate or a UMPC for my first tablet device.

Your 4210 looks like an awesome machine though. Mmm..fast processors. :)