Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hugo Ortega gets World Exclusive

How good is it being an UberGeek. On this occasion I've been shipped a box containing one of the soon to be released "Mobile PCs." Now in order to give you the most "blogger friendly" experience I have decided to go on my Road Trip (Melbourne to run UMPC training) I have decided to leave the box untouched and unscathed. I will perform a, now infamous, "unboxing ceremony" in 48 hrs time and post it for all the world to see.

If you want to know what it is leave a comment and I'll try a play coy for as along as possible - or you could just hassle Chippy, he's got one coming too; although his won't be with him until next week (I guess I have better contacts ;-).

Have a great day...I got a plane to catch.

some famous unboxings:


Gordon said...

Box tease! By the time you go to bed this evening I'll be drugged out of my mind and getting a root canal.

Come on, give me something to look forward to for when the sedatives wear off. :P

Chippy said...

Hi Hugo.

Mine is going through clearance as we speak. Its possible it could turn up tommorrow but I too am going on a road trip. If I get it before I leave, you'll be seeing an unboxing from a ship somewhere in the English Channel. If not, it will be Monday before my unboxing and i'll hire dancing girls just to make it more attractive!

"Its Germany v Australia in the 2006 UMPC unboxing championships. Oz gets the early lead but gets a 48hour Penalty for being smug. Germany is building steam and is relying on team efficiency to get him through. Can he do it! Its a tight race."


Hugo Ortega said...

SMUG, or just in a rush. I had a 5:30 am flight this morning and the little number only arrived last night - aaahhhh the hour gods are against me!

Chippy said...

Don't worry mate. I think the chances of me getting the device tommorrow before I leave are very slim.

matt said...

Damm! lables just blurry and washed out enough to not see who it's from!! even under photo enlargement!!

Hugo Ortega said... don't think I checked that before I posted - what do you think I am...a tease or somethin'

NzoMatrix said...

Could it be Raon Vega?

Hugo Ortega said...

LOL...all shall be revealed!

Hugo Ortega said...

LOL! All shall be revealed in this great race!

Anonymous said...

um....shipped from South Korea.....something from the big S?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey a spy or somethin'

LOL. ;-)

thoughtfix said...

Hey now!
Don't forget my eo!

Hugo Ortega said...

THoughtfix! We need to have a serious chat! You've left a link on my site to your (traffic grabing) and when I go to you "friendly sites" list I'm no where to be seen? Are you joking????????

Please come back when this has been rectified! LOL

ThoughtFix said...

HUGO! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Actually I had links to you and CTitanic's blogs but accidentally killed my profile when I switched to Blogger Beta. I put them back up and am about to make a post about sharing the blogging love.

Love your work!

Hugo Ortega said...

"I've had a sudden warm fuzzy feeling come over me!" Job well done ThoughtFix

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