Monday, September 11, 2006

DeData get UMPC ready

It seems that Australia is doing its best to maintain its strangle-hold on the bleeding edge market. Not only can Tegatech Australia report massive gains in the UMPC space by recording sales with Government, Education, Realty, Finance and more; it also seems that Software Developers are feeling the itch too.

Along come DeData (snipping from their website):

De Data is a privately owned company that has successfully delivered quality Information Technology (IT) services to organisations locally, nationally, and globally since 1993.
De Data have delivered quality consulting services to organisations in the areas of:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Territory Management
  • Product Distribution
  • Product and Customer Hierarchy Management
  • Product Planning and Workflow

I noticed on their website a UMPC announcement regarding their latest release of Software called the Purveyance System - Purveyance System NOW Available on Ultra-Mobile PCs. It's a coll looking Press Release with a picture of the Tablet Kiosk EO in the middle. I can’t wait to hear more from other Software parties that have taken a leap of faith into the world that now is truly mobile.

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