Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Fujitsu P1510 in Australia

Today Tegatech Australia has continued to grow their new partnership with Fujitsu PC Australia; this time with the delivery of a Fujitsu P1510 to another Aussie Tech devotee (Haling out of Queensland). It seems that the market is not only preparing to grasp the concept of Tablet PC but is slowly creeping closer to the reality that is true mobility.

For those of you that have not entertained the thought of becoming mobile via P1510 styled device you surely are missing out. Not only does it sport all the appealing features of Microsoft's Origami inspired PC's but it also seems to tick a lot of other boxes too. With the manufacture process somewhat refined via a Japanese Head Office (as opposed to some of the Taiwanese/Chinese contenders) the P1510 also has the ability to remain: on the for long enough to be called "possible," it's light enough to be called "mobile" and featured enough to almost be dubbed "productive" too.

Later this year the P1510 will ship with a PCMCIA slot and inbuilt 3G too. With the extended battery, and the fact that it sports a keyboard too, the Fujitsu P1510 is closer to the Origami dream than the Origami devices themselves! Go figure???

The only “big” concern I have with this device is the RAM. Because it runs a mini-ram comprised of 400MHz So-DIMM that is not only, as the name describes, small, it also is very expensive. A 1GB upgrade will cost an Aussie customer over $1,000 AUD so the sting is very great!

Either way this customer didn’t care – RAM upgrade, charger and extended battery all in the box (albeit some of it on back order…LOL)!


Grant said...

And I can't wait for it to arrive! *rubs hands together*

Hugo Ortega said...

I've just talked to Grant and I can report that he is well SATISFIED!

Enjoy mate!

Anonymous said...

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