Friday, June 01, 2007

Raon Digital anounces the EVERUN UMPC

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There surely is one massive advantage to living in Australia, i.e. the time difference. We are one of the first nations to see the sun and one of the first to see the moon too. On this occasion the orientation of the Globe has allowed me to scoop a bit of news regarding Korean based manufacturer, Raon Digital.

Raon Digital rose to fame by launching the Vega UPPC (Ultra Portable PC) in mid 2006. While not officially a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) the Vega still ticked a lot of boxes for users, i.e. resistive touchscreen, full Windows XP Operating System, 7 hr battery life and more. Where it fell dramatically short was its lack of inbuilt Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and its poor array of input methods, namely no keyboard.

On this occasion it seems as though Raon Digital has heard many of the requests made by first generation owners of UMPC and UPPC as they have gone back the drawing board with their latest release. So it is with great pleasure that I can provide specifications and pictures of the new Raon Digital entrant, dubbed the EVERUN! (Cool name)

· 4.8 Wide VGA 800 x 480 resolution / Touch screen / Auto rotation & brightness control

· AMD 600MHz Geode LX900 Processor or 500MHz LX800

· Microsoft Windows XP Home

· Various storage options including a 60G / 30G HDD and/or 6G SSD

· Integrated full QWERTY keypad

· Integrated 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0

· Integrated HSDPA with Data & Voice or WiMAX (optional)

· Over 7 hours of real battery life with the standard battery (Max 12 hours with large battery)

· Easy to hold or pocket (170(W) x 83(H) x 25(D)mm) 460-500g (with standard battery.

I’ve heard that the initial release will be targeted at the Korean market (obviously) in the middle of July with overseas markets to follow shortly after. I for one think this looks awesome. I still remember unboxing the Vega and just loving the screen quality and overall size and functionality of that device. The EVERUN looks far superior and will be worth a look at by any discerning buyer. The great news about Raon Digital is that often their devices are priced rather aggressively in the UMPC/UPPC here's hoping.

Here is what the Raon Digital VP said:

“More information is available at our home page and also from the attached file. This new model will be available for delivery middle of July and the retail price will be fixed soon. You can see the actual working model at Computex (June 5~9, Taiwan) at AMD Booth (HALL 4, booth #TF1I+T105)

I hope you like this machine and do not hesitate to contact me for any question.”

More Photos
everun (2).pdf (1.22 MB)


Unknown said...

The form factor had possibilities and the Everrun certainly looks good. This strikes me as more of a companion device than say a Q1 or EO. The form factor is also fabulous for industrial use (warehouses, Fex Ex drivers, etc.) where folks often pay a fortune for less than stellar equipment.

I'm dismayed by the inclusion of XP Home (Why?) And, um, how do fit XP home on a 6 gig SSD drive and still do anything useful with the machine?


MID's said...

Greetings Hugo:

Now why would Raon Vega include an AMD CPU?
I'm very happy that they intergrated the WiFi into the unit.
Also good move to have a SSD Drive option.
If its price at $500.00 it will be a winner.
Regards Robert

Steven said...

This is great news! This will put a "wow" into my step.
I hope you can get your hands on one and give us a show. More importantly, I hope the price will stay down.
Thanks for the scoop.


Anonymous said...

Hugo looking at the size and weight this could be competition for the OQO. I know the processor is not in the same league, but it does have keyboard and all the necessary connectivity for use on the road, and a planned dock plus other accessories. With the price expected to be around the $500 USD mark this will be 1/3rd the cost of the OQO. And based on the current Vega the should be reliable, unlike the 2 OQO's you have had fail on you so far.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo
Will the hspda work in Australia?, I bought the original Vega from you and all it lacks was a bigger hard drive and wifi/bluetooth integration and keyboard, I use it 4 hours a day and recommend the brand.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I've been looking for a UMPC for a few months, I really like this. Im interested to see what you think of this Hugo. I get the impressions from your vblogs that your original vega was a little favourite? Are you going to the computex thingi? Or is there a language barrier?
Anyhow, the price is what could get me. Also, I bet they change their OS options by release.


Anonymous said...

This looks like the UMPC that might, just might, open up the market. If the price is right, say under $750 for the 60gb, and the XP is upgraded, then they have hit the mark. I have been checking out the market, and so far the price for anything worth buying is upward of $2000. Yech. The keyboard layout is weird, but with a touchscreen it's not such a deal killer. Here's hoping...


Anonymous said...

Actually typing with your hand angled is more comfortable than straight (normal)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hugo,
I think the slightly larger screen, integrated WiFi and great battery life will make this a nice unit for those of us that need a device on the smaller end of the UMPC market. And of course the price.


Clayton Costa said...

Hey there!
Thanks for the nice review! Very informative. About the device, does it have a VGA out connector? Or a cable that attaches to the craddle connector, maybe?

Thanks again!


Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hi Clayton,

I have to assume that it is via a connector (dongle) only. The Vega had a VGA dongle supplied in the packet and I imagine the EVERUN willl be the same.

Looks like a sweet device right!

Anonymous said...

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