Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm Back

“I’m back”

In 1993 when Michael Jordan first announced his (first) retirement the United States Shoe giant, Nike, saw an instance drop in share price. In 1995 when Michael Jordan made the announcement that he was returning to the game of basketball not only did season tickets of the Chicago Bulls become famously sold out for years to come but once again the Nike Shoe Giant witness a change in their Share Price; to put it simply, IT SPIKED!

On this occasion, like Michael Jordan I have represented my country in Basketball. Also like Michael Jordan I also announced my retirement back in 1995. Unlike Michael Jordan I can confess to being one-eyed Geek. Recently I yet another retirement but this time from the use of the OQO model 02; way back on May 30th 2007! So it is with great pleasure that I announce the return of myself to the one device I fell utterly enamored with…the OQO model 02.

I wonder what will happen to OQO share price? LOL.

OQO model 02

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition


CTitanic said...

Hugo, can I ask you a favor?

CTitanic said...

oops, sorry, I posted the question without asking.

Could you write an article explaining what made you to drop your Q1 for an OQO which is slower, use a hot VIA processor, it is using XP, it has a keyboard that is just good for short emails, and it does not have a touch screen, does not have a bay for your digipen and it's noisy?

Your Q1 was a better solution for you I think. At least in the way you had it organized when you explained in one of your vlog why you were using the Q1 as your main machine.

Please, try to convince me.

chapmanbobby said...

Glad you're back Hugo. I've got some early art on the Q1, but it's mostly sketches.
You can see it at the origami project forums at:

Or here are the direct links

I'll have more stuff soon, and am working on material for a video as well. Again glad your back. This article seemed to really show your full enthusiasm again. :-)

Michael Venini said...

Man Hugo, you must be rich! Retired in 1995?

Dennis Rice (GBM) said...

Lol, I knew it was still whispering to you in the night. I am still in withdrawals from having to send the eval unit on to Rob, so I know that longing feeling.

CTitanic, have you used an OQO yet? It is hard to describe, but there is just a general overall feeling of quality, ease of use, connectivity, etc. to makes this a nice unit for a mobile warrior. I simply do not see the comparison to the Q1 making sense my friend. They are just way too different IMHO.

Tekara said...

I don't think ctitanic has used one, because Dennis is right. As someone that just started using an 02, it is really something else.

There is no better way to describe it. It is just easy to work with, easy to grab and pocket while heading out the door and in spite of the via processor is surprisenly responsive.

Hugo! I'm glad to see you back! Your video is what convinced me to buy my OQO 02 and it's something that I do not regret one bit!

chapmanbobby said...

I've used one, and it is very impressive. But it's not for me. It's too small. I need more screen space for artwork.

CTitanic said...
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CTitanic said...

No, I have not used one but that does not change anything of what I said.

You are right there is not way to compare both devices, this is why I asked Hugo what made him change the full size keyboard of the Q1 that allowed him to post from anywhere for that small keyboard where you can't type more than 30 wpm, the easy to use touch screen where you can type with anything for that small size digitizer where you need to carry a special pen. A lot faster and powerful processor for a very hot and slow VIA.

I want him with his magic to explain that in the same way he did it back then in a Video where he explained why he chose the Q1 as his perfect companion. ;)

Dave said...

well hugo, you know what they say, third time lucky! i think everyone has their fingers and toes and arms and eyes all crossed that the oqo is with you forever (in computer terms at least 6 months) :p


scottyb159 said...

Damn, I thought I saved 2k, now I need to reconsider. I really believe my next device must be pocketable to really add something to my p1610. Wonder if everun will fit bill or OQO is in myh futureyy

opus said...

Hugo! Really enjoy hearing the silent screams from the "Others" (from tv series here called "Lost") shouting "ITS NOT A TOUCHCREEN!". I use Dell notebooks & desktops with at least 1.8ghz Intel cpu's and find the 02 more than adequate for typical pc'ing, never gets too hot with the built in blow dryer capable of silencing into stealth mode on cue, and have read excellent reviews on Vista performance.

Never used Dialkeys with touch screen but find the 02 thumb keyboard AND mouse just utterly & ergonomically delightful with its perfect spacing, tactile feel, & leaves the display clear to view my content without the overlay or fingerprints. I can type for hours!

Once my wife gets a little over my recent purchase, for my docking mode I hope to try the BT Microsoft notebook mouse 8000 for total wireless control, you should check it out to fill the void of no touch screen, then I need to find the elusive compact but full size BT keyboard, most are bigger than a full size tablet!

Anyway hope 3rd time's a charm and hope OQO has a handle on their hardware problems for both our sake & sanity. aye! opus

Dean said...

Hugo, I have 3 oqo 01's (tablet +1 01) and all have become faulty, The latest being my tablet version which died 3 days out of the 12 month guarantee.

As I am in the UK, I have yet to get the 02, although I have the vaio ux, u3 and u71, all have had more abuse thown at them than than my oqo's and yet work perfectly.

I feel oqo is right at the limit of what they can do, and I have to say that my old sinclair zx 81 with its tape loading programmes proved to be more reliable than any of my oqo,s.

Further more I was a Child when I had the zx81, so it was treated much the same way as all my toys back then...with not a care in the world..


Dean (Scotalnd, UK)

David said...

Hugo, can you tell us why/how the devices failed? I really need to know before plunking down 2K of my money if this is going to be a common phenomena! It was your videos and enthusiasm for it that put me over the top to make a purchase, but if they are not reliable units, I don't want to sacrifice that kind of money. Thanks for your help!

nbalthaser said...

hi ctitanic,

for what it's worth I own both the Samsung Q1p and OQO Model 02. I prefer the OQO over the Q1p. You are right in all your points: The Q1p is faster, has a touch screen and a built-in pen holder and is noisier than the Q1p.

However, the OQO is simply much more mobile, truly ultra-mobile. This is it's biggest advantage over the Q1p.

Additionally, the pen holder is a no-op for me personally. I do not like the tiny stylus of the Q1p and since it cannot accomodate a larger pen in the pen holder, there is no real advantage to me.

WRT the passive vs. active digitizer, I prefer the active digitizer of the OQO. I understand that you have upgrade the Q1p's digitizer but I'm not willing to to that.

Also, I prefer the flat and flush screen of the OQO over the beveled Q1p's. I do a lot of inking and I find it easier on the OQO. The extraneous controls around the screen on the Q1p make it more difficult for me to write.

Processing power has not been a problem for me on the OQO. The Q1p is faster. No doubt but I do fairly heavy computational work like running th Eclipse Flex Builder and Flex server on the OQO with no problems. That's enough power for me.

WRT to fan noise. The OQO can be louder and frankly I thought this would be the biggest problem I would have with the unit. However, after speaking with the technical support manager at OQO, I learned that the control panel to set the fan to either quiet or cool does not in fact change the processor speed. This is great news as I now have the setting on the quietest which has significantly lessened the fan noise - to the point of being *almost* as quiet as the Q1p.

Finally, I simply like the overall asthetic of the OQO over the Q1p. The design is cleaner, uncluttered and refined. I cannot say that of the Q1p but asthetics are of a personal nature.

That's my 2 cents. Just thought I'd add it into the mix for discussion being someone who owns and uses both.


tnkgrl said...

Welcome back :)

Patty said...

Welcome back Hugo,
I'm over in Perth and equally frustrated with the delay in getting new UMPC's, so it's good to read your experiences before I order from overseas without having been able to have hands on experience myself.
Out of interest are you likely to be getting your hands on the samsungq1ultra?

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