Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Are you the next Copycat Hugo Ortega

In doing in a little Ego Surfing on Technorati I noticed an alarming trend. Not only has the Hugo Ortega brand grown but so too have Copycat Hugos. They’re springing up everywhere!

  • First was fellow Aussie Paul Stanway with his shout-out to Hugo Ortega via his Papier-mâché iPhone and HTC Shift rendition.
  • Then came MYLYDY ~ my library diary with a special shout out to Hugo Ortega with his interpretation of the famous Hugo style. The irony in this video is that even this chap admitted just how hard Vlogging really is.

So this causes me to pose the question, who is next? What if we turn our sights to France? Not only does this chap put on a brave face from his little French enclave (in Paris) but he also puts on a Tie (ala Hugo) and yields a remote control too (also ala Hugo).

Who is next?

French Hugo Ortega

Library Hugo Ortega

Papier-mâché Hugo Ortega


jamie said...

ahh the flatery. you must admit. hugo has a very nice delivery model, & approach. the tie is nice, a throw back to the good old traditional media days. didnt aristotle say something about mimicry? : )

Steven Harris said...

LOL! It's an international phenomenon.

Robert said...

I missed the tie? I'm a pre-tie Hugo fan...

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