Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's in my Gadget Bag? for China

I’m literally off to China in the morning (+7hrs from this post which is meant to include sleep). I have been invited to partake in some Vista Labs held at Microsoft Office in Beijing and am lucky enough to be part of a delegation made up of 25 MVPs and/or Global Leaders.

The main reason I have not packed anything other than my Gadget Bag is YOU, of course. Here’s a video of what I’m taking. It’s rough but it will detail a portion of what’s coming along, a why.

The cool thing is that this video responds to the call-out by certain bloggers to show us “What’s in your gadget bag.” So if you want to join in just let us know that you've done it and we’ll point traffic your way. Here are some examples I followed:

My next post will be from either Singapore, where I have a stopover, or from Beijing!


WizardList said...

Now I don't feel quite so bad about the size of my gadget bag!
Have a great trip, Hugo. Looking forward to the next post.
Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Hugo, I'm going to have my wife watch the video so that the next time I travel she won't think that I've packed too much. I hope your equipment will not cause the lights to dim in Beijing. Hope your travels go well,

Charlie Thomas

Rose said...

Go! Go! Gadget Hugo! Did you pack ANY clothes?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Everyone!

LOL...I know it's a lot!

Oh, and the USB Hub with Cat 5 Cable works a treat!

By the way Charles...ask your wife what I should have left behind because I feel like I'm a little under packed! LOL

Anonymous said...

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