Friday, April 28, 2006

When Australia’s Tablet guy met Brett Gross

Today Australia's Tablet Guy, Hugo Ortega, had an opportunity to do what he does best – Talk Tablet Downunder. This time it was with Brett Gross, Motion Computing Regional Manager in Australia and New Zealand.

While the meeting had been initiated rather strategically on both sides, it was the work of New Zealand Tablet PC MVP, Craig Pringle, that really spurred things along. Craig has recently been caught remarking “Brett, you should meet Hugo, and Hugo you should meet with Brett!”

I think Hugo will be the first to admit that sitting with Brett is like opening a can of worms. His passion, his commitment and his shear brute strength is nothing other than impressive. Given that Brett, compact in stature, was once a Ninjitsu Instructor it's easy to see why Motion Australia/NZ now leads with an iron fist. His commitment to the range definitely left Hugo with a great impression and wanting more; during lunch these two comrades found a shared love for the Slate form factor and immediately rapport was no problem. As they lunched on pizza and flicked through family photos on Brett's LS1600 Hugo couldn’t help but salivate – over Brett's Tablet.

Stay tuned for Mr. Brett Gross. If he’s ever in your neighborhood be sure to say hello; I do however warn you of this, he’s a man so full of integrity and so committed to his new role that you’d better be going where he’s going, otherwise step out of the way! Quickly!

You’re a star Brett! I'll do all I can to make your Tablet adventures fun, productive and purposeful. Surely you and I are destined to cross paths often - in a good way...

  • Brett Gross recently attended the Wellington Tablet User Group meeting in New Zealand. I will be in Wellington, for two days "Talking Tablet," on the 18th & 19th of May 2006. While there I too will be visiting with the Tablet User Group (evening of the 18th).

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