Thursday, April 13, 2006

UMPC sold out - really!

I've often been quoted as saying "the market will determine the success of a company, not the product!" In this case the market, Australia and New Zealand, has been given a voice and the resonating fallout is nothing less than LOUD!

So for all of you that are wondering if Ultra Mobile PC will have a place in the market, hear this: Tegatech Australia has just announced a UMPC sellout. Thier first allocation of units is now sold out and sales have now been opened up for the second round of allocations - due 19th May 2006.

So does UMPC have a marketplace? Australia and New Zealand tend to think so!

[from their site]

rrp: $1,499 AUD incl gst
Authorised Resellers minimum order of 5 units required

ETA in Australia is end of April 2006. Units will be allocated on a priority basis to orders placed, and paid for, as of now 29th March 2006.

[UPDATE 13th April 2006 10:30am] First allocation of eo is sold out (in black) and we have 7 only left (in white). Second allocation is now ON SALE and due for delivery in Australia on the 19th of May 2006.


CTitanic said...

Uber, did you buy all the black one? or is that the Australian market love petite things? ;)

SamT said...


Great for TegaTech, great for Origami

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Ctitanic (you can call me Hugo)

I really have a preference for the white, so that's what I ordered.

When it comes to the Australian market place it's actually a really mature one. We have more mobile phones (cell's) per capita than the United States!!! One feature of UMPC is that is often overlooked is the INK. It's the fact that the price of digital INK has come down that makes UMPC so viable.

Hey SamT,

Congratulation Tegatech, but the real winner is Ultra Mobile PC.