Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rob Bushway shares his eo experience

The infamous Rob Bushway, of the Gottabemobile Blog, has posted a wonderful video review of the eo Ultra mobile PC. His effort is commendable on two fronts:

  • Use of children for conveying the "intuitive" nature of UMPC
  • Attention to details on settings and configurations

Now that a few bloggers have posted video reviews of Tablet PC's, and UMPC, I believe Rob's video is one of the ones worth watching.

Learning about a new product has never been so much fun...


My kids like calling it “the Origami” and “the Oreo”, my son says it feels just like a PSP or Gameboy, others refer to it as a UMPC or Ultra Mobile PC – whatever it is we name it, it is obvious that Microsoft and Intel have isolated a real “personal” niche.

Read Rob's Post here.
Watch Rob's Video here.