Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Teach youself MindManager and win $1,100

Warner Crocker is sitting in as a Judge on a MindMap Contest currently being run by NoteTalkers. If you haven't had a chance to use MindManager (free trial) then this is a perfect opportunity.

NoteTalkers is giving you an opportunity to win up to $1,100 USD (not Aussie Monopoly money) of value in prizes [updated on 6 April 2006, i.e you win prizes valued at $1,100 not that amount of money.] just by submitting some simple MindMaps; if you ask me there is no better incentive to learn a new application than some cash!

Here's what NoteTalker said:

We’re inviting readers to design and submit up to three MindManager map entries (one per category per person, please) by email to
  • A MindManager map* about “Note Taking”
  • A MindManager map* that describes “What’s on your Mind?”
  • A Screencast** demonstrating MindManager

One interesting point to note is that entry into these competitions are usually a little on the low side, so the chances of winning are a little on the high side :-)

Enter the Contest here


Sid said...

Just to clarify. The prizes are not cash. They are worth about $1,110. We added the retail prices of our prize package (MindManager Pro 6, Camtasia+ SnagIt, and others).


Hugo Ortega said...

Thanks for clarifying Sid. I know of one Aussie who will be submitting thanks to my post!

FYI I use Camtasia for all my screen captures and find it a very enjoyable experience.

Sid said...

No problem. Thanks for helping spread the word about the contest. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

NP Sid,

Best of luck with the contest! Pop in later a give us an update...