Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What is Dr Neil holding?

We all know UMPC will be a project slowly consumed by the muscle of the mighty OEM. We also know that Microsoft is very interested in seeing this space grow and expand. What we didn't know however is that UMPC will soon be available in tangerine...hmmmm!

If you read Dr. Neil's post on using a UMPC you'll note that he doesn't actually mention the color or make of the UMPC; upon further investigation (view source) you'll quickly see, that by Dr. Neil's own admission, he announces a tangerine UMPC via an uploaded picture labeled as "tangerine_UMPC.jpg."

Wow...tell more Dr. Tell more!

See for yourself: [read more]


CTitanic said...

There is only one that I have seen in tangarine color ;-) : TabletKiosk. I was a very small picture but I can't remember where I saw it.

CTitanic said...

I found it!
this is the picture that I was talking about


CTitanic said...

Just in case, here is the link

Hugo Ortega said...

Good Job,

Since it's on Microsoft's website it might mean that it was an earlier "intended" colour, or perhaps a product about to be released. Either way it's been used by Microsoft marketing people so at some point found its way to Redmond.

Considering Dr. Neil had it on him, while at Microsoft in Redmond, then two and two makes 4.

CTitanic said...

Check this post