Sunday, April 16, 2006

Loren Heiny puts the (I)nk in I.E.

If you're a Tablet PC user, or better yet a dedicated slate user like Sumocat and I, you'll know that surfing the internet seems to take double the effort of a conventional notebook user. Haven't you ever thought of how fantastic Google would be if it were ink enabled, or how funky filling in web forms would be if they were directly inkable like infopath is? Well look no further (for now).

The Tablet mad Loren Heiny has done his best to tease us with an Uber Tablet style internet experience. Now when I say Uber Tablet I don't mean this blog, what I mean is that Loren has taken a good stab at making ink an institutionalized form of productivity - and not marginalized as it currently stands. It therefore makes surfing the net an Uberly (very) Tablet experience.

His blog is one I enjoy reading and this post is no different; watch the screen capture video here!

Tell me what you think? I love it!

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